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One Piece Chapter 1089 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Last updated on August 7th, 2023 at 02:26 pm

The wait for One Piece Chapter 1089 is immense as readers will be seeing Luffy and his crew after a long time. The last time the spotlight was on them, it ended with a shocking cliffhanger that left readers wondering what would happen next. 

But the wait is somewhat over now, because while there are still a few days left for the new chapter to be released, the spoilers have already surfaced.

We have previously discussed the brief spoilers for Chapter 1089, but after the release of the raw scans on the internet, it begs a broader discussion. So, here we are, ready to discuss One Piece Chapter 1089 full spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1089 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1089 Spoilers

According to the spoilers that emerged, the title of One Piece Chapter 1089 is “The Siege Incident”. The title refers to how the Straw Hat Pirates are said to have sieged Egghead Island as their territory and captured Vegapunk as a prisoner.

At the beginning of the chapter, we see a glimpse of Foosha Village, Luffy’s hometown, where we see the mayor Woop Slap and Makino as well as Makino’s child who is looking at the new bounty poster of Luffy. We also get a peek at Dadan and his bandits seeing Luffy’s poster tearfully.

I. Aftereffects of Mother Flame

Lulusia Kingdom

The most shocking thing One Piece Chapter 1089 reveals is what happened after Gorosei used the Mother Flame on Lulusia at the command of Imu. In small glimpses, we see the catastrophe the aftereffects of the incident caused and how it impacted not only Lulusia but the entire Grand Line and New World.

Sea levels have risen exponentially all over the world, causing terrifying floods and tsunamis in many islands. There are also many islands which have suddenly vanished in the aftermath. The effect is so widespread that even the Marines and the Celestial Dragons are frightened by this. There are small panels of several characters all over the world who are facing the rising sea levels.

There are panels of Iceberg in Water 7, Laboon in the Reverse Mountain, the escaped inmates of Impel Down, Hina in Marine headquarters, Momo in Wano and even the Celestial Dragons in Marygeoise, all shocked by the rising sea level.

But there’s more. Lulusia has completely disappeared after being hit by the Mother Flame, and there’s only a huge void left behind. The void is as big as the island’s size and seemingly unending. Ivankov and the Revolutionary Army are shocked by the horrifying power of the Mother Flame.

II. Total Number of Marines on Egghead Island

Back on Egghead Island, the Marine ships have finally reached the island and land despite the attacks of Sentomaru. The ship contains Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, one of the Gorosei, and Marine admiral Kizaru. With them came a lot of Marine soldiers and a few vice-admirals.

Nine vice-admirals have come to Egghead Island along with Kizaru. Among the nine, only two have been previously debuted, Doll and Doberman. The rest of the vice-admirals on Egghead Island are yet to be introduced.

The Marines are eating ramen after landing on Egghead Island, providing a bowl for Sentomaru too. There is a brief flashback of Kizaru, Sentomaru and Vegapunk from a long time ago when all three of them were significantly younger. 

In the flashback, Kizaru is demonstrating his Pika Pika no Mi powers with a finger, causing Sentomaru to jump in joy and awe as Vegapunk looks on with content.

This flashback indicates that there is a deeper relationship between Kizaru and Vegapunk, which should make Kizaru’s current mission of killing Vegapunk difficult. This is reminiscent of Kuzan’s situation and how he had to fight against a person he admired and had a history with.

III. York and World Government’s Discussion

York and World Government’s Discussion

One of Gorosei, Saturn, is also on the island. He and vice-admiral Doberman discuss the recent article by Morgans where it’s said that the Straw Hat Pirates have captured Vegapunk and have sieged Egghead Island as their territory.

There are currently six forces on Egghead Island: Vegapunk and his Satellites, the Seraphim, the Pacifista, the Marines, CP0 and the Straw Hat Pirates. 

Among these forces, the Straw Hat Pirates have allied with Vegapunk and his Satellites as well as the three members of CP0. There is also Jewelry Bonney, the daughter of Kuma, who is also an ally of the Yonko crew. The four Seraphim on the island are currently protecting Vegapunk and the group.

The Marines have cast a barrier around the island to prevent anyone from escaping. But there have been transmission waves detected on a call from Egghead Island to Marygeoise.

York has called the Gorosei, asking them why she has to be killed when she was the one who told them about Vegapunk researching the Void Century.

As York is arguing with the Gorosei, it’s revealed that she was the one who gave them the Mother Flame. Saint Marcus Mars asks her whether she can make another Mother Flame.

York bargains that the plant that can make the weapon is on the island. If they spare her and make her a Celestial Dragon, she’ll make them another Mother Flame.

York then suddenly cries to them, asking them to save her before she is killed by Luffy. She begs them to crush everyone.

IV. Straw Hat Pirates vs. World Government

In the last panel of the chapter, it’s finally revealed that the Straw Hats have already defeated York and rescued Vegapunk. They are in front of her as she makes the call, and it was all their plan.

The Straw Hats are currently one of the biggest forces opposing the World Government, but they have to be smart to escape from the island with Vegapunk.

So, they are planning to use York as a cover and get out of the island among the chaos.


That is the conclusion of One Piece Chapter 1089 spoilers. This cliffhanger is exceptionally exciting as this will be one of the few times when the Straw Hats will approach a situation cunningly with well-made plans and conspiracy. It’s also the beginning of a huge chaos that is to come in the upcoming chapters.

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