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Top 10 Main Characters in Zom 100 (2024)

Zom 100 is not just one of the best anime of 2023 but also one of the best zombie anime of all time. The main characters in Zom 100, especially Akira Tendo, are one of the major reasons behind its huge success.

Throughout the series, Akira made several friends who eventually became his team members as well. They all embark on a thrilling adventure to complete Akira’s bucket list, to which they add their wishes as well. As a result, they all got maximum screen time and became the main characters in Zom 100.

Most of them are Akira’s team members, while some of them are major villains in the series. So let’s meet all the main characters in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead.

Top 10 Main Characters in Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

10. Takeru Minakata

Takeru Minakata

Takeru Minakata is a new member of Akira’s team who joins him in chapter 35 of its manga counterpart. He is a college friend of Akira and Ryuzaki, and everyone knows about his free-minded personality.

His afro hairstyle and hippie look with sunglasses provide him with a unique yet attractive look. Since joining Akira’s team, he has shown his exceptional aiming skills by shooting zombies with his slingshot.

9. Yudai Tsurumi

Yudai Tsurumi

After losing his wife and daughter, Yudai Tsurumi became the guardian of Izuna, whom he took care of as his own daughter. In terms of profession, he is a skilled doctor and quite an expert at creating medicine.

With the use of Izuna’s blood, which is immune against the zombie virus, he succeeded in creating an antidote for zombies. As a result, he succeeds in stopping Shizuka from turning into a zombie, even though she is bitten by one.

8. Lambda Chop

Lambda Chop

Lambda Chop is the most unique character in Zom 100 in terms of his look. He is an android who wears a butler’s outfit along with a captivating sheep mask.

Despite being an android and not having any human emotions, he always helps Akira’s team by providing food and shelter to them. Moreover, he also secretly tried to kidnap Shizuka and Beatrix to revive his creator’s lover through some sort of experiment.

7. Kanta Higurashi

Kanta Higurashi

Being one of the major villains, Kanta Higurashi is also considered one of the main characters in Zom 100. Just like Akira, Kanta also makes his own bucket list and begins completing it with the help of his fellow team members.

Unlike Akira’s wishes, which consist of funny wishes, Kanta’s bucket list includes evil wishes such as turning people into zombies, shooting real guns, setting off dynamites, and many more. He wants to complete it with the help of his team members, who are also evil people.

6. Gonzou Kosugi

Gonzou Kosugi

Gonzou Kosugi is the team leader of Akira in a corporate company before the zombie apocalypse takes place. He is a very selfish guy who never misses a chance to belittle others. After the zombie outbreak, his personality remains the same, and he is still exploiting other lives for his own sake.

Gonzou takes the opportunity of the zombie apocalypse and creates a paradise where survivors work under him for their security from zombies.

5. Izuna Tokage

Izuna Tokage

Izuna Tokage is one of the main characters in Zom 100 who has yet to appear in the anime adaptation. She mostly wears a black hoodie that suits her the most and makes her one of the popular anime characters with hoodies.

Izuna is immune to the zombie virus and can’t be turned into a zombie, no matter where zombies bite her. Since becoming one of Akira’s team members, she has continually shown her great leadership and tactical skills.

4. Beatrix Amerhauser

Beatrix Amerhauser

Beatrix Amerhauser is the hottest character in Zom 100, who later became a team member of Akira. Her voluptuous figure is quite impossible to hide, no matter what type of outfit she wears, even men’s yukata.

In terms of fighting zombies, she is the most skilled one compared to other team members. Moreover, she is quite skilled at using multiple weapons, such as spears, katanas, bows, and arrows.

3. Kenichiro Ryuzaki

Kenichiro Ryuzaki

Kenichiro Ryuzaki is one of the best male main characters in Zom 100. He is a tall, handsome guy with an attractive physique who usually wears stylish outfits.

Just like Akira, he also feels blessed to escape from his boring life and get the opportunity to live his life to the fullest. Being a childhood friend of Akira, he shares the closest bond with Akira and loves to do hilarious things together.

2. Shizuka Mikazuki

Shizuka Mikazuki

Shizuka Mikazuki is not just Akira’s team member but also one of the best characters in Zom 100. At first, she believed in living alone and did everything by herself for a higher chance of surviving.

However, she changed her mind after meeting Akira and Kenichiro and understanding the true power of the team. As they spend time together, she gradually develops bonds with others and comes quite close to Akira.

1. Akira Tendo

Akira Tendo

Akira Tendo is the main and central character of the series, who makes a bucket list of wishes. He went on a thrilling adventure to complete his entire bucket list before becoming a zombie.

Throughout his adventure, he meets other survivors and adds them to his team. No matter how difficult the situation becomes, he will never leave his buddies to be eaten by zombies. 


That’s it for the post. We hope you found this wonderful list of the top 10 main characters in Zom 100 useful. Each of these characters played an impactful role in the series and left an indelible impression on fans’ hearts. Stay tuned with us for more anime character lists and wonderful anime recommendations.

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