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Zom 100 Chapter 62 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Akira’s Worries)

Zom 100 Chapter 62 will be another wholesome read, given the incidents of this chapter. The chapter starts with Shizuka, Kenichirou, and Akira shopping in a supermarket. As always, they detect zombies and run away with their supplies.

Akira and the group have some funny moments before something suddenly strikes Akira. He says that we have been playing around a lot and forgot that their priority is the vaccine.

Akira is worried about Shizuka, and she thinks that she could have led a normal life if not for the zombies. Then, Beatrix talks about her past and her mother. Beatrix’s mother went to the city for a job at a small boutique.

Although she did become popular and was offered bigger jobs, she soon moved into the village. Her mother beautifully describes the meaning of happiness, which leaves Akira speechless.

Akira understood the true meaning behind happiness and thanked Beatrix for her advice. Later that night, Akira meets with Shizuka, and they both have some wholesome moments.

They light up the fireworks which Shizuka brought, and Akira strikes off Pursuing happiness from his bucket list.

Zom 100 Chapter 62 Spoilers & Predictions

Zom 100 Chapter 62 Spoilers & Predictions

This will be a wholesome chapter, and the group are also discussing their future plans. As of now, they plan on heading to Kagoshima and they are thinking of the next place to visit in that area.

They might be also going to Yakushima and Okinawa, to complete things on their bucket list. Now that Akira is back to being his usual self, we can expect all of them to start their journey soon.

Akira is also getting his priorities straight, after listening to what Beatrix had to say. Izuna and Takeru are also back, after completing their scare dare from the previous chapters.

Although we didn’t see them much around this chapter, they are back to being their usual self even after the incidents of the scare dare. The group has also travelled far from that location, and are busy chilling somewhere else.

All of them are enjoying the travel on the cruise ship, although they are having some difficulties with catching fish. Next chapter will probably be the start of a new arc in Zom 100, so make sure to attend next month’s chapter.

Zom 100 Chapter 62 Release Date

Zom 100 Chapter 62 Release Date

Zom 100 Chapter 62 will be released on January 18th, and there are no breaks for this manga as of now. The next chapter might also begin a new and small arc where the group will set off for Kagoshima.

We are still determining if the raw scans for the chapter will be released earlier or not. Once they get released, we will make sure to update the raw scans and spoilers in this article.

These are all of the predictions we have on Zom 100 Chapter 62 as of now. For similar and unique articles, check out some of our other articles down here.

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