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Sarada and Mitsuki: Power Development After Time Skip In Boruto

Sarada and Mitsuki have become very popular since the ending of the Boruto manga series. Their characters will also play a significant role in the upcoming chapters of Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga.

And, ever since Eida used her Divine Powers, these characters took way different routes than we expected. One wants to save Boruto, and the other wants to kill Boruto. This choice will also alter how they will shape their power development.

Watching these characters’ journeys as they go through different emotions and situations will also be interesting.

But how did their power level and abilities change since the four-year time skip? At the start of Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga, we learn that four years have already passed since the incidents of Boruto Chapter 80.

So, today, we will discuss their power level and character development throughout these four years. Fans of these characters, make sure to read this article until the end to know about all the hidden details regarding Sarada and Mitsuri.

Sarada and Mitsuki: Development of Sarada

Development of Sarada

First of all, we will talk about Sarada Uchiha. She gets a complete appearance change in the series and gives the vibe of a strong and stubborn girl. She still tries to reason with Shikamaru, the Hokage, regarding Boruto’s situation.

We also know that she is a highly talented Shinobi, thanks to her Uchiha lineage. She also has access to special Ninjutsu and Genjutsu techniques, which are only known by members of the Uchiha clan.

Sarada could also use Sharingan starting from a very young age. She also has some of the best training scores of all the other people recorded in her batch. On top of this, she also showed proficiency in many Ninjutsu arts.

As if this wasn’t the end, she also inherited Sasuke’s elemental release techniques and could use them in battle effectively. Learning all this about her makes us think she will become a great ninja after the time skip.

But it is different over here. Day after day, she tries to prove Boruto’s innocence to Shikamaru and others, but to no avail. Shikamaru also thinks she might not be more than a Genin if she continues on the same path.

Her talents will be wasted if she keeps doing this. Even if she knows that Eida’s spell and charm are hard to crack, she still tries to find ways to negate it. But, she has not even made a breakthrough on how to break Eida’s charming ability or reverse her Divine power.

This situation proves her resilience and will to never give up, even in such cases. We can see that all of her base attributes have gone up further since the time skip. Due to her continuous training routine, most of her other ninjutsu and elemental release techniques should also become stronger.

And finally, she can now use more advanced techniques and abilities of the Uchiha clan. It also looked like she had improved her physical prowess, reflexes, and Taijutsu-related skills.

Her use of Sharingan and Mangekyo Sharingan has improved since she last used them. She would at least become this much stronger to help Boruto. Other than this, we cannot comment on her different specific abilities. We don’t know precisely how her abilities changed because we haven’t seen her in action.

Sarada and Mitsuki: Development of Mitsuki

Development of Mitsuki

Mitsuki probably got the most character development ever since the events of the Boruto switching places with Kawaki. He was a member of team 7, along with Sarada and Boruto.

Even if he was the son of Orochimaru, his team members warmly received him and some of the other people in Konoha village. Slowly, he also got used to the lifestyle in Konoha.

He has enormous chakra and could quickly achieve Sage mode with this. But his best attribute is his Taijutsu, which he flawlessly executes in all his battles, along with his unique movements.

Like Orochimaru, he slithers like a snake and can easily escape his opponent’s attacks. He can also summon snakes, elongate his arms, and use them as weapons.

Mitsuri is naturally intelligent and can also access the Sage mode subconsciously, thanks to his abnormally high chakra levels. Even if he trained with Boruto, he believed that Boruto killed Naruto after Eida’s spell.

This revenge led him to a different path than the one Sarada took. As soon as he understood that Boruto tried to kill Kawaki and was the reason behind Naruto’s disappearance, he was ready to hunt and kill Boruto.

All it took was a couple of pieces of false information that changed what Mitsuri thought of Boruto. Ever since that incident, he has been training his body and his mind to take revenge on Boruto.

From having a cute and lovely face, he now has a sad and depressed face, which only looks like it craves revenge. Even in the recent chapter, Kawaki pointed out how high his bloodthirst was when it came to Boruto.

Four years after that incident, Mitsuki still hasn’t noticed the flaws during what happened. He is still training and searching for Boruto so that he can kill him with his own two hands.

On top of this, his affection and respect for Boruto is now devoted to Kawaki. He wants to protect Kawaki, at any cost, from the threat of Boruto. He had followed Kawaki almost everywhere these last few years.

Now that Boruto’s chakra had been located inside Konoha, Mitsuri would be the first to reach his location. It is because he wants to kill Boruto and settle the score once and for all.

Mitsuki vs. Boruto now would be an epic fight, as we did not see this the previous time. We might also see a team-up battle of Naruto, Sarada, Kawaki, and Mitsuri.

In the first chapter, these are all the power and character developments Sarada and Mitsure have undergone so far. Check some of our other articles here while we update the information in this article when more chapters are released.

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