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20 Most Beautiful Kpop Female Idols (Ranked In 2023)

The magic of the Hallyu Wave has conquered the world and increased its ubiquity. Everyone could hear it because of its popularity. K-pop idols have everything one needs to get entertained. A blend of dancing, singing, rapping, and acting is what you ask for.

But one thing you will see is overflowing visuals. The main slayers are the female K-pop idols. You have to find words beyond your vocabulary to compliment how good they look.

Below are a few female K-pop idols to make you feel complex with their as pretty as pictures look.

20 Most Beautiful K-pop Female Idols (Ranked In 2023)

1. Jisoo

Full NameKim Jisoo
BirthdayJanuary 3
Age28 years
Spotify Listeners6,930,237
Popular SongsFlower

Jisoo, who debuted in 2016 under YG Entertainment with the world-famous girl group Blackpink, is one of the industry’s most popular and successful faces. She started her acting career by making a cameo in the 2015 series The Producers.

Jisoo released her first solo album in 2023, titled Me. The album’s lead track, Flower, hit the right spot and ranked on the global charts. She starred as the main lead in the Korean television series Snowdrop. Apart from her music career, she has been an influential figure in the fashion industry.

Jisoo is also known for having one of the most beautiful faces.

2. Tzuyu

Full NameChou Tzu-yu
BirthdayJune 14
Age24 years
Spotify ListenersTWICE – 10,141,924
Popular SongsThe Feels, Talk that Talk, TT

Maknae of one of the most recognized groups in K-pop, TWICE, Tzuyu, has been named the most beautiful female idol since her debut in 2015. She has played a significant role in the group’s songs and earned acclaim.

The Taiwan-born idol is also the most popular and adorable in the group. Tzuyu was from a family of entrepreneurs, but she found her way into the industry.

3. Joy

Full NamePark Soo-young
BirthdaySeptember 3
Age26 years
Spotify Listeners750,759
Popular SongsHello

Joy from Red Velvet has that grace no one dares to deny or resist. She is considered the group’s visual, though the whole group is full of visuals. Her sculpted face and perfect figure make her appealing and stunning all the time.

Joy has the position of vocalist, and she always gives justice to her role in the group. As a soloist, she debuted with the album Hello in 2021. She has ventured into acting in the 2017 television series The Liar and His Lover. Her other dramas include Tempted, The One and Only, and Once Upon a Small Town.

4. IU

Full NameLee Ji-eun
BirthdayMay 16
Age30 years
Spotify Listeners5,885,183
Popular SongsEight, Celebrity, Love Poem

The idol who has been ruling the industry for years is none other than IU, who is an ideal example of nothing to everything. The Nation’s Sweetheart has been a versatile singer and has shown her weapons to the world. She can go from the baby’s face to the roaring tiger.

IU has a multitalented personality and is even admired by her idols. You will find that almost every idol has either a crush on her or is inspired by her. She has had a successful acting career as well, including roles in Dream High, Moon Lovers, Hotel Del Luna, and Dream.

5. Karina

Full NameYoo Ji-min
BirthdayApril 11
Age23 years
Spotify ListenersAespa – 7,689,476
Popular SongsNext Level, Black Mamba, Spicy

Whenever it comes to visuals, people always mention Karina. She debuted in the group Aespa in 2020 as a leader, vocalist, dancer, visual, and rapper. She holds the rank of the most popular not only in Aespa but in the industry.

The group follows the concept of AI, and she herself looks nothing less than a game character or has AI visuals. Karina is the tallest among the others.

6. Jennie

Full NameJennie Kim
BirthdayJanuary 16
Age27 years
Spotify Listeners6,969,089
Popular SongsSolo, One Of The Girls

Jennie Kim—the name is enough. She is one of the most popular, powerful, and influential figures in the industry. She can pull off any look you give her.

Jennie is known for her bold, classy, sassy, and luxurious style. The titles given to her include Human Gucci, Human Chanel, Fashion Icon, Jennie Effect, etc. She has created a huge impact with her presence. And it would be unfair not to mention her in this list. Her beauty and influence remain unmatched.

There’s no way you could imagine Blackpink or their prominence without Jennie. Jennie has embarked on her acting journey from the HBO American series The Idol in 2023.

7. Nancy

Full NameNancy Jewel McDonie
BirthdayApril 13
Age23 years
Spotify ListenersMomoland – 1,468,605
Popular SongsBAAM, Wrap Me In Plastic, BBoom BBoom

Nancy totally deserves to be on the list. She is a Korean-American and an ex-member of the disbanded K-pop group Momoland. She debuted in the group through the survival show in 2016. The group ended its contract in early 2023.

Nancy went viral for her beauty on TikTok and became a popular and recognized face in the industry. She also stole the 10th spot on the 100 Most Beautiful Faces in 2020 list. Since then, she has ranked among the most beautiful K-pop female idols.

8. Rosé

Full NameRoseanne Park
BirthdayFebruary 11
Age26 years
Spotify Listeners4,112,885
Popular SongsOn The Ground, Gone

Park Chae-young is just as mesmerizing as her voice. She is one of the most stunning people you will ever come across. Rosé is a member of the successful K-pop group Blackpink. She is famous for her unique vocal range, irresistible charm, arresting stage presence, and bubbly personality.

Rosé has an oval face with a sharp v-line jawline. In 2022, she attended the Met Gala and became the first K-pop female star. Her debut solo album, R, was a massive success and commercial hit.

9. Lisa

Full NameLalisa Manobal
BirthdayMarch 27
Age26 years
Spotify Listeners11,529,045
Popular SongsMONEY, LALISA

Lisa is dominating the industry like nothing else. She is exceptionally talented and has earned honors, including seven Guinness World Records and being the first ever K-pop idol to win the MTV Video Music Award and the MTV Europe Music Award. Her first solo album, Lalisa, broke records and added more stars to her name.

All the Blackpink members are listed on this list, which simply implies their potential and impact on the world. Lisa is the most talked-about K-pop idol. Her contribution to the industry and her native land, Thailand, is uncountable.

With 97 million followers on Instagram, she is the most-followed K-pop idol. She continues to rule over the fashion industry and become a brand ambassador for renowned brands.

10. Irene

Full NameBae Joo-hyun
BirthdayMarch 29
Age32 years
Spotify Listeners64,442
Popular SongsThe Cure, The Only

Her natural beauty makes her stand out from the crowd. Her immaculate facial features, with big eyes and a tall nose, perfectly fit the Korean beauty standard. Many people envy her looks.

Red Velvet’s leader’s side profile is absolutely breathtaking. She is getting finer as time passes. Irene is someone who effortlessly steals the spotlight with her enchanting beauty and sight.

11. Sana

Full NameSana Minatozaki
BirthdayDecember 29
Age26 years
Spotify ListenersTWICE – 10,141,924
Popular SongsThe Feels, Talk that Talk, TT, Set Me Free

The Japanese member has come a long way. She started her journey when she started training in 2009. Sana debuted in the K-pop group Twice in 2015. Because of her cheery and lively personality, she eventually began receiving love, support, and popularity both nationally and internationally.

It’s difficult not to notice her in the group. She is counted among the prettiest and most beautiful female K-pop idols.

12. Yuna

Full NameShin Yuna
BirthdayDecember 9
Age19 years
Spotify ListenersITZY- 6,701,558

Since the debut of Itzy in 2019, the youngest and most visual member of the group, Yuna, has been known for her unreal beauty. She never looks less beautiful in any look, even while crying. As her fellow member, Ryujin, said, the whole universe is in Yuna’s eyes; she didn’t lie there.

Her big, light brown eyes, round face, narrow chin, milky skin, and height make her undeniably appealing. And that’s how she secured her name on the list of the most beautiful K-pop female idols.

13. Winter

Full NameKim Min-jeong
BirthdayJanuary 1
Age22 years
Spotify Listeners343,399
Popular SongsOnce Again, Priority

It is not even surprising why she is on the list. Winter is someone you find beautiful and elegant without putting on makeup. She was given the title of handsome beauty. She can nail every look, from cute and adorable to bold and badass.

It’s impressive that she flaunts different looks and manages to slay them all. As one of the members of Aespa, Winter debuted in 2016.

14. Miyeon

Full NameCho Mi-yeon
BirthdayJanuary 31
Age26 years
Spotify Listeners314,045
Popular SongsDrive, Rose

Miyeon grew up pretty. She was endearing as a baby, and she is now getting even prettier. Miyeon always gets praised for her stunning visuals and vocals.

She is a member of (G)I-DLE, one of the most influential female K-pop groups. The whole group is full of confident and pleasing visuals. You can’t help but get obsessed with their music.

15. Wonyoung

Full NameJang Won-young
BirthdayAugust 31
Age19 years
Spotify ListenersIVE – 8,056,933
Popular SongsLOVE DIVE, After LIKE, I AM

One face you will see everywhere, whether it is an event, advertisement, music show, or now even a variety show, is Jang Wonyoung. She is meant to become an idol, or else it’s not even possible to imagine her not being there.

Wonyoung has that star quality of knowing what the camera and the audience want. She is easily the most popular, loved, rooted, and influential 4th generation idol. Her crazy body proportions, charm, doll-like visuals, and not to forget her skills, make her special.

Wonyoung is under Starship Entertainment in a group called Ive that debuted in 2021.

16. Somi

Full NameEnnik Somi Douma
BirthdayMarch 9
Age22 years
Spotify Listeners4,980,500
Popular SongsDUMB DUMB, Fast Forward

After seeing her, the first thing you will say is what a Barbie she is. Somi is breaking the Korean beauty standard. She is a Korean-Canadian idol who debuted in the group I.O.I. but left with the disbandment of the group in 2017.

In 2019, Somi released her first single, Birthday, as a solo artist. She is a home of self-care and home remedies. She always tries to come up with new and innovative looks.

17. Jihyo

Full NamePark Ji-hyo
BirthdayFebruary 1
Age26 years
Spotify Listeners2,473,557
Popular SongsKillin’ Me Good

Everyone, including Once, the official fandom name of Twice, loves and admires Jihyo. She has that magnetic aura that will make you fall for her. Not only males, but even females crush on her. She is also one of the most popular in the group.

Jihyo has the position of leader and vocalist in the group. She has been acknowledged for her compassionate, hardworking behavior and remarkable performing skills.

In August 2023, Jihyo released her first solo album, Zone.

18. Sunmi

Full NameLee Sun-mi
BirthdayMay 2
Age31 years
Spotify Listeners2,179,877
Popular SongsGashina, Heart Burn, TAIL

The OG girl of K-pop, Sunmi, is a formidable face of the industry. It would be sacrilege not to mention her on the list. She has given so much to the industry. Sunmi is praised for her powerful, desirable, and dazzling looks.

Every time, she showcases something new and believes in going with the flow. Sunmi is an absolute unbeatable queen. It’s just so good to see her on screen. She entered the industry way back in 2007 and re-kicked her career in 2013 as a soloist.

19. Seulgi

Full NameKang Seul-gi
BirthdayFebruary 10
Age29 years
Spotify Listeners1,262,906
Popular Songs28 Reasons, Wow Thing

Red Velvet’s Seulgi is good at everything she does. Not to forget how drop-dead gorgeous she is. Her exquisite beauty makes her eye-catching in the crowd.

Seulgi debuted in 2014 under SM Entertainment. She is one of the most respected idols in the industry and has earned the title of girl crush. Her fashion style and influence are not to be underestimated.

20. Nayeon

Full NameIm Na-yeon
BirthdaySeptember 22
Age27 years
Spotify Listeners3,627,166

Nayeon is one of the most friendly K-pop idols you will meet in the industry. Her easygoing and upbeat personality make her fans a favorite. The oldest Twice member’s doe eyes and bunny teeth are what everyone finds adorable.

Nayeon debuted her first solo album, Im Nayeon, in June 2022. It received a positive response from the audience and eventually made her win the MAMA Award’s Best Female Artist in 2022.


These 20 Kpop female beauties have stolen the audience’s hearts, but they are equally talented as well. They have worked hard to reach the positions and proved they are not just about visuals. Fans have always admired them and taken up the challenge to keep reminding the world of their popularity.

Do small things with great love.

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