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Blue Lock Chapter 253 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(PxG’s First Goal)

Last updated on February 25th, 2024 at 07:27 am

Blue Lock Chapter 253 disadvantages Basterd Munchen as PxG takes the lead. The chapter starts with Hiori blocking Rin’s goal; it can be anyone’s ball right now.

Isagi understands that Hiori had played perfectly and blocked Rin’s shot after considering that he would lose against Rin. Isagi also thinks that everyone from his team has been playing at their 100%, which makes this match more interesting.

Karasu steals the ball right as Ness tries to get it. Karasu and Hiori get into a heated battle, and Ness also joins the battle so that he can steal the ball.

However, Karasu has different plans as he has read Hiori’s plays. He does a back pass to Charles, and Loki also applauds Karasu for his decision-making skills. Isagi understood that they were too focused and didn’t notice him.

But, he also predicts that Charles won’t shoot but will rather pass to someone. He predicts it will be a pass to Rin and blocks him. But the ball swerves at the last moment, and Shidou is there to receive this pass.

Isagi notices Shidou isn’t looking at the pass, and both Charles and Shidou are surprised that this pass was a success. After some quick thinking, Isagi understood they did the same thing as Hiori and himself.

Shidou scored a goal with an unbelievable header, and Isagi understands one of the key aspects of winning this match.

Blue Lock Chapter 253 Spoilers & Predictions

Blue Lock Chapter 253 Spoilers & Predictions

PxG has gained a lead with a successful combo from Charles and Shidou. They outsmarted everyone on the opposing team and made an extraordinary play.

Now, Basterd Munchen will have the ball. Kaiser and Ness would initiate the attack again, with Isagi, Hiori and Kunigami watching from the sidelines to watch PxG’s plays.

Kaiser and Ness would try to break through PxG’s defences, but PxG might adapt their plays to effectively stop the combo of Kaiser and Ness. This would give more options for other players to shine in this match.

Depending on that, they could choose to defend or steal the ball. Hiori and Isagi now have to show something unique to fool Charles, Rin and the rest of the PxG team.

Still, we have yet to see the full extent of Charles’ defensive abilities and PxG. Basterd Munchen must now play with fresh ideas and better teamwork if they want to be the best PxG.

Blue Lock Chapter 253 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 253 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 253 should be released on February 28th, considering no breaks this week. The chapter’s release is delayed because we won’t get fan translations.

This also delays the raw scans and spoilers, which will be released on Monday, 26th February. The next chapter should show us something different from Basterd Munchen if they want to win this match.

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