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Blue Lock Chapter 243 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date(Kaiser’s Backstory)

Blue Lock Chapter 243 finally explores Kaiser’s past and reason for playing soccer. This chapter starts with Alexis Ness’s backstory, and we see that his siblings treated him harshly and sickly. 

Even his parents treated him badly and only took care of his health. However, Ness believed in magic despite both of his parents being scientists. This is why he was rejected and looked down, even in his own house. 

But Ness continued to believe in magic and finally concluded that football players are magicians. Despite his issues, he continued to train himself and wanted to prove that he could create magic with his plays. 

With his superior plays, he was soon called to the Basterd Munchen Academy Tryouts and faced off against people in the academy. However, he could not show off his abilities as the other team had superior coordination and players. 

Just when he gave up to despair, he saw Player 11 asking if he believed in the impossible. This is none other than Kaiser, who is also looking to crush the Basterd Munchen team, and the chapter ends there. 

Blue Lock Chapter 243 Spoilers & Predictions

Blue Lock Chapter 243 Spoilers & Predictions

It seems that the next chapter will showcase the rise of Alexis Ness as the Magician of Basterd Munchen. With the introduction of Kaiser, we can witness their epic combination for the first time. 

We know they went on to become the best duo in Basterd Munchen, but it would be interesting to see how Ness would accept and work with Kaiser after meeting him first. 

Based on Kaiser’s confidence, we can say that he was still a football demon and prodigy, even as a kid. This inspired Ness to follow him and believe in his magic and power to turn even impossible situations in his favour. 

After witnessing the power of Ness and Kaiser’s combination, we should also be able to see their rise in Basterd Munchen. After giving us Ness’s past, we should also see more of Kasier’s backstory before he started playing soccer. 

The Basterd Munchen vs PXG match will take longer if there are more backstories for both Kasier and Ness. This might imply that the Kaiser and Ness combo will be important in the next match. 

They haven’t been able to perform well in the match against Italy Ubers, but they still need to play this last match to decide the winner.  

Blue Lock Chapter 243 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 243 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 243 will be released on 4th December since there aren’t supposed to be any breaks this week. This chapter will continue the backstory of Ness and probably Kaiser, too. 

The chapter’s raw scans and full spoilers will be released on 2nd December. The spoiler summary should give us a good idea of what and what not to expect from the chapter. 

These are all of the predictions we have as of now for Blue Lock Chapter 243. For more interesting and similar content-based articles, check our posts here. 

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