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Blue Lock Chapter 250 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Bastard Munchen vs. PxG)

Blue Lock Chapter 250 will be even more hype since the most awaited match of Bastard Munchen vs. PxG is here. PxG changed their strategies and started the match with Rin and Shidou. 

The match starts with an intense battle between Shidou and Kaiser. But Kaiser manages to evade Shidou with his dribbling skills and passes the ball to Ness. Kaiser also uses his extraordinary off-the-ball movements to give Shidou the slip. 

Ness passed the ball back to Kaiser, but Karasu intercepted the ball. Before Karasu could pass the ball, Kunigami kicked the ball. Zantetsu and Raichi are sprinting towards the ball. 

They both manage to strike the ball, and we see Hiori marking Tokimitsu elsewhere in the arena. Hiori tries to intercept Nanase, but the latter successfully passes the ball to Rin. 

Just before Rin could touch the ball, Isagi cleared it with a header. The match is already up to a very interesting start, with many possible combos and battles forming on the soccer field. 

Blue Lock Chapter 250 Spoilers & Predictions

Blue Lock Chapter 250 Spoilers & Predictions

The match started at a very fast pace, as we saw many different battles across both teams. No one on either team is making mistakes and is trying their best to score a goal first. 

It seems that Shidou vs. Kaiser will be the first fight, as their battle had started the match. Although Kaiser did outplay Shidou initially, he had to use Ness to give him the slip. 

It would be interesting to see how Shidou would fight with Kaiser next, knowing that Kaiser could always have the advantage. Charles will likely step up his game, as he wasn’t in any of these battles. 

Charles was initially the one who supported both Rin and Shidou in their ways. Even in this match, he will be the key player in linking Rin and Shidou’s plays to score goals for his team. 

He will fight with Rin and Shidou the next time either gains possession of the ball. Karasu, Nanase, and Aoshi have been doing their parts well in this match. 

We are truly waiting for the fight between the new Kunigami and Shidou. Kunigami got the spotlight in only a few matches, and we could expect a good performance in this revenge match of his.  

Blue Lock Chapter 250 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 250 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 250 will be released on 4th February. No weekly breaks are scheduled now, and we can follow this hype match every week. The match is only getting started, and we can only predict something about the winners and best players. 

Chapter 250 is also titled The Unknown, increasing our expectations as we cannot expect what’s coming next. The raw scans and spoilers will be released on 2nd February. Check out our article later after we have updated the spoilers. 

These are all the prediction theories we have about Blue Lock Chapter 250. Check out some of our other Blue Lock content and related articles below.   

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