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Mahoraga vs. Rika: Who Is Stronger?

While Satoru Gojo is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer of modern times, he’s confessed that the next generation has the potential to surpass the status of Special Grades and even him. Two candidates from the next generation with the most potential are Megumi Fushiguro and Yuta Okkotsu. Both have two powerful Cursed Techniques and their aces up their sleeves. For Megumi, it’s Mahoraga, while for Yuta, it’s Rika.

Mahoraga is the strongest Shikigami in the history of the Ten Shadows Technique, while Rika is a Special Grade cursed spirit dubbed the Queen of Curses. If these two are to clash, who will win the fight? Here’s our answer to Mahoraga vs. Rika and who is stronger between them.

Mahoraga: Powers and Abilities

Mahoraga: Powers and Abilities

Eight-Handled Sword Divergent Sila Divine General Mahoraga is the strongest and most untamable Shikigami of the Ten Shadows Technique. Nobody in the history of the technique has managed to exorcise the Shikigami. The newest user, Megumi Fushiguro, summons Mahoraga for the first time in Shibuya, where Mahoraga clashes against Ryomen Sukuna.

The user can summon Mahoraga for an exorcism by chanting the incantation: “With this treasure, I summon…” People other than the user can also participate in the exorcism, but if the user dies, the exorcism stops, and Mahoraga disappears. 

As mentioned before, Mahoraga is the strongest Shikigami out there, and there is a reason why nobody has managed to subdue the Shikigami in the history of the technique. The Shikigami has a towering humanoid form full of brute physical strength able to counter the likes of Sukuna and Gojo.



However, what makes Mahoraga so dangerous and why its power is said to be on the equal level of Six Eyes and Limitless is Mahoraga’s adaptability. The Shikigami can adapt to every natural phenomenon it experiences, be it physical attacks or cursed techniques. Every time the Shikigami is hit with an attack, the wheel above its head spins once, and every time the wheel spins, it adapts to the attack bit by bit until it completely gets used to the attack.

When Mahoraga clashes with Sukuna in Shibuya, it gets overwhelmed by Sukuna’s Dismantle at first, but once it adapts to the technique, Dismantle becomes useless against him. The same goes for Gojo’s Unlimited Void during Gojo vs. Sukuna in Shinjuku.

The only way to defeat Mahoraga is to destroy it in one-shot or at least before it completely adapts an attack. However, that can be difficult to achieve as the Shikigami is so strong physically. Sukuna is only able to defeat Mahoraga by slashing the Shikigami relentlessly at once with his Malevolent Shrine.

Rika: Powers and Abilities

Rika: Powers and Abilities

Rika is a Special Grade vengeful curse spirit tethered to Yuta Okkotsu. The curse spirit looks over the boy and kills anyone mean to him, causing multiple deaths in Yuta’s school. Because of her presence, Yuta is sentenced to a secret execution until Gojo gives him a chance to become a student at Tokyo Jujutsu High.

The curse Rika was created when Yuta’s childhood friend Rika Orimoto supposedly cursed him at the time of her death. However, it was later discovered that it wasn’t Rika who had cursed Yuta but the opposite. The curse was finally broken after Yuta confessed his feelings for her and promised her his heart and soul during his fight against Suguru Geto.

Though the curse was lifted and the curse Rika disappeared, it reappeared later at some point, no longer a vengeful curse. Rika is one of the strongest curses in the series, called the Queen of Curses by Geto.

Cursed Technique: Copy

Cursed Technique: Copy

Because of her humanoid appearance that grants her exceptional physical prowess and her usage of raw cursed energy, Rika doesn’t need to use a Cursed Technique often. When she does, it’s the same as Yuta’s. Like her beloved Yuta, Rika is also a user of the Copy technique which allows her to replicate other Cursed Techniques.

During the fight against Geto, Rika conjured a megaphone with the Snakes and the Fangs symbol that had the same ability of Cursed Speech as the Inumaki Family. While fighting against Ryu Ishiguro and Takako Uro, Yuta copied Uro’s Sky Manipulation and Dhruv Lakkadwala’s Shikigami. 

It’s unclear if Rika can use these copied techniques too, but given that she can use Cursed Speech, it’s safe to guess that she can use these too.

Mahoraga vs. Rika: Who Is Stronger?

Mahoraga vs. Rika: Who Is Stronger?

Now that we’ve seen their individual powers and abilities, it begs the question of who is the stronger one in Mahoraga vs. Rika. If they fight, it will be a close call because both are physically very strong and fast. They can counter each other blow by blow. At first, Rika can overwhelm Mahoraga with her raw cursed energy that is destructive enough to crush Special Grade curses in seconds.

However, the longer the fight gets, the more advantage Mahoraga will begin to get. Its power of adaptability will help it get used to every one of Rika’s moves after only one or two hits since none of Rika’s attacks are too complicated. Once Mahoraga adapts to Rika’s moves, it’s a losing battle for her.

So, according to us, if there is a Mahoraga vs. Rika fight, Mahoraga will ultimately win. To make it clearer how we got to this conclusion, we’ll compare them by each aspect of a fight, including strength, ability, and regeneration.

Based on Strength and Agility

As mentioned before, both Mahoraga and Rika have tremendous strength and agility. Whenever Rika fought an opponent, she was overwhelming in her power. Even while fighting Geto’s Uzumaki, she destroyed numerous curses after unleashing her full power.

Mahoraga, on the other hand, fought against two of the strongest characters in Jujutsu Kaisen: Sukuna and Gojo. In both fights, Mahoraga showed exceptional strength and agility, meeting Sukuna and Gojo blow by blow. 

Though Rika is undoubtedly very strong and fast, we’ll have to give this round of Mahoraga vs. Rika to Mahoraga only because the opponents he fought are so overwhelming in power that countering them is evidence enough of the Shikigami’s physical prowess.

Based on Abilities

When it comes to abilities, their true difference becomes clear. Rika is a cursed spirit and has incredible regeneration and a very useful Cursed Technique. Copy is a simple yet versatile technique that gives her and Yuta a lot of edge in fights.

But Mahoraga’s adaptability is a trump card for both it and its user. Its capability to adapt to all natural phenomena makes it one of the most dangerous opponents in Jujutsu Kaisen and if it clashes with Rika, it’ll adapt to the cursed spirit soon enough before destroying her. So, this round of Mahoraga vs. Rika goes to Mahoraga too.


We’ve reached the end of our Mahoraga vs. Rika discussion. Mahoraga is the ultimate Shikigami there is and it helped Sukuna greatly during his fight against Gojo. In fact, it was thanks to Mahoraga that Sukuna survived Gojo’s last Hollow Purple

Rika, on the other hand, has yet to fight opponents like Sukuna or Gojo, so her full potential is still unexplored. But given that she is tethered to Yuta, it’s safe to say that we’ll soon get to see Rika in her full glory. Until we do, Mahoraga will be considered the stronger one in the Mahoraga vs. Rika fight.

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