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Blue Lock Chapter 229 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date (Break Next Week)

Last updated on August 20th, 2023 at 12:07 am

Blue Lock Chapter 229 has fans excited now for the result of this match. Isagi analyzes Barou’s options and sees that Barou only has two options to score from. Both of those are shoot near post or shoot far post.

He also notices that Gagamaru is waiting for the shot timing to stop it. Kaiser is also here, and Isagi decides which direction to block. Isagi is blocking the far post-shoot, and Kaiser will be blocking the near post-shoot.

This way, Barou’s shot will be blocked again. Isagi thinks that he can crush Barou in this situation. But, Barou goes for a cut-in rather than going for a shoot. Marc Snuffy asks for him to shoot and asks him why he is still waiting.

He further asks Barou to pass to him so that he can score. But, Barou says that he needs a thorny path of destruction to walk if he wants to become the Best Striker in the world.

He also talks about making that path right here. Isagi now realizes that Barou didn’t do a cut-in, but it was a first touch for his shot. Before Isagi understands where he shoots from, Barou shoots from exactly between his legs.

Barou aimed for where Isagi and Kaiser overlapped, and the shot went cleanly through. Gagamaru also says that he cannot stop the shot now. Aiku also says that this is a total gamble shot.

Barou also asks for the adults to move out of his way. So, Snuffy blocks Noa and lets the ball pass in its original route. With this, he finally scores and manages to tie the score at 2-2.

Blue Lock Chapter 229 Spoilers-Prediction

Blue Lock Chapter 229 Spoilers & Predictions

Barou is on a roll now, surpassing Isagi’s meta-vision and thoughts with his goal. Anyone can win this match, as both sides need only one goal to win.

Based on the next chapter’s title, the Isagi x Hiori combo might be time. It might be Hiori’s time to shine after he said he could see the perfect future that Isagi envisioned.

It implies that the star change system may end as soon as the next chapter. The substitution has many pros and cons for both of the teams. Italy Ubers might work even cohesively and better with Barou after he scored.

Isagi also would have better attack options now with Hiori. But, he could be stopped by Aiku, who also uses his meta vision at 100% efficiency. Isagi should consider all of these inputs if he wants to be the star of this match.

Blue Lock Chapter 229 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 229 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 229 should be released on 20th August. The magazine will be on a break the following week, which delays the chapter release date. The title of Chapter 229 is Underdog.

So, raw scans and full spoilers should start releasing from 18th August. Check our article again after we have updated the full spoilers & raw scans.

This is everything about our prediction theories for Blue Lock Chapter 229. Do check some of our other interesting and similar fun articles over here.

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