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Boruto vs. Kawaki vs. Code: Who Is The Strongest After Time Skip?

Since the recent chapter of Boruto Two Blue Vortex had dropped, people wanted the answers to some long-unanswered questions. We can also expect many memorable fights in this series now, and one will be the Boruto vs. Kawaki vs. Code comparison.

The chapter got much better when we looked at the new character designs of these characters. We can expect great fights from all of them so that we will compare their new power level for this hyped-up battle.

Spoilers and fan theories might be ahead, so read at your discretion. If you are a fan of the Boruto series, check out this exciting and hyped-up comparison of Boruto vs. Kawaki vs. Code.

I. Boruto


First, let’s start this article by discussing the main character of the Boruto and Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga series, Boruto Uzumaki. Although now he is only known as Boruto, this doesn’t change his power.

He had always been one of the strongest characters in the series, and these situations will only make him stronger. We also saw that he has an unbroken resolve and will get past any unsurmountable wall, just like his dad, Naruto.

Now, we will look at the detailed power level difference of Boruto before and after the four-year time skip.

Before Time Skip

He is considered to be an Elite Genin by most of his friends and teachers when he was still just a kid. Boruto always keeps evolving at a very rapid rate, and this puts him way ahead when compared to the other characters and Genin in the series.

Skills and Abilities:

  • He could perform the Shadow Clone technique of advanced level from a very young age. 
  • Highly skilled in Shuriken-jutsu and could also use lightning release technique. 
  • Boruto was able to learn how to use Rasengan after extensive practice. 
  • He can also perform the elemental release techniques of Water, Lightning, and Wind.
  • On top of this, it could also combine multiple release techniques, like water and wind, to create powerful jutsu. 
  • He could also add this to his Rasengan and make it more powerful. 
  • He can also use multiple types of Rasengan, like the Super High Compression Rasengan, Massive Rasengan, and Wind Style Rasengan. 
  • Boruto had also unlocked Dojutsu in his right eye and could use it to detect chakra flow. 
  • He has a very high amount of chakra levels for his age and could also unleash techniques that need a large amount of chakra.  
  • He also has a natural tendency in Taijutsu and is highly proficient in this art. 
  • His IQ is also good, as he can unleash complicated strategies using his Shadow Clones. 


  • Most of his techniques could be more and cost a lot more chakra
  • If they are evaded, he will be at a loss to know what to do next. 
  • He also hasn’t been in the shoes of a loser and doesn’t know how they feel. 
  • Since he had been blessed with extraordinary abilities, he didn’t need to train much for some of his techniques. 

After Time Skip

We also witnessed how Boruto significantly changed his appearance and some of his other abilities. We saw how he had also invaded Konoha from the sky rather than the village’s borders.

It might imply that Boruto might have unlocked some of Otsutsuki’s abilities and can freely use them. It will give a considerable power advantage to Boruto.

Skills and Abilities:

  • He would now have more perfected elemental release techniques and increased proficiency in his other plans. 
  • He would have also improved his Rasengan power and usage, which would greatly help him in battle. 
  • Boruto probably has access to Otsutsuki’s abilities and could fly now. 
  • He is also proficient in Kenjutsu, looking at how he always carries one. 
  • This sword was also a significant part of his design change, and we could see him using this in his fights soon. 

II. Kawaki


Kawaki was raised to be a vessel for the Otsutsuki and was also trained. He was trained by Jigen very harshly, which increased his abilities significantly. It is also said that nobody could oppose him after he inherited Ishhiki’s power.

And this was also when he had yet to perfect using all of Isshiki’s abilities. Now, he would have much more fluid usage of his abilities that he could use his ninjutsu and Isshiki’s inherited powers.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Kawaki has the Kama of Isshiki and can now absorb Ninjutsu and open portals. 
  • And with the upgraded version, he can also use Dojutsu now. 
  • Along with this, he can also use Sukunahikona to shrink himself and objects. 
  • His Daikokuten is also beneficial for storing items in a pocket dimension. 
  • Now, he can also use Isshiki’s abilities to fly around freely. 
  • Kawaki’s body was also modified at a cellular level, which is the reason behind his extraordinary skills
  • He can regenerate lost organs or store large amounts of chakra. 
  • His hand-to-hand proficiency is on a different level due to his training. 
  • He can flawlessly execute complex moves and use the environment and opponent’s strength against themselves. 
  • Even if tired, he still has his superhuman raw strength to back him up. 
  • It was shown that his hand-to-hand combat level was on the same level as Boruto’s Kenjutsu. 
  • He can use the Fire release technique well and perform this with a single hand. 
  • One of his best abilities is to hide his Chakra signatures and remain undetected. 

It can be expected that he had further increased his base attributes, along with learning more of Isshiki’s and Ninjutsu skills.  


  • He is known to be weak in all of Ninjutsu-related skills. 
  • Kawaki could only learn two Ninjutsu abilities during the Boruto manga. 
  • The first was the Fire release technique, and the second was the Shadow Clone technique. 
  • Although his other abilities are powerful, he will be unbeatable if he can keep up the same with Ninjutsu. 
  • But, thanks to his superhuman raw power and body modifications, he can keep up with characters like Boruto in terms of strength. 

III. Code


Code is the leader of the Kara after Kawaki killed Isshiki. He was also known to be lazy, which was proved multiple times throughout the series. But he is also said to possess monstrous powers and abilities.

He has limiters, but his ability and powers still make him the strongest person in Kara, along with Isshiki.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Amado said his peak combat abilities are even more potent than Jigen’s. 
  • He is also highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, going on par with Kawaki. 
  • Amado also modified his body and can weaponize some of his body parts. 
  • He can use his hands as claws, creating black bands on his enemies. 
  • Code can use these as a portal to teleport fully or partially. 
  • His limiters limit most of his abilities, but they have been removed now. 
  • He also inherits his master’s extraordinary power through the White Kama
  • This White Kama led to a significant power increase for him and made him even more potent than Jigen
  • It is also said that he could become the perfect Otsutsuki and even achieve Godhood with his powers. 
  • He had monstrous abilities at the start, but he became even better now after the time skip. 


  • His only weaknesses are his personality and the usage of his abilities. 
  • He has not fully managed to become the perfect Otsutuski yet. 
  • Code is also said to be very arrogant, which might be his downfall. 
  • He keeps mocking everyone weaker than him. 
  • Otherwise, we can only say that he’ll get stronger with time.  

Boruto vs. Kawaki vs. Code: Who Is The Strongest

Boruto vs. Kawaki vs. Code: Who Is The Strongest

And now, to the central part of the article, the comparison between Boruto vs. Kawaki vs. Code. We will compare all three of them on several factors and then deliver our verdict on the stronger character of the two. 

If we consider Code in his perfect Otsutsuki form, he is the stronger of the three. Even if we believe him based on other facts, he is more potent than Kawaki or Boruto without his limiter. 

And since he got it removed now, he can polish his abilities and monstrous raw strength further.  

1) Based on Strength 

This aspect should be an easy win for Code. This is due to his monstrous raw strength, which he displayed multiple times. And this was with his limiters installed. So, we can only imagine how stronger he will be now. 

Boruto and Kawaki also have great raw strength, but Naruto is more dependent on his other abilities. Code’s hand-to-hand combat prowess also countered Kawaki’s hand-to-hand combat. 

2) Based on Abilities

When we look at this aspect, it will be a win for Boruto because he has multiple versions of already-known abilities. He mixed lightning and wind release techniques with Rasengan to make it even more potent than usual. 

Code and Kawaki have some powerful techniques, but one of Boruto’s Rasengan was banned because it was too powerful and damaged the user.  

3) Based on Speed & Reflexes

This comparison could be a tie for all of them. We know that Kawaki’s speed and reflexes are on par with Boruto, and Code’s speed and reflexes are also on par with Kawaki. 

Even though Code can teleport quickly, he still needs to land an attack on someone or something to make it possible. This moment is when his speed and reflexes are helpful.  

4) Based on Otsustsuki’s hax

Code has the most Otsutsuki hacks and takes the win in this comparison. This is because of the White Kama, which Code possesses. Kawaki and Boruto have some broken abilities, too, but they have yet to be shown in the series’ occasions.

5) Based on Experience

This might be a tough comparison, but it is probably a tie for Kawaki and Code. Boruto had always had less fighting and training experience when compared to the other Otsutsuki vessels. 

Jigen had personally trained rigorously with Kawaki, and Code also had much experience in fighting more battles.  

6) Based on Plotline

As of now, Kawaki is protected by the plotline thanks to Eida’s divine powers. Only Sarada and Sumire know it now, but that doesn’t change his position or standing.

Boruto is easily the most hated person in Konoha now. That is the same for Code because he is a villain who has threatened the village multiple times.

7) Based on Advantage

Looking at everything so far, Kawaki easily wins in this category. He has the help of almost all of the villagers in Konoha to prove his innocence. Many other powerful friends, like Eida, Daemon, and Mitsuki, will try to protect and help him.

Code has only one advantage in his slow process of achieving the perfect Otsutsuki. The same goes for Boruto, as both Code and Konoha are hunting him for what he did.

Best Fans’ Theories On How Boruto Will Defeat Code and Kawaki

Best Fans' Theories On How Boruto Will Defeat Code and Kawaki

Now, coming to the most essential part of this post, how will Boruto defeat Code and Kawaki? We know that a Boruto vs. Kawaki vs. Code is inevitable, and there can only be one winner.

We can say that Boruto will manage to defeat Code and Kawaki in this series and will right his wrongs. Talking about Kawaki first because Boruto will not be able to fight Code alone.

In these past four years, he could’ve stumbled upon the source and the working of Eida’s Divine Power. It would be one way to defeat Kawaki, by reversing the situation back to normal.

Otherwise, he might have learned that his father, Naruto, is still alive and Kawaki is holding them hostage. If Boruto can prove that Kawaki had imprisoned Naruto and Hinata all this time, the villagers might believe him.

In this way, even his enemies will reduce, as Mitsuri will now think twice before trying to kill Boruto. Once they understand that some events aren’t making sense, this might break Eida’s power.

Once Boruto achieves it will be time for his battle against Code. Code is in the process of becoming the perfect Otsutsuki, and he might as well complete this in Boruto Two Blue Vortex manga while Boruto is dealing with some of his other problems.

To beat Code, Boruto will now need the help of his village and friends. When he successfully deals with the situation, he can convince Kawaki to fight against Code.

Since Boruto’s abilities and strength have also been vastly increased, achieving some of these events will be easier. This is all about our Boruto vs. Kawaki vs. Code article for now.

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