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15 Best Female Anime Characters In Suits In 2023

Anime Characters are mostly defined due to their dressing style, and their unique appearances. Anime characters in suits have been running for a long time, and many characters look perfect with their suit on.

Especially, female anime characters in suits, look extremely cool, charming, and alluring. That’s why, today we will be talking about some of the best female anime characters in suits.

The ranking is done based on popularity and appearance, so look forward to reading the whole list.

15 Best Female Anime Characters In Suits

15) Shoko Nagisa

Shoko Nagisa

Anime Name: Healer Girl

She is a minor character, from the anime series Healer Girl. Shoko is one of the pharmacists, who was working at the Karasuma Voice Healing clinic. This clinic was specifically made to heal people, with the special singing voices of trained healers.

She is also a very friendly person and is known for treating all of her patients equally. Shoko also has her normal doctor attire, which is also a suit, and makes her look pretty charming.

14) Rose Aleon

Rose Aleon

Anime Name: Birdie Wing

Rose was one of the minor antagonists of the anime series, who gave a hard time to Eve, during their golf match. She was also a very famous underworld golfer, who was said to be better than most professional players.

Despite her age, she seemed extremely beautiful and fashionable, in her choice of suit. Sadly, she didn’t have much screen time, otherwise, she would have easily been a fan-favorite character.

13) Canary


Anime Name: HunterxHunter

Canary is one of the side characters in the series, who is one of the Butler of the Zoldyck family. She is tasked with driving away any intruders, who try to trespass in the Zoldyck property.

Canary is also shown as an extremely ruthless Butler who focuses on completing her tasks perfectly. She looks pretty good in her suit, which also perfectly fits her job description.

12) Haruka Tenou

Haruka Tenou

Anime Name: Sailor Moon

Haruka is one of the side characters, in the highly popular and critically acclaimed anime Sailor Moon. She looks so dashing and perfect in her suit attire, that people often confuse her to be a guy.

On top of this, her tall and slender looks, and her charming looks further enhance her appearance. She is more commonly known as Sailor Uranus and was extremely popular with the fanbase.

11) Ennis


Anime Name: Baccano

Ennis is an immortal Homunculi, who had been serving Slizard for decades. Initially, she was shown to be an emotionless and cold character, due to her homunculi nature.

However, she later understands the feeling of being a Human, when she devoured an alchemist who threatened Slizard. She also has a very young appearance, and short hair, which go pretty well with her suits.

Later, she was also able to find someone she loved and settled down with him.

10) Integra Hellsing

Integra Hellsing

Anime Name: Hellsing

Integra is the main character of the series, who is also a noblewoman, and the current master of the powerful vampire Alucard. She likes to work calmly, as she is also the Bureau Director of the Hellsing Organization.

She seems to like the color black, which is reflected in her suit and shoes. Adding her perfect fashion sense to her tall and slender body, we have one of the top 10 female anime characters in suits.

9) Balalaika


Anime Name: Black Lagoon

Balalaika is one of the most feared bosses of the Hotel Moscow’s Thai Branch. One look at her, and we can see why she is among the most feared characters in the series. Many people also refer to her as Fry-Face, due to her scars.

She is a tall and blonde woman, who generally wears a suit skirt. This is the perfect attire for her character design, which makes her more scary and intimidating. On top of all of this, she is also a very ruthless woman, who is a skilled strategist as well as an experienced fighter too.

8) Koko Hekmatyar

Koko Hekmatyar

Anime Name: Jormungand

Koko is the main character of the Jormungand series, who is also an arms dealer, who travels all around the world with her bodyguards, conducting business anywhere possible.

For most of the series, she usually dresses in business suits, which further increases her cool and charming nature. She is also a very chirpy and happy-go-lucky character, who always throws childish tantrums.

But, she is also known to act serious, depending on the situation. Koko is also very ruthless and determined and is also known to be a powerful fighter.

7) Chain Sumeragi

Chain Sumeragi

Anime Name: Blood Blockade Battlefront

Chain Sumeragi is a side character in the series, who is a werewolf, and part of the Werewolf bureau, who was assigned to Libra. She is also one of the most powerful characters in the series and generally hides her real power.

Most of the time in the series, she is a very carefree woman, who also has a lot of childish tendencies too. Chain also has a lot of comedic moments with Zed, due to this. She always wears a black suit, which shows her hot and mature body.

6) Misaki Kirihara

Misaki Kirihara

Anime Name: Darker Than Black

Misaki is one of the Police officers in Tokyo, who was investigating the Contractors, during her time at the Public Safety Bureau. She became a policewoman because she wanted to protect the weaker sections of society.

Her work uniform is a typical suit, which also gives her a more intimidating look. Judging by her looks, she is also a very serious character, when it comes to her sense of justice and job.

She is also criticized by some of the other characters, for working too hard, on specific things.

5) Yelena


Anime Name: Attack on Titan

Yelena is the leader of the Anti-Marleyans volunteers, who was working under Zeke Yeager. She was a very cool and serious character, who had admired the work and efforts of Zeke greatly.

Initially, she used to wear her formal military suit, but later she changed to her black suit. Her second outfit suited her way better than her military outfit. This makes Yelena a perfect fit, for this list of the best anime characters in suits.

4) Akane Tsunemori

Akane Tsunemori

Anime Name: Psycho-Pass

Akane is the main character of Psycho-Pass Seasons 1,2 and a few other movies. She was the Inspector for the Public Safety Bureau department, which was tasked with protecting innocent civilians from criminals.

Her normal work outfit is a dark-grey suit which fits her androgynous features perfectly. Even though she is a shy character, she is known to always express her opinions strongly.

3) Narumi Momose

Narumi Momose

Anime Name: Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Narumi is the main female lead of the rom-com series Wotakoi. The best part about her is that her work outfit perfectly fits her hair color and her appearance. For most of the series, we see her in a pink blazer.

Narumi is also a very cute and short woman and has many wholesome and cute moments throughout the series. She also tries to be considerate of other people and always keeps checking on them.

She can also be pretty clumsy at times, but it further adds to her cute nature.

2) Kasumi Miwa

Kasumi Miwa

Anime Name: Jujutsu Kaisen

Kasumi Miwa was one of the side characters in the series and was a second-year student at Kyoto Jujutsu High. She is a very hard-working and kind-hearted girl, who always cares for others.

But, she has low self-esteem and keeps calling herself useless and worthless, throughout the series. Miwa also has pretty good looks, and her suit manages to look more cuter and lively.

1) Makima


Anime Name: Chainsaw Man

Moving on to our best anime character in a suit, we have Makima from the Chainsaw Man series. She was one of the side characters in the series and was a very high-ranking Public Safety Devil-Hunter.

Most of the time we see her with a long-sleeved shirt, but she also wears her suit from time to time. Makima is also the hottest character in the series. This is mostly due to her hot looks, and her outfit enhancing her body.

This is the end of our article on the best female anime characters with suits. Make sure to check some of our other articles here, till we come up with more new and interesting ideas.

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