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Top 10+ Martial Arts Anime on Netflix Ranked (Updated)

Netflix has become one of the most popular places for fans to stream anime. It has a great collection of anime, each one better than the other. Among all the diverse genres of anime, Netflix has a great collection of martial arts anime. So, here is a list of the Top 10+ Martial arts anime on Netflix.

Top 10+ Martial Arts Anime on Netflix Ranked

11. Tekken: Bloodline

Tekken- Bloodline

Anime Name Tekken: Bloodline
MAL Ratings6.47
Number of Episodes 6
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy, Martial arts
Studio(s)Studio Hibari, Larx Entertainment

It is a well-known action anime on Netflix that was based on the most popular video game series, Tekken. It excellently depicts the story of a martial artist named Jin who just learned the deadliest style of martial arts to take revenge for her mother’s death.

So if you’re looking to explore the toughness training of martial arts and witness some of the fierce fights, then you should watch this series. Due to having only six episodes, it is also considered one of the best short anime.

10. Street Fighter IV

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Anime Name Street Fighter IV
MAL Ratings6.33
Number of Episodes 1
Genre(s)Action, Adventure

In this anime, the focus of the story is on two martial artists named Ryu and Ken. Apart from being prolific martial arts specialists, they are great friends too. They are not satisfied with their current strength and decide to undertake a journey and meet new people.

In this way, they will come across new fighting styles and techniques that will ultimately benefit them in the long run.

9. Baki the Grappler 

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Anime Name Baki the Grappler
MAL Ratings7.47
Number of Episodes 24
Genre(s)Martial arts
Studio(s)Group TAC

Baki the Grappler is one of the more popular anime overall with the protagonist being Baki Hanma. All his life, he has known only one thing: fighting. His main goal is to defeat his father, who is known by the people as the “Ogre“.

But Baki feels he has already learned everything under his mother and needs to develop himself further by encountering new fighting techniques. Will Baki finally be able to take down his father?

8. Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura

Anime Name Kengan Ashura
MAL Ratings7.44
Number of Episodes 12
Genre(s)Martial arts
Studio(s)Larx Entertainment

In Kengan Ashura, we are brought into a gladiator-like setting where businessmen try to settle their deals through hired fighters. This tradition has been going on since the Edo Period, when disputes used to be settled in an arena.

Ouma Tokita is one such gladiator who gets hired by the Nogi Group to fight in battles conducted by the Kengan Association. Now Ouma faces an uphill task as he is pitted against strong fighters from far and wide.

7. Basilisk


Anime Name Basilisk
MAL Ratings7.55
Number of Episodes 24
Genre(s)Fantasy, Historical, Martial arts

The base of the story is a long, drawn-out ninja war between the Iga and Kouga clans. A powerful warlord by the name of Tokugawa forces them to stop their war by ordering a ceasefire.

Many years pass after that, and Gennosuke from the Kouga Clan falls in love with Oboro from the Iga Clan. But their love story is put to a halt as the old age rivalry between the two clans starts again.

6. Naruto

naruto vs sasuke

Anime Name Naruto
MAL Ratings7.98
Number of Episodes 220
Genre(s)Adventure, Fantasy comedy, Martial arts

It is quite natural that when a young boy is shunned by his entire village, he will start acting out. Naruto is no exception, and the reason he gets this treatment is because he has a nine-tailed demon sealed in his belly.

This is why Naruto wishes to become the Hokage of his village and get everyone to acknowledge him. His journey to the top will be filled with many enemies, but he will also have friends by his side to defeat them.

5. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Anime Name Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure
MAL Ratings7.90
Number of Episodes 26
Genre(s)Adventure, Fantasy, Supernatural
Studio(s)David Production

George Joestar invites Dio Brando to his home as a means to repay his father after he dies. Although Dio gets treated well at home, he starts cooking up an evil scheme. His sights are set on the inheritance of the Joestar family as he looks to make it all his.

This starts up a long clash between Dio and Jonathan Joestar, as we are treated to a wild adventure between the two of them.

4. Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star

Anime Name Fist of the North Star
MAL Ratings7.96
Number of Episodes 109
Genre(s)Adventure, Martial arts, Post-apocalyptic
Studio(s)Toei Animation

Kenshirou is a brave warrior who is seen traveling aimlessly in a post-apocalyptic land. We now know that he is trying to find his rival, Shin, who has kidnapped his fiancee.

Naturally, in his journey, Ken faces a lot of enemies, and he wards them away with his fighting form, Hokuto Shinken. But this attracts more trouble towards him as he gets farther away from his goal.

3. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

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Anime Name Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
MAL Ratings8.06
Number of Episodes 50
Genre(s)Adventure, Comedy, Martial arts
Studio(s)TMS Entertainment

Surely a character like Kenichi, who prefers self-improvement books over fighting, will not become a master overnight. His situation changes completely when he decides to join the karate club to prevent an upperclassman from bullying him.

In a strange connection of fate, he meets Miu, who takes him to her dojo, and Kenichi’s journey of becoming a strong fighter to protect everything he loves starts.

2. Yu Yu Hakusho

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Anime Name Yu Yu Hakusho
MAL Ratings8.45
Number of Episodes 112
Genre(s)Adventure, Martial arts, Supernatural

The main character of this story is a delinquent named Yuusuke Urameshi, who saves a young boy from an accident one day. The spirit realm is moved by this incident and decides to give him another shot at life.

Yuusuke has to work as a spirit detective under the guidance of God Botan, and he may just be able to get his precious life back.

1. Samurai Champloo

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Anime Name 

Samurai Champloo

MAL Ratings8.51
Number of Episodes 26
Genre(s)Adventure, Historical, Samurai

A clumsy waitress named Fuu accidentally spills coffee on all her customers one day. This leads to her getting harassed by a group of samurai. Another samurai by the name of Mugen comes and rescues her.

But he decides to engage with a ronin named Jin, who proves to be too much for him to take on. This accident marks the beginning of a journey for this trio, as a world of adventure awaits them. 


This concludes our list of the best martial arts anime on Netflix. These are some of the most popular titles that you can binge-watch on the weekend. Stay tuned to our website for more of this amazing content. 


Q1- What fighting anime should I watch on Netflix?

Ans- Kengan Ashura, Baki and Yu Yu Hakusho are some fighting anime that you should watch on Netflix.

Q2- What is anime like Baki?

Ans- Kengan Ashura is the anime like Baki.

Q3- What is the best MMA anime?

Ans- Kengan Ashura is the best MMA anime.

Q4- What should I watch after Baki?

Ans- You should watch Kengan Ashura after Baki.

Q5- What is the best martial arts anime on Netflix?

Ans- Samurai Champloo is the best martial arts anime on Netflix.

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