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Blue Lock Chapter 230 Spoilers & Raw Scans (Hiori and Isagi)

Blue Lock Chapter 230 will get even better when the match is final. Barou had reignited Snuffy’s passion with his goal and tied the score.

Snuffy is also considering withdrawing his retirement now and remembering his dreams and goals. This will change how Snuffy plays and manages the team in the rest of this arc.

Blue Lock Chapter 230 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Blue Lock Chapter 230 Spoilers & Raw Scans

This chapter focuses on Isagi’s thoughts and how he will create a goal-scoring opportunity now. The long-teased Isagi x Hiori is also here, and now this match might end sooner than we expected. 

  • The announcer talks about the sequence of these events. 
  • Italy Ubers are rejoicing, and we see Isagi has been getting frustrated. 
  • Isagi understands that he has been beaten by Barou now and was completely devoured. 
  • Raichi said it was his mistake as he needed help to man-mark Snuffy perfectly. 
  • However, Isagi says that he couldn’t read the game well. 
  • When Isagi thinks he can’t beat Kaiser and Snuffy, the star-change system is completed. 
  • Sendou is back to substitute for Ubers, and Kurona is looking injured. 
  • Noa asks Kiyora Jin to go in, but Isagi rejects this idea. 
  • Isagi says that he needs a game-changer now so that he can score. 
  • He asks for Noa to substitute for Yo Hiori
  • Isagi explains why Hiori would be a good match along with him, and we see Hiori doing the same, too. 
  • He said that he would be Isagi’s shadow now and would make a chance for him to score. 
  • Hiori remembers everything that happened when his parents were with him. 
  • He understands that Isagi is expecting something from him, and he cannot betray Isagi’s expectations. 
  • Hiori is ready to support Isagi now and get on the field entirely. 
  • Noa also says that since this isn’t a rational decision, they will be out of regulars if this fails now. 
  • But they are still confident enough that they will be able to win this match. 
  • The chapter ends after that; we see both combos being teased. 
  • After this tease, we can expect Italy Ubers to get shafted again to show the strength of this combo. 
  • Isagi will surely score a goal since he now has all the missing pieces. 
  • Since we know that Isagi will not be dropped out of the regulars for the PxG match
  • This also spoils us regarding the outcome of this match, which will also increase his stats and level. 

Blue Lock Chapter 230 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 230 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 230 is all set to release on August 27. The next chapter’s title is Dive in Blue, which hints at the long-hyped combination of Isagi and Hiori finally showing up.

The raw scans and spoilers for the next chapter will be released on the 1st or 2nd of September. These spoilers should give us more insight on how this combination will play out in their match against Italy Ubers.

These are all of the spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 230. Check some of our exciting articles while we develop more interesting ideas.

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