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Yuta’s Domain Expansion: Authentic Mutual Love Explained

Yuta Okkotsu is one of the four special grade jujutsu sorcerers and currently the second-strongest jujutsu sorcerer alive after the death of Satoru Gojo. Being an incredibly powerful character, Yuta is among the few who have mastered his own Domain Expansion. The reveal of Yuta’s domain expansion has been highly anticipated. It was recently revealed in Chapter 249.

Yuta is the protagonist of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 and plays a major role in Jujutsu Kaisen, especially in the Culling Game Arc and the Shinjuku Showdown Arc. He mentioned his domain for the first time during the Culling Game when he faced ancient curse users, Ryu Ishigori and Takako Uro. However, at that time, they were interrupted before any of them could completely use their domains.

Yuta’s domain expansion finally made a full-fledged appearance during the Shinjuku Showdown when he fought against Ryomen Sukuna. Now that we got a look at his domain, let’s discuss everything about Yuta’s domain expansion: Authentic Mutual Love. There’s going to be a lot of spoilers ahead, so proceed only if you don’t mind them.

Yuta’s Domain Expansion: Authentic Mutual Love

Yuta’s Domain Expansion: Authentic Mutual Love

Yuta’s domain expansion, Authentic Mutual Love, is one of the most useful domains in the series and also one of the most unique ones. The domain takes the form of an enclosed space filled with ruins of several cross-shaped structures. There are huge ropes surrounding the space, tied together in a special knot that represents love in Japanese culture.

The most noticeable trait of this domain is the unlimited number of katanas spread throughout the space.

Yuta’s domain is unique from other domains in that sense that while every domain barrier is infused with the user’s own Cursed Technique, Yuta gets a large number of choices to imbue any CT he’s copied to the domain barrier. This is thanks to his very useful and versatile CT, Copy.

When Yuta used his domain against Sukuna, he imbued Angel’s CT, Technique Extinguishment, into his barrier. This, in turn, gave the CT the sure-hit effect of the domain.

Yuta is also a skilled enough jujutsu sorcerer that he is able to concentrate the sure-hit effect only on Sukuna, making Yuji Itadori immune to it even if he’s also inside the barrier. Even Sukuna was surprised by such mastery of a barrier technique.

Every katana present inside Yuta’s domain expansion carries a CT he’s copied and stockpiled, though in a random order. He has no idea which CT resides inside which katana until he takes the katana in his hands. After using the copied CT inside the katana once, the katana disappears. However, this poses no problem to Yuta since there is an unlimited number of katanas present inside the domain.

The exact number of CTs Yuta’s copied and stockpiled is unknown. But as of yet, he’s used the following copied CTs inside his domain:

Cursed Techniques Used Inside Yuta’s Domain Expansion

1) Thin Ice Breaker

Thin Ice Breaker

This is a technique Yuta copied from the ancient curse user and Culling Game player Takako Uro. Thin Ice Breaker is an extension technique, derived from Uro’s CT, Sky Manipulation. In this technique, the user doesn’t hit the target directly. Instead, they hit the surface of the sky which causes the surface to shatter like ice and generate a powerful aftershock that affects the target with increased force.

This is the first technique Yuta uses against Sukuna inside Authentic Mutual Love, causing serious damage to the left side of Sukuna’s face.

2) Cursed Speech

Cursed Speech

It is the inherited CT of the Inumaki Clan, currently possessed by Tokyo Jujutsu High’s second-year student, Toge Inumaki. This technique allows the user to imbue cursed energy into their voice and force their target to obey their command. The stronger the command or the target is, the more cursed energy the user needs to expend and the harder the toll on their body.

Cursed Speech is the first technique Yuta ever copied. Initially, he could only infuse the CT into an object Rika manifested, making it a cursed object. But now, Yuta can imbue the CT into his own voice and use a command without any cursed object. 

3) Dhruv Lakdawalla’s Cursed Technique

Dhruv Lakdawalla’s Cursed Technique

Dhruv Lakwalla was an ancient curse user and a Culling Game Player whom Yuta killed. He also copied the curse user’s Shikigami-based CT and used it against Sukuna inside his domain. Inside Authentic Mutual Love, Yuta’s Shikigami takes the form of Rika and creates an inviolable barrier on the Shikigami’s trajectory, causing a powerful aftereffect that hits the target hard.

4) Precognition


Yuta copied the CT of Culling Game participant Charles Bernard at some point. Charles’ CT allows him to conjure a cursed object that needs to draw the blood of his target to fulfill the condition of “ink.” Once the condition is fulfilled, he can mark his target with a manga panel and see into their future.

Instead of the G Warstaff that Charles conjures, Yuta uses his katana to fulfill the condition of “ink” and use the precognition ability.

5) Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob's Ladder

A derived technique from Angel’s CT, Jacob’s Ladder is seriously overpowered. This technique looks and acts in a more ritualistic manner than other techniques. Jacob’s Ladder manifests a pillar of light inside which small, winged beings fly around. Any cursed object in contact with the light will be purged instantly.

Jacob’s Ladder works with the same efficiency on special grade cursed objects like the Prison Realm and even Sukuna.

The jujutsu sorcerers made a plan to use Jacob’s Ladder after weakening the bond between the souls of Megumi Fushiguro and Sukuna, in an attempt to free Megumi from Sukuna. Yuta’s usage of it enables Yuji to contact Megumi.

6) Cleave


The most shocking technique Yuta used inside his domain originally belonged to none other than Sukuna himself. Yuta revealed that he ate the last of Sukuna’s fingers, fulfilling the condition of his Copy, and copied Sukuna’s CT. He used Cleave against Sukuna, shocking the King of Curses.

This is everything we know about Yuta’s domain expansion, Authentic Mutual Love, as of yet. As such a strong character, his domain was guaranteed to be powerful. Fortunately, it doesn’t disappoint at all and exceeds all expectations. The domain will come more handy in the upcoming chapters.

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