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Blue Lock Chapter 252 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Isagi & Hiori’s Counter-Attack)

Blue Lock Chapter 252 will continue this interesting match as everyone on the field becomes more competitive. In the previous chapter, Itoshi Rin predicted Kaiser’s shot and stole the ball at that moment.   

Rin goes ahead with the counter-attack. But Raichi, Kunigami and Ness try to stop him. Despite this, Rin still manages to dribble past all of them and successfully breaks past Basterd Munchen’s defenders. 

At the same time, Charles, Aoshi and Nanase come to support Rin. We see a small flashback of Rin and Nanase from 15 days ago. During that time, Nanase asks Rin to become his mentor, but the latter declines. 

However, after looking at Nanase’s resolve, he decided to take on that role. During training, Rin also discovered Nanase’s hidden talent, which was that he was ambidextrous. Nanase also follows all of Rin’s instructions during the training sessions. 

The situation changes back to the present when Nanase has the ball now. Nanase understands that Rin has helped him a lot, and he wants to devote himself as a support for Rin

He lures two BM players towards himself and passes to Rin at the exact spot. However, both Kaiser and Isagi come at this moment to block off his shot course. Despite this, Rin said he had been waiting for Isagi and hadn’t shot until now. 

He then proceeds to shoot while holding onto Isagi and evades Kaiser. But Hiori had predicted that Rin would do this and successfully blocked his shot. Hiori now possesses the ball, and the chapter ends there. 

Blue Lock Chapter 252 Spoilers & Predictions

Blue Lock Chapter 252 Spoilers & Predictions

Isagi and Hiori’s counter-attack will start now, as Hiori has gained possession of the ball. Rin certainly looks taken aback that his shot was predicted and also blocked by Hiori. 

But this will be when we see PxG’s defending abilities and how the team maintained a perfect track record of no losses. We have also yet to see the full abilities of Charles, as he did little till now. 

We already saw that he has Meta Vision, and he might be more cautious now than Isagi had predicted him once. It is Karasu’s time to shine, as he knows how Hiori plays. 

He would be surprised with the new Hiori, but he could still restrict a goal for BM with his teammates. Aside from this, we can expect Rin to read through Isagi and Hiori’s plans despite their best performance. 

Even with their best performance, they would need to do something out of the box to beat Rin, Charles and PxG. Although PxG does look like it has the upper hand now, we will have to wait for more chapters to see the result of this match.   

Blue Lock Chapter 252 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 252 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 252 will be released on 20th February. There aren’t any breaks for now, but the release schedule of the official chapters has been pushed back to a later date. 

The raw scans and spoiler summary for the next chapter should be released on 17th February if there are no delays. Check our article later after we have updated all of the raw scans and spoiler summaries in this article. 

These are all the prediction theories and spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 252. Check some of our other articles here for more interesting and similar content.

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