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Top 25 Best Action Anime on Netflix Ranked (2023 Updated)

Last updated on May 15th, 2023 at 08:04 pm

Action anime are the most highly sought-after series on any streaming platform. There are a bunch of them available to us, and some of them are far above the rest in terms of quality. On that note, let us take a look at the top 25 best action anime on Netflix.

We will be ranking them based on their respective ratings on MyAnimeList. We will also provide the number of episodes available for each of them so that it is easier for you to navigate.

Top 25 Best Action Anime on Netflix Ranked

25) Berserk


Anime NameBerserk
MAL Rating6.30
Number of Episodes24 (2 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
StudioMillepensee, GEMBA
Aired2016 – 2017

Berserk is based on the story of Guts who was born from the dead body of his mother. He has an enhanced sense of survival instinct and joins the Band of the Hawk.

He soon starts climbing up the ranks in the band and comes to the realization that the world around him is not all black-and-white. 

24) Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Anime NameSword Art Online
MAL Rating7.20
Number of Episodes96 (4 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Isekai
StudioA-1 Pictures
Aired2012 – 2020

This Netflix action anime is about Kazuto Kirigaya, who finds himself trapped in a virtual reality game. He soon finds out about a deadly twist whereby all of their lives are at stake, and they need to come up with a plan to save themselves.

The only path that lies ahead of them is to clear all the stages and reach the top to finally defeat the ultimate boss.

23) Baki


Anime NameBaki
MAL Rating7.30
Number of Episodes51 (3 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Sports
StudioTMS Entertainment
Aired2018 – 2021

The story revolves around Baki Hanma, who has only known fighting since his birth. He has trained himself under every form of martial arts possible with the sole goal of defeating his father. 

Once he realizes that he needs to learn more about new techniques, he sets out on a journey in search of a new challenge and progresses slowly towards his end goal.

22) Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura

Anime NameKengan Ashura
MAL Rating7.44
Number of Episodes24
StudioLarx Entertainment

In this action anime on Netflix, we find ourselves engrossed in the story of gladiators. They are powerful fighters hired by businesses to settle their business deals. Ohma Tokita is one such gladiator who goes by the nickname of “The Ashura” and is looking to prove his worth.

He gets recruited by, who pairs him up with Kazuo Yamashita and throws him into the Kengan Association tournament. Now, Ohma needs to find a way to defeat all his opponents and claim the number one position in the Kengan Association.

21) Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!

Anime NameAkame ga Kill
MAL Rating7.47
Number of Episodes24
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy
StudioWhite Fox

Akame ga Kill! is one of the best action anime on Netflix and involves a band of assassins. They have gathered together to secretly execute their plan of overthrowing the current Prime Minister.

However, this task is not going to be easy as they will be faced with numerous challenges on their way and learn about the true meaning behind being an assassin.

20) Blue Exorcist

Blue Exorcist

Anime NameAo no Exorcist
MAL Rating7.50
Number of Episodes37 (2 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy
StudioA-1 Pictures
Aired2011 – 2017

Blue Exorcist is a mind-blowing story with lots of twists about Rin Okumura, who appears to be a simple boy at first glance. However, there is more to his story as he finds out one day that Satan is his father and he wants him to return back to the demon world.

Rin refuses and rebels against him by beginning his training to become an exorcist. He decides to push himself to the limits in order to defend Assiah from his father with the help of his brother, Yukio.

19) Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Anime NameFairy Tail
MAL Rating7.57
Number of Episodes328 (3 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Ecchi
StudioSatelight, A-1 Pictures
Aired2009 – 2019

Dive deep into this magical adventure where our heroes embark on a journey of magical activities. In this story, the center of attention is a guild named Fairy Tail which stands out among the rest. 

A young mage by the name of Lucy gets invited to it by Natsu Dragneel, who is on his own journey of finding his father. They band up with two more members as they look forward to making new friends while warding off evil.

18) Seven Deadly Sins

Seven Deadly Sins

Anime NameNanatsu no Taizai
MAL Rating7.67
Number of Episodes96 (4 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Ecchi
StudioA-1 Pictures (Season 1 – 2)

Studio Deen (Season 3 – 4)

Aired2014 – 2021

This is one of the best action anime on Netflix that concluded its last episodes. The anime involves a group of seven knights who were wrongfully accused of betraying their homeland.

Ten years later, they gather together again and try to end the tyrannical rule of the Holy Knights. Watch as mind-blowing twists and revelations pop up one after the other throughout the course of the story.

17) Fire Force

Fire Force

Anime NameEnen no Shouboutai
MAL Rating7.71
Number of Episodes48 (2 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Supernatural
StudioDavid Production
Aired2019 – 2020

For years, humans randomly turn into violent flaming creatures known as the Infernals, a phenomenon known as Spontaneous Human Combustion. But after the first generation, they hone their transformation into weaponizing and manipulating the flames.

They have built a Special Fire Force consisting of those gifted with pyrokinetics to battle the Infernals. Shinra Kusakabe is a young man joining the Special Fire Force Company 8.

16) Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby

Anime NameDevilman: Crybaby
MAL Rating7.76
Number of Episodes10
Genre(s)Action, Horror, Supernatural, Gore
StudioScience SARU

Devilman Crybaby is a short yet engaging action anime that can be found on Netflix. The protagonist of this story is Akira Fudou who decides to merge with a devil in order to save his friend, Ryo Asuka.

Now, Akira must work as a Devilman with his friend in order to destroy the evil lurking in the shadows.

15) Soul Eater

Soul Eater

Anime NameSoul Eater
MAL Rating7.84
Number of Episodes51
Genre(s)Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Aired2008 – 2009

As the name suggests Soul Eaters are individuals capable of transforming into a deadly demon weapon that can bring about mass destruction.

We follow a Soul Eater by the name of Soul Evans who wishes to become a Death Scythe by consuming souls. He joins up with fellow students of Shibusen as they also need to protect their city from deadly threats.

14) Inuyasha


Anime NameInuYasha
MAL Rating7.86
Number of Episodes193 (2 seasons)
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Isekai
Aired2000 – 2010

In this story, we follow the journey of a 15-year-old girl named Kagome Higurashi. She accidentally travels back 500 years into the past and becomes the host of a wish-granting jewel.

Naturally, she is chased by pursuers which leads her to seek the help of hybrid dog-demon in order to help her protect the jewel.

13) My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Anime NameBoku no Hero Academia
MAL Rating7.90
Number of Episodes136 (6 seasons)
Aired2016 – 2023

In a world where 80% of the population has a special ability or Quirk, Izuku Midoriya is a meek teenager who dreams of becoming a Hero despite being Quirkless.

But after an encounter with his idol, No. 1 Pro Hero All Might, Midoriya finally gains a Quirk that can make his dream come true.

Enrolling in the prestigious Hero school, U.A. Academy, Midoriya must keep up with the other students while trying to control his powerful Quirk that destroys his body after using it.

12) Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Anime NameJoJo no Kimyou na Bouken
MAL Rating7.90
Number of Episodes190 (5 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Supernatural
StudioDavid Production
Aired2012 – 2021

This anime takes us to various parts of the world as Jojo and Dio continue to clash with each other. It all started after Dario was saved by Joseph Joestar.

However, this wasn’t taken well by his son Dio who made a sinister plan to seize all the properties of the Joestar family for himself.

11) Bleach


Anime NameBleach
MAL Rating7.91
Number of Episodes379 (2 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Aired2004 – 2022

Bleach is a classic action anime on Netflix that involves a high-school student named Ichigo Kurosaki. His fate changes after meeting a Soul Reaper named Rukia.

After that Ichigo decides to accept the offer of becoming a Soul Reaper in order to protect his family. He later teams up with some of his classmates and trains to protect the world from hidden threats.

10) Naruto


Anime NameNaruto
MAL Rating7.98
Number of Episodes720 (2 seasons) + 1 movie
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy
Aired2002 – 2014

A young ninja named Naruto wishes to become the Hokage of his village in this action anime available on Netflix. However, being Hokage is not child’s play as he needs to train rigorously under his master Kakashi while teaming with two other students named Sakura and Sasuke.

These three set up on an epic adventure in the ninja world as dark mysteries of the past begin to appear one by one.

9) Kill la Kill

Kill la Kill

Anime NameKill la Kill
MAL Rating8.04
Number of Episodes24
Genre(s)Action, Comedy, Ecchi
Aired2013 – 2014

Kill la Kill is a highly underrated action anime on Netflix in which we follow the journey of Ryuuko Matoi. She is in search of her father’s assassin which brings her to Honnouji Academy.

She suffers a humiliating defeat at the hands of Elite Four but later manages to find a “Kamui” for herself. This encourages her to train and challenge the Elite Four once again.

8) Black Clover

Black Clover

Anime NameBlack Clover
MAL Rating8.14
Number of Episodes170
Aired2017 – 2021

Asta and Yuno are orphans who dream of becoming the Magic King. But while Yuno is talented in magic, Asta is magicless. At their Grimoire ceremony, Yuno gets a rare and powerful four-leaf clover Grimoire while Asta gets a never-heard-before five-leaf clover Grimoire.

After coming to the capital and becoming Magic Knights, they both set out on their own journeys to fulfill their dream.

7) Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Anime NameNeon Genesis Evangelion
MAL Rating8.34
Number of Episodes26 + 2 movies
Genre(s)Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Mecha, Psychological
StudioGainax, Tatsunoko Production
Aired1995 – 1997

Humanity is at the edge of destruction in the year 2015 and only the NERV organization can save them. Meanwhile, a 14-year-old boy with the name of Shinji Ikari gets his life altered after being sucked into the depths of NERV where he has to take command of Evangelion Unit-01.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is an avant garde, with his complex psychological and symbolic aspects. It’s undoubtedly one of the best action anime on Netflix.

6) One Punch Man

One Punch Man

Anime NameOne Punch Man
MAL Rating8.50
Number of Episodes24 (2 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Comedy
Aired2015 – 2019

Saitama has a dream of becoming the hero and he starts training to fulfill it. However, he trains so much that he becomes overpowered and is able to defeat any opponent with a single punch.

He later decides to join the Hero Association along with Genos and begins their action-filled journey.

5) Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Anime NameKimetsu no Yaiba
MAL Rating8.51
Number of Episodes37+ (2 seasons) + 1 movie
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy
Aired2018 – present

When Tanjiro Kamado’s whole family is killed by a demon and his only remaining sister is turned into a demon, he vows to cure his sister. After an encounter with Giyuu Tomioka, a Demon Slayer, Tanjiro sets out to become one himself.

Follow along Tanjiro’s journey with his companions as he battles demons and makes allies, all the while looking for Muzan Kibutsuji, the demon who killed his family.

4) Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Anime NameShingeki no Kyojin
MAL Rating8.53
Number of Episodes89+ (4 seasons)
Genre(s)Action, Drama, Suspense
StudioWit Studio (season 1 – 3)

MAPPA (season 4)

Aired2013 – present

This action anime on Netflix revolves around humans and titans. Eren Yeager is the protagonist of this story who swore to take revenge for his mother’s death on the titans.

Things take a sudden turn for him when he ends up transforming into the thing he hates the most. Now he has to find a way to control his newly found powers and learn the mystery behind all of them.

3) Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

Anime NameChainsaw Man
MAL Rating8.61
Number of Episodes12
Genre(s)Action, Fantasy

Denji is an orphan left with nothing but a crushing debt and his pet Devil Pochita. When he’s killed by a Devil after being sacrificed by the loan sharks, Pochita becomes his heart in an attempt to keep him alive.

Thus, Chainsaw Man is born, ready to cut through anything in his path. He’s soon recruited by Makima in the special unit of the Public Safety Bureau.

2) Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

Anime NameHunter x Hunter
MAL Rating9.04
Number of Episodes148
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Aired2011 – 2014

As the title suggests, this anime is about Hunters who are recruited to perform a variety of tasks ranging from treasure hunt to capturing criminals.

Gon is one such hunter who sets out on a journey to find his father who had left him alone long ago. In his journey, he comes across Leorio, Kurapika and Killua who all decide to accompany him while trying to fulfill their own goal.

1) Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Anime NameFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
MAL Rating9.10
Number of Episodes64
Genre(s)Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Aired2009 – 2010

In this anime, we follow the story of two brothers named Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric. They try to use alchemy and bring back their dead mother.

However, it leads to devastating consequences as owing to the law of equivalent exchange they lose their body parts. Now they need to find the Philosopher’s Stone in order to recover their original body and return back to normal.

This concludes our list of the top 25 best action anime to watch on Netflix. They are sure to keep you entertained throughout with their fast storyline and great fighting scenes. We will be back again with another top 25 list. Till then, stay tuned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Which country Netflix has the most anime?

Ans- US Netflix has the most anime.

Q2- Which is the best action anime on Netflix?

Ans- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the best action anime on Netflix.

Q3- Which is the best action-comedy anime on Netflix?

Ans- One Punch Man is the best action-comedy anime on Netflix.

Q4- Which is the best romance action anime on Netflix?

Ans- Inuyasha is the best romance action anime on Netflix.

Q5- Which is the best-dubbed action anime on Netflix?

Ans- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is the best-dubbed action anime on Netflix.

Q6- Which is the shortest action anime on Netflix?

Ans- Devilman Crybaby is the shortest action anime on Netflix.

Q7- Which is the longest action anime on Netflix?

Ans- One Piece is the longest action anime on Netflix.

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