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How Strong is Boruto After Time Skip? (Current Manga 2023)

We all know that Boruto is one of the strongest characters in the series and has some powerful Justu unlocked. But how strong is Boruto after the four-year time skip in the Boruto Two Blue Vortex Series?

His whole aura and design changed, and we saw a different version of Boruto. The main question is, will he be able to face characters like Kawaki and Code on his own?

These are some of the few questions we will answer in this article. Remember to read this article until the end to know how strong Boruto is now after the time skip.

How Strong is Boruto After Time Skip?

How Strong is Boruto After Time Skip?

After the time skips, Boruto is easily one of the top 3 most strongest characters in the series. He could also go on par, albeit slightly less, when fighting against Kawaki.

He might possess more or less the same amount of strength when compared to Kawaki. However, Kawaki has the edge because he is considered a perfect vessel for Otsutsuki.

Moreover, he also has many other body modifications, which puts him a bit higher when compared to Boruto. Boruto might try to bridge this gap after more training, but Kawaki is doing the same.

Some of his aspects are stronger than Kawaki’s, but he still loses in several other elements. Moving over to the next most robust character in the series, we have the influential leader of Kara, Code.

Although Code is still in his imperfect form, he will be stronger than Boruto if we consider him in his perfect Otsutsuki form. He will achieve this form in the Boruto Two Blue Vortex series and become the most robust character.

It is said that he can possess God-like power with this, and Boruto might not be able to match him if this is the case. But Boruto will find allies who will help him defeat Code later in the series.

Boruto Known Abilities

Boruto Known Abilities

Boruto had been blessed with extraordinary abilities thanks to his father, Naruto, and his mother, Hinata, who possessed the Hyuga clan powers. Naruto and Hinata’s best abilities were passed on to Boruto. 

  • He has a large amount of chakra for a Genin his age. 
  • He is most proficient in the arts of Taijutsu, quickly taking down his opponents with his swift moves. 
  • Boruto advanced level Shadow Clone techniques from a very young age.
  • He had also mastered the use of Rasengan in a very short time. 
  • Boruto also invented many new forms of Rasengan, some of which were also considered taboo. 
  • He mixed in Lightning release with Rasengan to create a more powerful Vanishing Rasengan
  • Later, he combined Wind Release with Rasengan to increase its base damage. 
  • Boruto also highly compressed the Rasengan version and made the High Compression Rasengan, which deals more damage. 
  • He also created a ten times more potent Super High Compressed Rasengan version than its predecessor. 
  • However, Naruto banned the usage of this Jutsu since it severely damages the user, too. 
  • He is very skilled in Kenjutsu and learned Shurikenjutsu from Sasuke
  • Boruto is primarily adept at using Lightning release, but he can also use Wind and Water release pretty well. 
  • He also has access to Momoshiki’s power ever since he defeated Momoshiki. 
  • Because of his rare natural affinity for the ability, he has shown tremendous power when using the mark’s power. 
  • This mark significantly boosts all of his skills and all of his physical attributes. 
  • He also unlocked the Byakugan in his right eye and now has the key to unlock the Hyuga clan’s secret spells. 
  • Boruto also gained access to Jogan in his right eye at a young age. 
  • Now, he can use this flawlessly in battle to detect various things. 
  • He is also shown to be very intelligent and can adapt quickly to his opponent’s abilities. 
  • After time skips, he can use Momoshiki’s abilities even more efficiently and flawlessly in battle. 
  • He could also fly, given how he entered Konoha from the sky. 
  • He would have unlocked the Sage Mode since he was said to possess the power to open this form.

Boruto’s Equipment

  • Boruto always carries the signature Shurikens for a Ninja since he is proficient in using them. 
  • He always has a sword on him since he is also skilled in Kenjutsu. 
  • He has both the Jogan and Byakugan unlocked in his right eye.

Is Time Skip Boruto Powerful Than Naruto?

Is Time Skip Boruto Powerful Than Naruto?

Now, we are coming to the second main question of the hour. How strong is Boruto when compared to some of Naruto’s forms? We will compare the time skip form of Boruto to Naruto’s Baryon and Sage state here. 

First up, Naruto’s Baryon Mode. Boruto is a strong character, but he still has ways before he can reach the most potent form of his dad. Baryon Mode makes Naruto the most robust character, even in the Boruto series. 

Even if Boruto had trained for four years, he is less potent than Naruto’s prime form. However, Boruto will sometime later cross Naruto’s Baryon mode, too, due to his remarkable lineage and having an Otsutsuki inside of him. 

Next, compare him to Naruto’s Sage mode. Boruto is stronger than Naruto’s sage mode. In the Boruto series only, it was revealed that he possessed the power to access this form. 

And now that he came back stronger, he would easily be more robust than Naruto’s Sage mode. Boruto had also created many unique Jutsu versions of what Naruto had previously made, increasing their destructive force. 

This shows how Boruto has the capability and the power to surpass all of Naruto’s forms. Even if he is a bit weaker now, we will likely see his prime condition sometime throughout this manga series. 

Be it in his battle against Kawaki or Code, brace yourself for watching this unique and powerful form of Boruto. 

This is all about Boruto’s strength after the time skip in the Boruto Two Blue Vortex series. We will update this article with new information once more chapters are released for this manga. 

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