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Top 15 Hottest Female Manhwa Characters Of All Time (Ultimate Waifu List) | 2023

Manhwa has always been a medium where we have seen many stunning and hot male as well as female characters. The character designs are out of the park, for some of the most beautiful characters in Manhwa.

And like that, we will be looking at the hottest female manhwa character of all time. Many of these characters have become fan favorites, due to their beauty and appearance alone.

With all that’s said, let’s straight up get to the ranking of the top 15 hottest female manhwa characters of all time.

Top 15 Hottest Female Manhwa Characters

15) Cha Hae-In

Cha Hae-In

ManhwaSolo Leveling
Relationship StatusSung Jin Woo(Spouse)

Cha Hae-In is the definition of beauty with brawns which we look for in a character. The best part is that she is easily embarrassed, which goes on to show how cute and gorgeous she is.

Also, her eyes keep glowing when she uses her ability, which further enhances her cute and hot demeanor. Cha Hae-In also has hot looks and attitude, on top of her pretty looks.

14) Jiyoung Yoo

Jiyoung Yoo

Relationship StatusSingle

Along with being one of the most powerful characters in the series, she is also the most beautiful and hottest character in the series too. Jiyoung is short and slender beauty, which further enhances her looks.

The best part about her, she is almost devoid of emotions, barring for a few moments. And whenever we see her blushing face, it makes us fall for her, all the more.

13) Hayan Park

Hayan Park

ManhwaUnholy Blood
Relationship StatusEuntae Hwang(Fiance)

Hayan Park is the main character of the series Unholy Blood and is probably the best-looking character out of the whole series too. The best part about Hayan Park is that she has two different appearances.

She looks pretty weak and cheerful and like a normal hot woman in her human form. However, in her vampire look, her looks greatly change, and she looks just like a badass hot woman character.

12) Huijin Park

Huijin Park

ManhwaJungle Juice
Relationship StatusSuchan Jang(Crush)

Huijin Park became the talk of the town, with just her debut chapter in this manhwa series. This is all due to her sexy looks, voluptuous body, and big breasts. It’s not an exaggeration to say that she has the perfect desired body for a woman.

She slays her appearance, in whatever dress she chooses. Huijin also has many pink highlights throughout her design, which also makes her look adorable, on top of her sexy appearance.

11) Tao Ling Wan

Tao Ling Wan

ManhwaMartial Peak
Relationship StatusYang Kai(Spouse)

Martial Peak manhwa holds host to many beautiful and hot female characters, but Tao Ling Wan has the most striking appearance of all of them. But, this is nothing compared to her hot and sexy figure in the novel.

She is a very shy and innocent-like character, and we also get to see many wholesome moments of her throughout the series. Aside from this, her clothing also reveals her large bust, which shows why she is in this list of the hottest female manhwa characters.

10) Ahrah Yoonseul

Ahrah Yoonseul

ManhwaPerfect Half
Relationship StatusN/A

Yet another manhwa, which has many hot and sexy female characters, Perfect Half takes it up a step more with its themes and its story. This manhwa is practically ecchi, as you can get to see many hot women uncensored in this manhwa.

And of course, Ahrah Yoonseul is the hottest and the best woman out of them. Having a sizeable bust and the perfect figure, she has killer looks that would make anyone fall for her. Ahrah is also the most charming and hot beauty in the series so far.

9) Eunah Hong

Eunah Hong

ManhwaReturning Girlfriend
Relationship StatusN/A

Yet another ecchi manhwa, this is also an uncensored manhwa, which lets us look at the hottest character in the series Eunah Hong in her full glory. Apart from her hot body, she is also pretty charming too.

Although she can be a bit clumsy at times, this all adds to her sweet and sexy nature. For most of the series, she keeps flaunting her sexy body, with all of her outfits and her intimate scenes.

8) Myst


Relationship StatusGaram(Lover)

Starting from the first chapter itself, we are captivated by Myst’s alluring nature, and her sheer beauty. She has one of the most gorgeous designs for a female character, out of everyone on this list.

Myst is also a kind of water creature, which further enhances her beauty. She has many cute moments in the series, which further proves why she is hot enough, to make it in this list.

7) Jong Eun Ah

Jong Eun Ah

ManhwaSecret Class
Relationship StatusYeong Gu(Married)

Coming from yet another uncensored ecchi manhwa series, Jong Eun Ah is undoubtedly the hottest female character in Secret Class. Right off the bat from the first chapter, we get to see her true beauty.

She even has a huge bust, which further adds points to her sexy and hot looks. And all of her outfits, also show off her curvaceous body. She is also a very sweet and lovable character in the Manhwa.

6) Ma Bora

Ma Bora

ManhwaGod of High School
Relationship StatusHan Daewi(Crush)

Couting in Ma Bora’s huge bust, and her curvy body, we have one of the hottest characters in the God of High School Manhwa. She initially has a crush on Han Daewi but doesn’t pursue it much, later in the series.

And her yellow jumpsuit which reveals her stacked body and bust, makes her look even more sexy. Although she does have a pretty childish attitude, her hot looks give her a rather mature aura.

5) Diana


ManhwaWho Made Me a Princess
Relationship StatusClaude De Alger Obelia(Lover)

Diana was the most stunning beauty, in this manhwa series. Looking at her, we could say how glamorous and hot she looks. Other characters have even compared her looks to being like a fairy.

Along with her striking and wondrous appearance, she also has a curvaceous figure, which easily puts her in this list of hottest female manhwa characters.

4) Roselin Skadia II

Roselin Skadia II

ManhwaMy Master, the Wolf Queen
Relationship StatusKang Joon(Spouse)

Just how royally she looks, she is also the powerful empress of a nation called Skaden. Along with having the whole royal look and aura around, we can also see that she looks pretty hot.

She is also greatly feared on the battlefield, and by her people, due to her cruelty and tactical decision during wars. Still, she managed to capture the hearts of many fans of the series, due to her simply being hot.

3) Uma


ManhwaGod of Highschool
Relationship StatusN/A

Uma is the most powerful Charyeok that we have seen so far. It is also pretty unique, as it can also change the appearance of its user too. Coming to its appearance, she always shows a lot of skin with her skimpy outfits.

One look at her design, and we can easily say that she is the hottest character in the God of High School Manhwa. Her voluptuous figure adding to her huge bust makes her the top 3 hottest female manhwa characters.

2) Kayena Hill

Kayena Hill


ManhwaThe Villainess is a Marionette
Relationship StatusRaffaello Kidrey

Kayena had the most complex character arcs in her series so far, and along with it, she is also the hottest female character of her series. She also has multiple appearances, throughout the series.

But, common throughout all her appearances, is the design of her eyes, and her beauty. She was called the most beautiful woman in her empire, and her beauty was just praised by people in the series. We need not say much about how good she looks, as a single picture of her is enough to make people fall for her.

1) Roxana Agrece

Roxana Agrece

Relationship StatusN/A

Despite her striking, glamorous, and hot looks, Roxana is an extremely cunning and sly woman. She always used to manipulate or deceive others, for the sake of gaining something.

However, her beauty and looks, cannot be summarized by mere words alone. Roxana’s elegant but revealing outfits, also work in adding to her charm. Wherever she used to go, there was also some or the other guy who had immediately fallen in love with her beauty at first sight.

This should be the end of our article on the top 15 hottest female manhwa characters. Out of all the numerous hot and beautiful women in webtoons, these characters have had the most impact on the fandom as well as their series.

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