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One Piece: Confirmed Deaths In Wano Country Arc

Wano Country Arc is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, arcs of One Piece till now. The arc had Luffy and his crew joining forces with the samurai, Minks, Heart Pirates, and later, the Kid Pirates to take down Kaido and Orochi. Big Mom later joined Kaido to defeat the three captains of the Worst Generation.

This arc also had a large number of deaths which is quite uncharacteristic of One Piece. But this only shows how serious things are getting as the story progresses towards its ending. Some of the deaths that happen in the Wano Country Arc are confirmed and shown on screen while some others are only implied and left to our imagination.

Now that the anime is at the conclusion of the arc, we’ve decided to list the confirmed deaths in the Wano Country Arc. We also have a special mention that deserves to be talked about how impactful it was. Now, let’s see which characters are confirmed to be dead in One Piece:

Confirmed Deaths in Wano Country Arc

1) Kurozumi Orochi

Kurozumi Orochi

One Piece has plenty of characters and antagonists whose evilness is enough to make our blood boil. But Kurozumi Orochi was on another level entirely. Orochi was a man filled with so much hatred and bitterness that he had no conscience left. He, with the help of his living clanmates, invited Kaido to Wano and tricked Kozuki Oden, eventually killing him.

Thanks to his Devil Fruit, Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi, he wasn’t easy to kill. His Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit gave him to ability to survive decapitation eight times. After multiple attempts by Kaido and the Akazaya Nine, he was eventually killed by Denjiro.

2) Kurozumi Kanjuro

Kurozumi Kanjuro

The biggest twist of the Wano Country Arc is the betrayal of Kanjuro. Nobody expected the loyal retainer of Oden for whom he sacrificed his life to be the backstabber. He was actually from the Kurozumi Clan who were the enemy of the Kozuki Clan. Kanjuro pretended to be a loyal subject of Oden and became one of the Akazaya Nine.

As the rebel forces joined to launch a raid on Onigashima, Kanjuro was revealed to be the traitor. He was later stricken lethally by Kin’emon but even then he kept living on. Before he died, he painted his last attack, Kazenbo, which lit everything it touched on fire.

3) Ashura Doji

Ashura Doji

One of the major confirmed deaths in the Wano Country Arc is that of Ashura Doji. He was one of the Akazaya Nine but unlike some of his fellow retainers, he did not go to the future with Momonosuke. After the death of Toki and Kaido and Orochi taking over Wano, he became a bandit and took the name Shutenmaru.

During the raid on Onigashima, when Kanjuro created a fake Oden to trick the Akazaya Nine, Ashura Doji didn’t believe it even when Kin’emon did. He cut through the fake Oden’s body to prove it and died while protecting Kin’emon.

4) Izo


Viewers first saw Izo in the Marineford Arc as the commander of the 16th division of Whitebeard Pirates. In the Wano Country Arc, he made an appearance once again and was revealed to be one of Oden’s retainers who left with Whitebeard after their journey with the pirate crew.

It was also revealed that Izo was the older brother of Kikunojo, another one of Oden’s retainers. Despite leaving Wano and his friends behind to join the Whitebeard Pirates, Izo came back to avenge his deceased lord. He died while fighting Maha, but not before shooting the CP0 agent.

5) Shimotsuki Yasuie

Shimotsuki Yasuie

Wano Country Arc has a lot of great and memorable characters but Shimotsuki Yasuie remains in our minds as one of the best characters not only in this arc but also in the whole series. He first appeared in the story as a strange man who is always laughing. It was later revealed what a great man he was, pretending to have eaten a SMILE fruit to pay his solidarity to the unfortunate citizens of Ebisu Town

Yasuie also adopted little Toko and loved her like a real daughter. In the past, when the Kozuki Sukiyaki was the shogun of Wano, Yasuie was the daimyo of Hakumai. After refusing to bow before Orochi, he lived in hiding for years before sacrificing himself to mislead Orochi’s forces and the Akazaya Nine’s revolution to continue.

6) Maha


Though not a major character, Maha is still one of the confirmed deaths of the Wano Country Arc. He was a CP0 agent who came to Wano with a few other agents including Rob Lucci.

Maha fought against a lot of powerful opponents in Onigashima including the Mink warriors, X Drake, Apoo, Inbi, and Zanki. He ultimately fought Izou and the two died fighting each other.

Special Mention

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy

The most prominent case of the confirmed deaths in the Wano Country Saga is also its most special and unique one. During his fight against Kaido on Onigashima, Luffy suffered crushing defeats again and again. However, when Luffy seemed ready to take Kaido head-on with his Over Kong Gun, CP0 agent Guernica intervened and trapped his arms back to prevent him from using the attack. 

This caused Kaido to deliver a fatal attack that left Luffy lying senseless on the ground. Though it was not explicitly stated that he died, Luffy’s heart did stop at that moment. This was before Luffy’s Devil Fruit awakened and he began his transformation into Gear 5.


This ends the list of confirmed deaths in the Wano Country Arc. There is quite a big possibility that some of the unconfirmed deaths in the arc turn out to be dead characters after all. However, given One Piece’s history, the unconfirmed deaths may come out to be not deaths at all.

Significant characters like Kaido and Big Mom, despite their crushing defeats, may revealed to be alive. But until that happens, these are the confirmed deaths in the Wano Country Arc.

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