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Solo Leveling Ep 8 Spoilers & Release Date(Tae Shik vs. Sung Jin Woo)

Solo Leveling Ep 8 will give us more fights and the usual Sung Jin Woo leveling up on his moments. This episode dealt with the aftermath of Sung Jin Woo killing Hwang Dong Suk.

Furthermore, it seems that his brother, Hwang Dong Soo, wants to kill the remaining survivors of the incident. We also learned some more special buffs and abilities that Sung Jin Woo had gained, along with the system.

Sung also got a call from Jin Ho asking him for help, and he also got a contract of a whopping 3 billion yen if he could help Jin Ho. As if this wasn’t the end, we also saw that Sung Jin Woo claimed double rewards if he completed the daily training twice.

He did get the key to the Demon Castle and beat the guard of the Demon Castle, albeit by a very small margin. Understanding his shortcomings, Sung Jin Woo exits the gate after getting another key.

Solo Leveling Ep 8 Spoilers

Solo Leveling Ep 8 Spoilers

The next episode will introduce some newer hunters and foes for Sung Jin Woo.

  • The chapter starts with a mysterious man asking for the help of a hunter.
  • This mysterious man wants the hunter to kill some criminals in a dungeon along with the witnesses of this crime.
  • We get to see that the man accepting this was a B-Rank Hunter.
  • He was also a member of the Monitoring Department of the Hunter’s Guild member, who loved killing people.
  • Meanwhile, we see Song Chi Yul again; this time, he gets a request to clear a D-Rank Dungeon.
  • Sung Jin Woo was reunited with Joo Hee and his older teammates from the double dungeon time. 
  • This time, some criminals and Hunter Tae Shik will join their raid. 
  • It seems that Song will lead this raid, and everyone accepts it. 
  • Everyone deals with the Goblins in the gate, but there are three different paths in this gate. 
  • Tae Shik asks for the party to split since it’s an easy dungeon. 
  • Sung Jin Woo spots the boss route and picks that path. 
  • Tae Shik goes along with the criminals and emits a murderous intent. 
  • But Kim Chul spots Tae Shik killing the criminals brutally. 
  • On the other side, Sung Jin Woo senses extreme killing intent and returns to the other path. 
  • Tae Shik tries to land a surprise attack on Joo Hee, but Sung blocks it. 
  • Tae Shik already took care of Kim and others. 
  • Kim dies while apologizing to Sung Jin Woo for that day. 
  • Song asks Sung Jin Woo to stay and says he will deal with Tae Shik. 
  • Song also gets a physical damage buff from Joo Hee for this fight. 
  • How will Sung Jin Woo and the other hunters escape this situation now? 

Solo Leveling Ep 8 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 8 Release Date

Solo Leveling Ep 8 will be released on 2nd March since it was announced that next week’s episode will be a recap. We will have to wait for 2 more weeks to get one of the most hyped fights of the manhwa. 

The release times for the newer episodes will be at 8:30 PM IST, and the episode should get updated on all official and unofficial sites in under an hour. We can only watch Solo Leveling on Crunchyroll, and that too only on select regions. 

These are all major plot points and spoilers for Solo Leveling Ep 8. Check out some of our other content-based Solo Leveling posts over here.  

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