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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 84 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Round 10)

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 84 might begin in Round 10 since Round 9 finished in this chapter. Apollo releases his threads, and Brunhilde looks scared after looking at this. Apollo calls out Artemis, and a huge statue of Moonlight of Artemis spawns behind him.

Zeus explains that he hadn’t seen this move since the Gigantomachia fight. Artemis starts creating a weapon with her light, and we get a history of Apollo and Artemis. Artemis creates a huge Golden bow in Apollo’s hands.

Apollo just created arrows from light and started using them. He starts shooting the arrows randomly, and they instantly hit Leonidas. Zeus explains that these arrows travel at the speed of light, and Hermes says it’s the fastest blow even among the Gods. 

Geirolul turns back into shield form, but Apollo keeps relentlessly attacking. The arrows keep ricocheting, and Leonidas is hit in multiple locations. Apollo shoots an arrow directly at Leonidas’s head, but he manages to deflect it and injures Apollo’s left arm. 

Both of them talk for some time, and Apollo asks for Leonidas’s reason to keep on fighting. Geirolul once again turns back into the simple Sparta shield. Apollo creates another huge bow and uses his body as an arrow. 

Apollo hits the shield dead on, and his Phoebus Lyre is destroyed. But he also destroys Leonidas’s shield and pierces his abdomen with a swift blow. Leonidas tries to punch Apollo back, but Apollo finishes him first. 

After a few words with his Spartan soldiers, Leonidas, along with Geirolul, starts vanishing away. Apollo says they were the peak of beauty, and the chapter ends there. 

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 84 Spoilers & Predictions

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 84 Spoilers & Predictions

In the next chapter, we will see how Apollo’s thoughts completely changed after this battle. He came to respect Leonidas, Geirolul, and also their fighting spirit and had even called them the Peak of Beauty after their fight. 

According to rumors and leaks, we have a general idea of the Human contestant in Round 10. It was said that the Human contestant would be a person who had been watching the battles of the other contestants for a long time. 

And after listening to this, there are only two names that pop up in our mind. Nostradamus and Soji Okita are the possible Human contenders for the next round. We all know that Nostradamus was hyped since the beginning of the manga. 

His fight will be in Round 13, and he might fight against Odin. Soji Okita should gear up for his next fight in Round 10. Coming to the fighter on God’s side, we can expect either Loki or Susano to be good matches against him. 

The Loki vs. Soji Okita rivalry was already shown a bit back, and we shouldn’t be surprised if this turns out to be his matchup. If not for Loki, we can expect Loki to fight against Simo Hayha. 

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 84 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 84 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 84 fan translations should be released around November 27th. The official translations for the chapter will, however, be released around December 13th. The official Chapter 83 will also be released on November 13th

The raw scans and spoilers should be released by November 25th. Keep an eye out for our posts after uploading the full spoilers and raw scans for the next chapter in this article. 

These are all of our prediction theories on Record of Ragnarok Chapter 84. Check out some exciting and similar Record of Ragnarok articles below.  

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