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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 82 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Leonidas and Geirolul)

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 82 puts us on the track with another exciting match-up. There were always a few words passed down the Greek land, which said to not mess with the Sparta if you wish to live.

This was proved during the Battle of Platea and the Battle of Thermopylae. The flashback ends, and we see the continuation of this match. The Spartans are angry that Apollo is looking down on them.

Even the Gods are angry with Apollo’s foolish decision to play around with Leonidas. Ares thinks that Apollo is a clown, but Zeus explains that Apollo has been like this for a long time.

He also said this was his source of strength and why he became unbeatable. Zeus keeps praising him and asks them to see his strongest and highest battle mode.

Hermes says that Apollo has yet to shine this much since Gigantomachia. Goll is also angry about this, but Brunhilde reassures her that Geirolul won’t take this humiliation.

Geirolul is also very angry, and Leonidas says he will make Apollo grovel. Leonidas’s weapon now changes into a hammer, and he has a confident look. He attacks with his Phalanx Nemesis God Breaking Hammer move, which also shatters the arena.

But Apollo avoids this and punches Leonidas. He hits once more strongly and targets it at Leonidas’s stomach. Leonidas tries to attack, but Apollo’s kick counters it.

Leonidas tries to attack again, but Apollo’s Thread of Artemis seals his movements. He said he couldn’t notice this and used his left hand to strike. But Apollo pulls him closer and punches him in the face.

When Leonidas falls, Apollo uses his strings to reinforce his hand and directly hits Leonidas. Leonidas falls unconscious, and Brunhilde says that this is when Spartans shine.

Leonidas uses Apollo’s threads against himself and pulls Apollo to head-butt him. When Apollo’s hold of his thread weakens, he uses his hammer to land a direct hit on Apollo.

Apollo is sent flying over the arena and lands in a groveling position.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 82 Spoilers & Predictions

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 82 Spoilers & Predictions

This has to be a deadly attack by Leonidas, and Apollo will take considerable damage. This chapter was only the start of showcasing Leonidas’s strengths and Geirolul’s abilities.

It seems that Geirolul also has a similar ability to Apollo’s threads and can change into any weapon the wielder wants. Leonidas has a huge advantage now, as he can focus on both attack and defense.

But Leonidas is also severely damaged by Apollo’s punches in the last few chapters. Apollo will probably change his stance now and stop fooling around. We might get a backstory of him in the next chapter about his rise to a God.

We might also see his threads forming into his signature Silver bow and arrow weapon. This weapon would give him more advantage in long-range battles, and Apollo could focus on strengthening his armor.

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 82 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 82 Release Date

These are only Record of Ragnarok fan translations, and the official release of chapter 81 will be on the 13th or 14th of September. Record of Ragnarok Chapter 82 unofficial translations will be released around September 27 if there are no breaks. 

The raw scans and spoilers will be released on September 25. The fight keeps getting interesting since Leonidas took revenge for his humiliation. We must wait until the 25th to see Apollo’s answers to Leonidas’s attacks. 

So far, these are all of our prediction theories for Record of Ragnarok Chapter 82. Check some of our other exciting and similar content over here. 

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