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Blue Lock Chapter 228 Spoilers & Raw Scans(Barou Scores)

Last updated on August 7th, 2023 at 01:57 pm

Blue Lock Chapter 228 holds some good news for Barou fans and fans of this match. The match between Italy Ubers and Basterd Munchen has only started getting interesting.

In the last chapter, we saw that Barou had completely controlled the Italy Ubers team. He wanted to surpass Isagi, so he tried using his strategies instead of Snuffy’s usual strategies.

Blue Lock Chapter 228 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Blue Lock Chapter 228 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Barou had finally managed to score another goal, living up to his name. He also further proved that he needs more despair to thrive and also showed us why he is called one of the best strikers in Blue Lock. 

  • The chapter starts with a monologue of Isagi as he tries to predict Barou’s shot. 
  • He talks about the two near and far patterns of Barou. 
  • He also noticed that Gagamaru can now block the ball if he sees the timing of the shot. 
  • Isagi thinks that he needs to stop the far-side shoot now. 
  • Since Kaiser is already there, he can cover for the near side
  • This way, Barou won’t have a pattern where he can shoot freely. 
  • But, Barou does not shoot and does a cut-in instead. 
  • Snuffy tries provoking Barou and asks why isn’t he shooting yet. 
  • He asks Barou to pass the ball to him so Snuffy can handle the rest. 
  • Barou talks about his experience in Blue Lock and shows how he learned some truths the hard way. 
  • Suddenly, Isagi also noticed that this wasn’t a cut-in motion but a different movement
  • Barou says that he can still become the King, even if he is a brat. 
  • He adds that he doesn’t want to love for a predetermined future, referring to Snuffy’s tactics. 
  • Barou also continues to say the same words as Snuffy’s friend said. 
  • He kicks the ball, and this time it’s a different shot. 
  • Barou tries to copy Kaiser, and the shot goes from between Isagi’s legs
  • Isagi also analyzes that Barou had aimed for a position impossible to predict. 
  • At the moment, Kaiser and Isagi were in a straight line, so the ball passed from under their legs. 
  • Isagi also names this an impossible-to-predict double pocket shot
  • Further, Gagamaru couldn’t see the timing of this shot. 
  • Aiku says this wasn’t a design but a gamble shot
  • Barou says this is his future, and Snuffy and Noa are shocked. 
  • He successfully scores a goal, which puts the match in a tie with a 2-2 score.

Blue Lock Chapter 228 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 228 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 228 will release on the 6th of August. Since the raw scans and full spoilers are here, the chapter also will release early on the 6th. However, Blue Lock will be on a break for Chapter 229.

Chapter 229 will be delayed by a week due to holidays, which puts the release date for the chapter on 23rd August. So, the raw scans and spoilers for the chapter might be released anytime between the 18th and 20th.

We shall conclude our spoiler article on Blue Lock Chapter 228. Make sure to check some of our other Blue Lock articles here.

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