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Everything We Know About Round 10 In Record of Ragnarok

Now that the Round 9 fight has concluded, fans eagerly await more news about the next Round 10. There have been many speculations and predictions for the contestants of Round 10 in Record of Ragnarok. 

Round 9 had a satisfying conclusion, with Apollo and Leonidas respecting each other. Apollo was just a better fighter overall, and he used many of his abilities to overpower Leonidas and finally ended up winning the match. 

This puts Humanity in a very unfavorable situation, and the Gods are overjoyed with this victory. With this, the Gods are leading this tournament, scoring 5-4. They would also want to keep up with a leading score and keep sending strong fighters in the next Round. 

So, Brunhilde would adapt to their strategies and send a powerful Human contestant. With all that’s said, let’s talk about all the possible combinations of fights for the Round 10 in Record of Ragnarok manga. 

Human Contestants for Round 10 In Record of Ragnarok

First, let’s talk about the possible human contestants Brunhilde will choose. There have already been many rumors and leaks about the next candidate. These specific leaks state that the next human contestant will have watched all the rounds. 

This information narrows our list of candidates to only two possible choices. So, we will first talk about the potential Human contestants who can appear in Round 10. 

1) Soji Okita

Soji Okita

We know that Soji Okita had appeared since the fourth Round and had been watching all the Rounds since then. He also had a rivalry with Loki and had fought for him until Zeus and Odin stopped them. 

This special rivalry of his could be explored in Round 10, which would also be a fated battle for both of them. Okita had been closely observing all of these matches and understood that he should fight soon in this tournament. 

Apart from this, there is nothing more to talk about Okita. We know he is a master swordsman and one of the strongest fighters in Shinsengumi. He was also a child prodigy and had reached his peak age earlier than others. 

Okita could also understand the principles behind the special moves of some of the Gods and Humans very easily. This further proves why he was selected for the Ragnarok tournament instead of Shinsengumi’s Commander, Isami Kondo. 

2) Michel Nostradamus

Michel Nostradamus

The next possible fighter for Humanity could be Nostradamus. But he might not appear till the final Round in the Record of Ragnarok tournament. He had been hyped up for his abilities, power, and deeds as a human. 

Brundhilde also called him a wild card, and he was also constantly watching over all of the other rounds. He was the only human to be cast in Helheim when he had almost destroyed the Bifrost, which had angered Odin. 

These points mean we could potentially battle Odin in the 13th Round. Brundhilde also mentioned that he could have escaped Helheim and killed the guards with his power whenever he wanted to. 

God Candidates for Round 10 In Record of Ragnarok

1) Loki


First and foremost, we can expect Loki to be the Gods Contestant in Round 10 if Okita were to be the human side fighter. It had been a long time since we saw the Norse Gods in action, and Loki could perfectly fill in the spot while teasing more about Odin’s power. 

He is very intelligent and would give a hard time for the human contestants. Loki’s usual weapons are his dual-chained hooks, which he can summon. Using these weapons, he could also clash with Okita for a short duration.

2)Susano’o No Mikoto

The next plausible fighter for the Gods could be Susano’o No Mikoto, from the Shinto Pantheon. One of the other Gods in this Pantheon was Bishamonten, the fighter for Round 6 of Ragnarok. 

We know nothing about this God except from his Pantheon. All we know is that he was on the list of contestants from God’s side. Apart from this, we do not even have a single photo of this specific God. 

Susano’o No Mikoto has yet to appear in the manga series so far. 

Possible Combinations for Round 10 

Possible Combinations for Round 10

  1. Okita vs Loki
  2. Okita vs Susano’o No Mikoto
  3. Simo Hayha vs Loki
  4. Grigori Rasputin vs Anubis 
  5. Okita vs Anubis
  6. Simo Hayha vs Susano’o No Mikoto

Here, the last three fights are unlikely because we don’t know much about both of these fighters. We do not know if they have been watching all of the previous rounds or not. Even if we do have Simo Hayha’s design, he has yet to make an official appearance in the manga. 

We might see them in any future Rounds, but based on our knowledge, some of these fights are highly impossible for Round 10.

Regardless, we can expect a good fight from both Humans and Gods. We can expect the Human contestant to win since the Gods have won twice in a row already. In all of the previous rounds, we noticed this trend. If the Gods win two rounds, Humanity wins the next round or vice-versa.

As for the official spoilers for Round 10, we might have to wait until November 24th or maybe December 24th. If next month’s chapter will be about Siegfried, we will have to wait till December to know about the contestants in Round 10.  

Fan and Spoiler Theories for Record of Ragnarok’s Future

Fan and Spoiler Theories for Record of Ragnarok's Future

Now, let us talk about some of the most popular fan theories for the other rounds of Record of Ragnarok. First, the most popular theory for Round 10 is that the Human contestant will win and tie the score at 5-5.

Gods would also want to capitalize on their lead, and Brundhilde wouldn’t step down from this competition. After the Round 10, we can expect Simo Hayha or Grigori Rasputin to fight in the Round 11.

Simo Hayha vs. Susano’o No Mikoto or Grigori Rasputin vs. Anubis are some expected matchups for Round 11. If Simo Hayha goes first, Grigori Rasputin will probably face off against Anubis in the Round 12.

Coming to Round 13, it is heavily speculated that the Odin vs Nostradamus fight will happen in Round 13. This is one of the most hyped fights, and we would love to see what both contestants can do.

There is also another popular theory that this Round would end in a tie, and there would be a special Round 14 to settle the score once and for all. Fans have suspected this might be possible since there is also an extra Human Fighter.

The possible fighters for Round 14 could be Sakata Kintoki vs Seigfried. It is expected that Sakata Kintoki would win this fight, giving Humanity the chance to live. Check out some of our other Record of Ragnarok articles for similar theories here.  

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