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Solo Leveling Ep 11 Spoilers & Release Date(Sung Jin Woo. vs Igris)

Solo Leveling Ep 11 has more hype, as one of the most awaited battles of Sung Jin Woo might appear in the next episode. Episode 10 focused on Sung Jin Woo helping Yoo Jinho complete his 20 raids. 

The raid team is surprised after witnessing the strength of Sung Jin Woo, who is clearing the C-rank Dungeons by himself. On top of this, we also saw what Jin Woo was capable of despite not increasing his intelligence stats. 

But during the raids, he received a weird message from the system. Certain level requirements seem to have been met, and Jin Woo can now begin the Job Change quest. What is this weird quest, and what will Jin Woo’s new job be? 

Read on more from our spoiler part next to find out all of the major spoilers and plot points for Solo Leveling Ep 11. 

Solo Leveling Ep 11 Spoilers

Solo Leveling Ep 11 Spoilers

It seems that Sung Jin Woo has to complete a certain dungeon if he wants to get a job. 

  • Sung Jin Woo starts the quest as soon as possible, as he faces powerful enemies from the start. 
  • The enemy isn’t of a higher level, but none of Jin Woo’s attacks are dealing damage. 
  • So, he analyzes that it’s best to use hand-to-hand combat. 
  • He instantly kills the knight with his bare hands. 
  • After looking at the conditions, Sung Jin Woo understands that this dungeon is dangerous. 
  • He faces more knights and also deals with them easily. 
  • More knights and magicians come to face him, and he understands that he can’t let his guard down. 
  • Sung Jin Woo faces knights, assassins, magicians, and archers simultaneously. 
  • He isn’t even getting time to rest as his fatigue keeps increasing. 
  • After seeing the boss, Jin Woo soon enters the boss’s room and is instantly scared. 
  • He has to beat Blood-Red Commander Igris now. 
  • Igris instantly attacks Jin Woo, and Jin Woo’s attacks cannot penetrate his armor. 
  • Jin Woo switches to hand-to-hand combat after understanding that his dagger doesn’t work. 
  • Igris does the same and throws away his weapons. 
  • An intense battle ensues between the two, and Jin Woo instantly understands that he is outmatched. 
  • Jin Woo starts using his sprint ability, but Igris still outclass him. 
  • Igris lands a lot of attacks on Jin Woo and throws him on the throne. 
  • He takes back his sword to finish Sung Jin Woo. 
  • But Jin Woo shouts that he hasn’t given up yet. 
  • He blocks Igris’s attack with a gauntlet and instantly uses his dagger to stab through Igris’s armor. 
  • Despite being shallow strikes, he keeps on using his vital strike skills
  • Will Sung Jin Woo be able to win against the monstrous Igris, or will Igris pull a counter-attack? 

Solo Leveling Ep 11 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 11 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 11 will be released on 23rd March, this Saturday. Get ready to watch one of the most intense, epic, and hyped battles and moments of Season 1 of the Solo Leveling anime series. 

The anime should premiere at around 8:30 PM IST, and it’s best to get to the site earlier because many fans will eagerly await this. You can watch the series on Crunchyroll, but only a few regions. 

These are all our major spoilers and plot points about Solo Leveling Ep 11. For more similar and interesting content, check out our other articles here.  

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