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Best One Piece Theories of 2024 | The Real Nature of Devil Fruits

It’s been 26 years since One Piece was first introduced to this year and ever since then, the manga has come to become more and more iconic with each passing year. With a story so vast and featuring so many interesting characters, it’s needless to say there are also many mysteries hidden in the storyline. And with these mysteries come theories and conjectures from fans. Today we’ll discuss some of the best One Piece theories of 2024.

In a recent interview, the manga’s creator, Eiichiro Oda, claimed that 2024 is going to be the year of One Piece. By the way things are going in the manga, it’s safe to say that his claim couldn’t be any truer. It’s only February but One Piece has already taken over the world with the current development in the story and revelation of some of the most shocking twists.

Some of the best One Piece theories of 2024 make conjectures about the nature of Devil Fruits and their reality. We’ll discuss them shortly but not before we make it clear that none of the theories here in this article is actually part of the canon storyline. These are only just fan theories and they may not come true in the future. 

So, keep your minds open and take a look at the best One Piece theories of 2024:

Best One Piece Theories of 2024

Best One Piece Theories of 2024

When it comes to fan theories, One Piece has probably more than any other manga/anime series out there. Every year fans think up hundreds of possibilities that might answer the mysteries of One Piece. Each year it depends on where the story is currently at and what new information we have within our grasp now.

2024 is going to be the year of the Egghead Arc which started back in 2023 and will possibly continue throughout 2024 and more. In this arc, Luffy not only meets the highly anticipated character Dr. Vegapunk, the smartest man in the world and the most accomplished scientist working for the World Government, but he also comes face-to-face with one of the Five Elders for the first time.

Some of the highlights of this arc include the backstory of Bartholomew Kuma and Jewelry Bonney, the reunion of the Straw Hat Pirates and Rob Lucci, the glimpse of Imu and the Five Elders’ powers, the revelation of Nefertari Lily, and Vegapunk’s very interesting theory about the origin of Devil Fruits. 

Vegapunk’s theory about Devil Fruits’ origin has inspired many fan theories about the true nature of Devil Fruits and particularly, Luffy’s own very special Hito Hito no Mi; Model: Nika. Aside from the Devil Fruits, the Poneglyphs have also been present in the story for a long time and have been the center of many theories.

The discussion about Poneglyphs automatically invites the topic of Joyboy, the mysterious messiah who’s destined to come back to bring happiness back to the world. There have been countless fan theories regarding Joyboy ever since his existence was introduced in the story. In 2024, there have been a very more.

Now, without further ado, let’s see the best One Piece theories of 2024:

The True Nature of Devil Fruits

The True Nature of Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are introduced in the first chapter of the manga. Over time, we get to see more Devil Fruits and learn of their three kinds: Paramecia, Logia, and Zoan. It has been the primary power system in One Piece until the proper introduction of Haki later in the series.

Despite being in the story for a very long time and having numerous examples, we actually know very little about Devil Fruits. Nobody knows how Devil Fruits came into existence or why they take away the user’s ability to swim. 

In the Egghead Arc, Vegapunk shares his theory about the origin of Devil Fruits with Luffy. Vegapunk believes Devil Fruits came into existence through the power of dreams and they represent the paths human evolution can take in the future. After generations of people dreaming of having a certain ability, their will manifested into a Devil Fruit.

Whether Vegapunk’s theory is true is yet to be seen but it has inspired some very interesting fan theories. A section of One Piece fans believe that Devil Fruits are indeed a result of dreams and there hasn’t been any new Devil Fruit manifested into being in 800 years. This is because people have forgotten to dream ever since the first twenty kings took over the world.

According to them, when Luffy fulfills his dream of finding the One Piece, he’ll give the people the freedom to dream once again, and new Devil Fruits can rise in the future.

This theory is pretty realistic since dreams have always been a big theme of One Piece. Luffy’s first meeting with Blackbeard is also centered around having a dream. The theory also goes with Vegapunk’s own theory, and thus, we had to mention it as one of the best One Piece theories of 2024.

Joyboy and the D Clan

Joyboy and the D Clan

Another of the best One Piece theories of 2024 is regarding Joyboy. Joyboy is the most mysterious figure in One Piece. He’s said to have lived 800 years ago during the Void Century and was like a messiah to the people. Joyboy’s existence is the biggest threat to the World Government and the unknown figure was somehow related to Sun God Nika. Maybe Joyboy had the same Devil Fruit as Luffy and could transform into Nika.

This explains why the Five Elders were so spooked when Luffy awakened his Devil Fruit and transformed into Nika in his Gear 5

Speaking of the biggest enemy of the World Government, the D Clan is the natural enemy of the organization, which is why the World Government is still wary of people carrying D in their name. Seeing these two, we can safely assume that Joyboy may have also been a member of the D Clan. 

Maybe Joyboy is not his real name but a nickname given by people because he brought joy and happiness. Some also believe that Joyboy could create Devil Fruits and this was how he spread joy in the world, by giving people the manifestation of their dreams.

Another theory related to this is that the D Clan stands for Dreamers’ Clan and this family was closely related to the origin of Devil Fruits.

All of these theories are very interesting and definitely can come true, at least partially, in the future.

What’s on Laugh Tale?

What’s on Laugh Tale?

Laugh Tale is the last island of Grand Line and where the One Piece is. The only way to get to the island is by finding the four Road Poneglyphs, each of which gives the information of a particular location. The ways to the four locations intersect at one point and that is where Laugh Tale lies.

Poneglyphs are quite important in the world of One Piece. Not only do the Road Poneglyphs have the clue to Laugh Tale’s location but other Poneglyphs also have the history of the ancient time engraved on them, which makes them invaluable to archeologists like Robin.

Some fans believe that there is a special Poneglyph on Laugh Tale which has instructions about how to create Devil Fruits. They theorize Joyboy hid the Poneglyph on Laugh Tale when the battle between the D Clan and the first twenty kings broke out. This kept the knowledge about the creation of Devil Fruits safe from the evil organization that took control of the world.

There is another theory regarding Laugh Tale. The name of the island came from the Pirate King Gol D. Roger because when he and his crew arrived on the last island, they saw something that made them break out into laughter. We still don’t know what Roger saw there that made him laugh.

Why Was Roger Late?

Why Was Roger Late?

This fan theory says that what made Roger laugh was the Poneglyph detailing the life and antics of Joyboy, not the One Piece itself. After arriving on the island, Roger said that they were early. Maybe this was because one can only access the One Piece when they meet a certain condition. For example, a popular belief is that Roger didn’t have Nika with him and thus, couldn’t have the One Piece.

There is an intricate connection between Joyboy, Nika, and the One Piece. So, this theory is pretty believable and certainly among the best One Piece theories of 2024.

This theory also says that the One Piece is such a treasure that gives its owner the ability to manifest a world where everyone has the freedom and ability to dream. This aligns with Nika’s powers to move his body and his surroundings in any way he can imagine.

These are some of the best One Piece theories of 2024. There are many more theories about the ever-expanding world of One Piece, like the parentage of Shanks and the truth behind Blackbeard’s two Devil Fruits, but these theories are some of the freshest and most interesting. Eiichiro Oda tends to blow the minds of his fans with some shocking reveals and baffling twists, so, any of these theories have the potential to come true.

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