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Yoichi Isagi vs Shoei Barou in Blue Lock: Who is Better?

Yoichi Isagi vs Shoei Baro has been the talk of the town, since the start of Basterd Munchen vs Italy Ubers. Both of them have scored one goal each, with their respective upgraded abilities.

We have been seeing their rivalry, and we can say that both of them have been enhancing their abilities so that they can beat one another at the right time. So, coming to the main question of who will be the winner in a 1v1 battle of Yoichi Isagi vs Shoei Barou.

As of now, we could say that Shoei Barou has the upper hand when compared to Isagi. Isagi had also improved a lot, but Barou just has way better base stats than Isagi for his skills as a striker.

Even Marc Snuffy had acknowledged this and wanted Barou to become his successor. He also mentioned that Barou has the best statistics, for a striker in Blue Lock. For a detailed comparison of both of the players, read more to find out.

Yoichi Isagi in Blue Lock: Wiki 

Yoichi Isagi in Blue Lock: Wiki 

Japanese Name潔 世一
Hair ColorDark Blue
Eye ColorBlue
PositionOffensive Midfielder
TeamBasterd Munchen

Yoichi Isagi is the protagonist of the manga Blue Lock and was the character who had the most growth in terms of abilities. Isagi was also chosen by Jinpachi Ego since he was the kind of ideal striker that Ego had wanted.

He was also responsible for scoring the last goal, to make sure that Blue Lock Eleven won against the Japan U-20 team. Since then, he had been showing a very consistent improvement, as he even copied Kasier’s Meta Vision skill.

In the current arc, he plays as an offensive midfielder for Basterd Munchen, under Noel Noa’s supervision. His abilities and skill were also recognized by players like Kaiser and Lorenzo.


  • Isagi’s archetype is a Ramdeuter, who identifies dangerous spaces and locates the unoccupied space to create goal-scoring opportunities.
  • He has very good spatial awareness, which is the reason he always has a clear understanding of the game.
  • His main weapon is his deadly direct shot, which is done with perfect positioning and ball control.
  • Recently, he also developed a Lefty Shoot side weapon, but it is not as efficient as his Direct Shot.
  • His off-the-ball movements are perfect, as he always tries to position himself on the blind side of the other players.
  • Isagi also managed to play the game reflexively and mixed that with his playmaking skills.
  • He also has an evolved vision now, called Meta Vision, after he copied this ability from Kaiser.
  • Isagi was also able to tap into the Flow State, during his game against Manshine City.

Shoei Barou in Blue Lock: Wiki

Shoei Barou in Blue Lock: Wiki

Japanese Name馬狼 照英
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorRed
ArchetypeCenter Forward
PositionComplete Forward
TeamItaly Ubers

Shoei Barou is one of the major side characters in the series, and he was shown to have a good rivalry with Isagi. He is one of the best strikers in Blue Lock, and this fact has been accepted by Jinpachi Ego and also Marc Snuffy.

Barou also had a pretty huge impact, after his performance against the Japan U-20 Team. In the Neo-Egoist league, he chose to go with Italy Ubers, so that he could train himself to become even better.

We already saw his improvement, since he joined Italy Ubers. He went on to become the best player in Blue Lock and received a bid of 100 million for his performance so far. This was solely due to the reason that he had scored a hattrick against FC Barcha.


  • His archetype is a Complete Forward, meaning he could fill in for multiple roles on his own.
  • Linking up with other players, physical strength, clinical finishing ability, and holding the ball are just some of his few skills.
  • He can always create space for his direct shots, by having various weapons.
  • Barou has a very strong and muscular physique, which lets him hold off the ball or clear space for his goals.
  • His main weapon is his Middle Shot, which is very powerful and almost 100% accurate.
  • He also learned a new ability, Stealth Kill Shot, which cuts off the Goalkeeper’s vision, so that Barou can score.
  • Barou used this ability to completely block Gagamaru’s line of sight and landed a clean goal.
  • He was also able to play from the Flow State, a couple of times.
  • Barou also has a very selfish soccer style called Villainous Soccer, where he devours his teammates to score goals.
  • He even unlocked Predator Vision, which lets him focus only on the Goalkeeper, and wait for a scoring opportunity.

Yoichi Isagi vs. Shoei Barou: Comparison

Yoichi Isagi vs Shoei Barou: Comparison

1) Based on Offense

This is a close win for Barou, as he is only short of Kaiser for this ability. Barou has a very high score of 95, and Isagi comes pretty close to him in this comparison, with a score of 94.

Barou had shown a better capability for offense, as well as a striker from what we have seen so far. Isagi is also pretty good at offense, but he still has to train a bit more to reach Barou’s level.

2) Based on Shooting Ability 

This should be an easy win for Barou, who had been honing his Middle Shot for a long time. Right below Kaiser with his shooting ability, he stands at an extraordinary score of 96 for his shooting ability.

Isagi also has a decent score of 82, but his Direct Shot nor his Lefty Shoot is nowhere near on par with Barou’s shooting ability. Even if Isagi’s shooting score rises a bit, due to his Lefty Shoot, it is still very unreliable when it comes to a soccer match.

3) Based on Dribbling Skills

This is yet another huge win for Barou, as both of their dribbling skills are on an entirely different level. Barou has a pretty good score of 88, for his dribbling skills, which is especially more prevalent during his Villainous Soccer.

On the other hand, Isagi has one of the weakest dribbling abilities, which stands at a score of 70. Isagi doesn’t have the technique like Bachira, or physique like Barou, to dribble his way through his opponent’s defenders.

4) Based on Passing Ability 

This is an easy win for Isagi since had been the major reason for many assisted goals throughout the series. Even then, he doesn’t have an extraordinary passing ability, as he only has a score of 78.

When it comes to passing ability, Barou has the weakest stats out of everyone in the series we know so far. This is a given, how he is a very selfish striker, but he has a pretty bad score of 61.

5) Based on Defense

This is also another win for Isagi, as this is one of his fortes. Although he can’t be compared to the top defenders like Aiku and Lorenzo, he still has a decent level of skill with a 75 score.

Barou isn’t that great on defense, as we have never seen him defending much. Although he could still mark other players, or hold them off using his physique, we have never seen him doing this. He has a mediocre score of 68 for his defensive skills.

6) Based on Experience

It will most likely be a win for Barou. Barou had been pretty skilled and was playing against many other teams since his high-school days. This was also the reason why he has the 2nd best shooting ability in the series. He was able to develop his skills gradually due to his experience.

Isagi on the other hand, was pretty mediocre at the start, when he joined Blue Lock. Even if he had been playing Soccer since his childhood, he doesn’t have any prior special abilities as Barou does. He had also developed the majority of his skills and abilities in Blue Lock.

7) Based on Abilities

This is looking like another win for Barou. It is due to the reason that he had been developing and nurturing his abilities for a long time. Marc Snuffy also said that he has the best affinity for a striker in Blue Lock.

Meanwhile, Isagi had developed most of his abilities in Blue Lock, after getting inspired by other players. Although he does have great adaptability, a lot of training is required, for him to rank on the same level as Kaiser, Lorenzo, or Rin Itoshi.

8) Based on Speed, Reflexes, and Endurance

This is a rather close win for Barou. He has an 80 score for speed, meanwhile, Isagi is lagging a bit, with a score of 77. We could say both are on almost the same level when it comes to their speed.

But, when it comes to Reflexes and Endurance, Barou is the clear winner. Isagi collapsed after the match against Manshine City due to exhaustion. Barou has a clear training schedule so that events like these won’t happen to him.

9) Based on Team Coordination 

This is yet another big win for Barou. He showed that he could be extremely compatible with Italy Ubers and their strategies. For doing this, he also had to suppress some of his other abilities, like Villainous Soccer.

Isagi on the other hand only showed that he could work well with some of his former teammates, Kurona Ranze and probably Yo Hiori. Other than this, he has a rivalry with most of the other players.

Who is a Better Player

Yoichi Isagi vs Shoei Barou in Blue Lock: Who is a Better Player? 

Coming to the main question of the hour, who is a better player in between Yoichi Isagi and Shoei Barou, it is Barou who is looking like a better player for now. We all know that Isagi has great adaptability, and he could probably surpass Barou sometime in the future.

When it comes to pure ability, Barou is undoubtedly better than Isagi. Even as a striker, we already know that the winner will be Barou. Just in two matches in the Neo-Egoist league alone, Barou had scored 4 goals.

Isagi on the other hand only has a single goal, and two assists, in his three matches so far. But, Isagi as of now, is a better playmaker, who has better control over the field, unlike Barou.

Isagi had been aiming for the Best Striker position, and it might be a while till he beats Barou. This is the end of our article on Yoichi Isagi vs Shoei Barou. For more interesting content, read our other articles here.

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