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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 85 Spoilers & Raw Scans(Odin’s Secret)

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 85 and 86 will be some interesting chapters since now we know some more information about some of the other gods fighting in the Ragnarok tournament. 

Last time, we saw that the match for Round 10 was decided to be a fight between Susano’O No Mikoto vs. Soji Okita. This excited the fans since we had been waiting for a long time to see Okita fight. 

He was also introduced very early on, and we only got a few glimpses of his skills when he challenged Loki. Soji Okita is confident in his skills, but we will have to wait till the start of Round 10 to see what happens. 

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 85 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 85 Spoilers & Raw Scans

  • The chapter starts with Brunhilde walking around the corridor when she meets Odin
  • Brunhilde is frightened to think that Odin may be next, but the God leaves soon. 
  • Just then, Hilde thinks that this is Loki’s prank, but it is the real deal. 
  • After Odin leaves, Loki says that he saved her and starts to hold her. 
  • Loki says that Brunhilde will be killed only by Odin’s hands. 
  • Brunhilde tries to respond to him, but Loki says maybe he could save her. 
  • She understands Loki’s real feelings, and so do Loki’s real feelings for Brunhilde. 
  • Loki calls Brunhilde again and starts talking about why Brunhilde’s living doesn’t make sense. 
  • He also says that he doesn’t care about this Ragnarok. 
  • Loki further says that Brunhilde will fight anyone if given the chance. 
  • He understands that Brunhilde might have some other goals for the Ragnarok tournament to happen. 
  • Loki goes back to his room, and we see a life-size doll of Brunhilde there. 
  • We see that he fools around with this doll as he pleases. 
  • The scene shifts, and we get to see Odin now. 
  • Buddha is wearing a detective outfit, and he starts talking to Odin. 
  • He asks him about Siegfried, and Odin suddenly stops. 
  • He looks for Sakata Kintoki later, but Kintoki would have been on his way to Tartarus by now. 
  • The crows start talking about Siegfried and some more stuff. 
  • After only hearing to some of it, Odin stops Buddha with his weapon. 
  • Odin tries to attack him, but Beelzebub blocks this attack. 
  • Beelzebub says that Odin might have something to do with the resurrection of the original God
  • Odin gives a wicked smile and goes away, and the spoilers end here. 

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 85 Leaks Megathread
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Record of Ragnarok Chapter 85 Release Date

Record of Ragnarok Chapter 85 Release Date

The Record of Ragnarok Chapter 85 unofficial translations will be released as soon as 28th December, given how fast the translations are. However, some terms might be different here when compared to the official translations. 

The official translation release date for the chapter is, however, on January 13th or 14th. There seem to be no double chapters as of now, and we are yet to see the beginning of the Round 10 match. 

These are all of the spoilers & raw scans for Record of Ragnarok Chapter 85, which has been released now. For some more interesting and unique content, make sure to check some of our posts here. 

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