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Blue Lock Chapter 224 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date (Isagi’s New Piece)

Blue Lock Chapter 224 should start on another high-stakes game, looking at how Snuffy is playing with everyone on the field now. Marc Snuffy is starting his second wave of attack along with Italy Ubers, and Isagi knows that Basterd Munchen can’t hold for much longer.

So, Isagi just tries to analyze Snuffy’s world-class through process and tactics. Snuffy passes the ball to Lorenzo who then passes to Drago. Meanwhile, Snuffy is slipping past the blind spots of BM’s defense.

Kaiser realizes that Snuffy is free and tries to steal the ball. But, Snuffy had once again out-read Kaiser, and kept the ball in play, with his amazing ball control and a high headbutt.

The ball now reaches Niko, but Noa is marking him since he is very close to the goal and Gagamaru. Niko still manages to pass the ball to Barou, but Isagi barely manages to clear the ball.

Now, it is a throw-in for Italy Ubers, and Isagi understands that they won’t last at this rate. Even with Noa and Kaiser, they still are being forced to stay on defense and are also barely hanging on.

Isagi keeps analyzing Snuffy’s plays and for a definite way to score, but he is unable to come up with an idea. Noel Noa asks him if it’s hard playing against Snuffy, and says that Snuffy incorporates Jujutsu in his plays.

Noa also accepts that he is the best striker in the world, but based on overall ability, Marc Snuffy is the best player in the world. Even Noa doesn’t have any clues on how to beat Snuffy and Italy Ubers now.

He thinks this is because Basterd is very disorganized as a team, and they can only wait for the three minutes to end. Isagi seems like he found a clue in Noa’s answer, and he thinks with this piece, he can surpass Snuffy. Isagi calls out to Raichi and asks if he is willing to die.

Blue Lock Chapter 224 Spoilers-Predictions

Blue Lock Chapter 224 Spoilers-Predictions

It seems that Raichi is Isagi’s new piece required to surpass Snuffy. Noa also said that Raichi is very crucial in this match, so it might mean that Raichi has some sort of ability to stop Italy Ubers’ fierce attacks.

But, based on the title of the chapter, it is looking like a goal for Ubers. Snuffy might have even predicted that Isagi was gonna use Raichi, and then even use that information in his favor.

Even if this is the first game Raichi has been in, there has been enough time for Snuffy to analyze Raichi’s abilities as a player. Snuffy could also use Lorenzo to easily get past Raichi and his defense.

We are still unsure of Isagi’s plans, and how he wants to use Raichi to stop Snuffy. Since the last couple of chapters, Barou has been coming close to scoring a goal, but Isagi and Kaiser have been successfully preventing it.

This time, the attack pattern can be a bit different, seeing how Barou couldn’t shoot for the second time. Snuffy and Italy Ubers will probably try to do something new, to throw off Basterd Munchen’s defenses and momentum even further.

Blue Lock Chapter 224 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 224 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 224 should release on 9th July. There seem to be no breaks for the manga, so the raw scans and spoilers should also release on the 7th or 8th of July, which is the normal release date for the spoilers.

The title of Chapter 224 is An Easy Job, and it might focus more on Snuffy and how he manages to finally score. Since Snuffy took to the soccer field, he didn’t use his abilities to score for himself and rather set up opportunities for his team.

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