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Ryusei Shido vs. Meguru Bachira: The Most Unconventional Strikers in Blue Lock?

Ryusei Shido vs Meguru Bachira has got to be one of the most unconventional comparisons in Blue Lock. Both of them have different playstyles that are unmatched and can be deadly on the soccer field if left unmarked.

Now, comes the question to decide who has the most creative and unorthodox playstyle as a striker. Both of them have proved their worth on several occasions, and it is hard to figure out who is better.

Exactly answering that question, we have this Ryusei Shido vs Meguru Bachira article ready for you. For a shorter answer, we can say that Meguru Bachira is better as of now. But for the long answer and comparison, read the article to find out.

Who is Ryusei Shido in Blue Lock?

Japanese Name士道 龍聖
Hair ColorBlond and Pink
Eye ColorPink
ArchetypeGoal Poacher
TeamParis x Gen


Who is Ryusei Shido in Blue Lock?

Ryusei Shido was one of the only members alongside Rin Itoshi, who scored a goal against Team World 5. He was also ranked second in Blue Lock, after the second selection.

But, due to reasons he played on the Japan National team, and almost snatched away the win from the Blue Lock team. After scoring two goals back to back in the second half, he made his talent and abilities known to the whole world.

Now, he is a starter for the Paris x Gen team. Shido doesn’t have any concrete goals of becoming the best striker, he only wants to enjoy life by playing soccer with others.

Ryusei Shido’s Skills and Abilities

Ryusei Shido's Skills and Abilities

It need not be said that Ryusei Shido has some of the best skills and abilities in Blue Lock. Jinpachi Ego had already mentioned that a player’s specs and his decision were involved in the rank-making.

Ego also further said that he was the most ideal and fitting candidate for the striker role. But, Shido being unable to create chemical reactions with others, led him to play on their opposition.

  • Flow State, through which he was able to achieve complete concentration and focus on the game.
  • He can also easily shoot at the goal, using his reflexes alone.
  • This also shows that he has superior and very good reflexes, as well as intuition for the game.
  • His signature drive shoot, is very accurate and has a very huge range.
  • This was the reason, he was able to score multiple goals against the Blue Lock team.
  • Shido is also pretty fast and adding that to his reflexes, makes him one of the most dangerous strikers on the field.
  • He has over-the-top Spatial Awareness, with which he can make all those almost impossible plays easily.
  • This was also the reason why he was easily able to keep up with Sae Itoshi in their game.
  • Shido has the best body and physique in Blue Lock, easily beating Kunigami.
  • His soccer technique and skills are out of this world, as even Sae recognized his talent and wanted to play with him.
  • Shido’s archetype also shows his extreme goal-scoring nature, and he can exploit any small opportunity to score a goal.
  • He also has a very aggressive form of dribbling, which confuses both his opponents as well as his teammates.

Who is Meguru Bachira in Blue Lock?

Japanese Name蜂楽 廻
Hair ColorBrown and Yellow
Eye ColorYellow
PositionCenter Forward
TeamFC Barcha


Who is Meguru Bachira in Blue Lock?

Meguru Bachira has been shown since the first few chapters, and how he wanted to fight off against powerful opponents. Initially only wanting to support stronger players, he soon found and controlled his ego.

He was also tied for the 6th spot, after the second selection arc. Soon enough, he used his monster and his playstyle, to make him into the world’s best striker.

This gave him an exponential rise in both his skills and technique. He was also chosen to be a Center Forward for FC Barcha, right from the first match itself.

Meguru Bachira’s Skills and Abilities

Meguru Bachira's Skills and Abilities

Meguru Bachira’s dribbling skills are one of the best in Blue Lock. He has very high dribbling stats of 98/100, and all players in Blue Lock, lose to him in this category.

And after training under Lavinho, the dancer, he was able to enhance his dribble even further. He can break through most of the opponents using his feints and dribbling alone.

  • His dribbling and ball control ability are some of the best in Blue Lock and led him to victory multiple times.
  • Bachira has an elastic dribbling style, where he has a set of unconventional moves to throw away defenders.
  • His passing ability, is also great, which we witnessed during the First Selection arc.
  • Bachira is easily able to do several different passes, which led to Rin Itoshi noticing his talent too.
  • He could easily pass to his teammates from essentially anywhere, and precisely where they need it.
  • Bachira has also entered into the Flow State numerous times, which left his opponents in awe of his skills.
  • He has also learned to enter this state of focus intentionally and named it Monstrance.
  • After further fusing his style with Lavinho’s Ginga style, he was able to become even more unpredictable in his dribbling ability.
  • Now, he waits for the defender to make the first move, after which Bachira starts exploding on the field with his skills.

Ryusei Shido vs. Meguru Bachira: Who Is Better?

Ryusei Shido vs Meguru Bachira: Who Is Better?

Coming to the question of the hour, Who is a better player in a duel of Ryusei Shido vs Meguru Bachira? This might be a hard question, but based on recent incidents so far it is Meguru Bachira who will end up winning.

If the same comparison was done during the Blue Lock vs U-20 Japan Match, the answer would have been Ryusei Shido. So what is different from Bachira and Shido in the Neo-Egoist league?

To start things off, Bachira got even better with his base skills after joining FC Barcha. Even if the team lost all of the matches, he was still able to score 2 goals in both matches.

On top of that, all of his goals were magnificent and caught the attention of the whole world. Bachira was able to get his worth to 66 million yen, just with his goal against Ubers.

Meanwhile, Shido is yet to show his evolution. Undoubtedly, Shidou is a goal-scoring monster and he has the highest stats of scoring 2 goals per match during the Third selection arc.

However, we know none of his stats in PxG. His net worth, was also pretty meager considering his talent and his global recognition after his goals. Shido only managed to scrape a net worth of 20 million yen bid for his gameplay in the Neo-Egoist league.

1) Based on Power

This should be an easy win for Shidou, due to his body and the sheer force of his shots. He had also fought with other Blue Lock players and managed to wound them with just one kick.

Meanwhile, we haven’t the same kind of power as Meguru. Meguru favors his other abilities like dribbling and passing more than the power of his shots.

2) Based on Speed and Agility

This should be a close win for Meguru. He only manages to barely win against Shido in this area, due to his recent improvements of his abilities and skills.

Shido still is pretty fast and was also able to catch up to Sae’s speed passes. But, we haven’t yet seen how he enhanced his abilities since he joined Paris X Gen.

3) Based on Reflexes

This should probably be a tie for both of them. Shido had scored goals many times with his reflexive moments alone. His soccer intellect and vision led him to this level of reflexes.

On the other hand, we also have seen Bachira going crazy with his dribbling and goals with his reflexives alone. Managing to do triple Nutmegs and more advanced dribbling techniques by reflex is a feat of its own.

4) Ability to win 1v1

This also might be a tie for both of them. Bachira can break out using his dribbling skills, but it would be a bit hard to throw off Shido. Even if he manages this, Shido can still catch up to him using his reflexes and block him with muscle power.

On the other hand, Shido’s dribbling is a bit weaker than Bachira’s. This gives Bachira an advantage if he can adapt to Shido’s dribbling style. This should be easy for Bachira, who even kept up with Lavinho’s dribbling style.

5) Based on Team Compatibility

Meguru Bachira is a way better team player than Ryusei Shido. Jinpachi Ego also had to bench Shido, since he was unable to work with any of the other Blue Lock players.

Ryusei Shido wants to play for his fun and steal the spotlight. He seldom cares about other players and keeps getting into fights most of the time with them.

6) Based on Overall Ability

This should be a win for Meguru Bachira based on what we have seen so far. We haven’t seen much of Ryusei Shido’s games, to determine the level of soccer he is playing right now.

Also, for his net worth to be so low, it can only mean that he didn’t do much in the Neo-Egoist league. Although, this verdict might change depending on how Ryusei Shido improves his playstyle in the future.


So, finally, we can say that in a duel of Ryusei Shido vs Meguru Bachira, we can see Bachira ending up as the winner for now. Shido had not shown us his new playstyle, or goals since he joined Paris X Gen.

But, if this comparison was done at the time of the Second and Third Selection, it would have undoubtedly been Shido as the winner. This was when we got to see how aggressively Shido plays.

Winding up our article on Ryusei Shido vs Meguru Bachira, we have a clear winner for now. For more comparisons and content like these, make sure to check our other posts here.

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