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20 Best Cartoon Characters With Green Hair, 2024

Characters having the most colorful out-of-the-box is nothing anime fans are not familiar with. Of course, even in other animated media, colored hair is one tactic artists use to make their character design unforgettable.

Green hair may not be as common in real life, but they certainly suit these characters. In fact, they rock them a little too well. Not to mention their colorful hair also gives us a peek into their vibrant personalities.

Anyone with this unconventional hair color is bound to be a little wild. On the other hand, as the color of nature and hope, the green color can actually be a sign of a calm and mature disposition.

Let’s not waste any more time and dive into the rich world of 20 Best Cartoon Characters With Green Hair.

20 Best Cartoon Characters With Green Hair

20. Wallflower Blush

Wallflower Blush

Cartoon Name: My Little Pony

A shy, introverted girl, Wallflower Blush was the leading female antagonist of the My Little Pony, Equestria girls special. She is a student and founder of the gardening club at Canterlot High School.

Blush’s shyness is also the reason for her insecurity. She was resentful towards Sunset for being so popular and always being surrounded by people. Her getting ignored so often didn’t do her insecurity any favors. But her bitterness did turn into remorse later on, and she grew as a person.

19. Duncan


Cartoon Name: Total Drama Island

The cool, punky, bad-boy member of the Killer Bass, Duncan, was one of the finalists of Total Drama Island. Despite his whole family being in the police, he himself loves breaking rules and being “himself.”

Duncan has lime green hair and a small chin stubble. He has the whole punk aesthetic down to the tee. Despite coming off a little strong, Duncan is actually a good person at heart, although his sarcastic and tough demeanor will never let him admit that.

18. Pizzazz 


Cartoon Name: Jem

Phyllis Margaret Gabor, better known by her stage name Pizzazz, is the rhythm guitarist and leader of The Misfits in the Jem series. Just like her name, she has a striking appearance and attitude. She is one of the main antagonists of the series.

Her concept is green in the group, which is why her hair is also green. For the most part, she is spoiled and has a bad temper. However, most of it stems from her competitive spirit and her jealousy of The Hologram. She often got rude to her friends but realized how precious they were to her after Riot’s rejection.

17. Clod


Cartoon Name: Elemental 

A character associated with the element of Earth is bound to have green somewhere. A head full of green grass is what Clod has. A young earth kid living in Firetown, he is described to be street-smart, gentle, and kind.

Clod has a passionate crush on Ember, which he doesn’t hesitate to show, giving her flowers grown by him. However, when he sees her falling in love with Wade Ripple by the end of the movie, he lets her go and instead gets a crush on a new young fire girl.

16. Darcy


Cartoon Name: Winx Club

A devious member of the trio Trix, Darcy is an antagonist of the series. She is very intelligent, manipulative, and clever, often using her hypnotics to confuse and control her opponents.

Darcy may appear less hostile than her other two friends, but that’s because she is able to keep her calm to discover others’ weaknesses and exploit them later. She has brownish-green hair tinted with a lighter green flowing down to her legs.

15. Heffler Wolfe

Heffler Wolfe

Cartoon Name: Rocko’s Modern Life

Heffler is part of the main trio in Rocko’s Modern Life, along with the MC Rocko and Filburt. The three are best friends, though he often bickers with Filburt. He is an anthropomorphic steer who was raised by the wolves in O-town after they eventually grew to love him despite initially fattening him up to eat him.

Heffler has spiky green hair and is mostly yellow otherwise. He is a devoted friend with a carefree personality and loves eating. He is also quite fearless, but that’s due to his stupidity rather than bravery.

14. Huntress Wizard

Huntress Wizard

Cartoon Name: Adventure Time

Huntress Wizard, sometimes called HW, may not have appeared that often in the series, but she stole our hearts-whenever she did. She appeared as one of the Wizard Battle competitors, but her first major appearance was in the episode Flute Spell, in which she kissed Finn by the end.

Her hair is made out of leaves (thus green), with two brown tree antlers growing from the top. She has a laid-back and sarcastic personality. However, since her beliefs made her feel she couldn’t be with Finn despite the two having an interest in each other, they parted ways.

13. Kitty


Cartoon Name: Danny Phantom

One of the ghost antagonists of Danny Phantom, Kitty, is Johnny 13’s girlfriend. She is demanding, confident, needy, and cynical. She is also quite overprotective of Johnny and gets jealous when he flirts with other girls.

Kitty has shaggy green hair, which actually goes well with her appearance. According to Danny, she is a clingy and suffocating girlfriend who isn’t above harming others when it comes to getting what she wants.

12. Mitch


Cartoon Name: The Regular Show

One of the main cast of the series, Mitch “Muscle Man” Sorrenstein, is a strong but obese humanoid who is also one of the park’s gatekeepers. He often appears with his best friend, Hi Five Ghost.

Mitch is a green man in general and has greenish-brown hair. He is kind of hard-working, at least more than Mordecai and Rigby are, but the bar is a little low with those two. He likes telling jokes and often pranks the duo while insulting them.

11. Disgust


Cartoon Name: Inside Out

She may be just an emotion, but she is definitely iconic. One of the four tritagonists of Inside Out, she is Riley’s emotion of ‘disgust’ and the reason Riley hates broccoli. She is opinionated, has high standards, and refuses to lower them for anyone.

Disgust appears all green (perhaps due to Riley’s disgust for broccoli) and thus has dark green hair. She always has Riley’s best intentions in mind and tried to keep her head straight when Joy and Sadness get lost in her mind.

10. Te Fiti

Te Fiti

Cartoon Name: Moana

Te Fiti is a major character in Moana. She is also an extremely powerful goddess capable of creating life. As the first being to appear in the world, she used her mighty heart to create the islands and laid them down to rest afterward. After Maui stole her heart, her form changed.

Te Fiti has the beauty of nature itself. In other words, simply breathtaking. She appeared as a huge humanoid form of the islands with a flower crown on her head. She is equivalent to nature in the movie and thus appears all green.

9. Eclipsa Butterfly

Eclipsa Butterfly

Cartoon Name: Star vs. the Forces of Evil

The Queen of Darkness is the 29th and 38th Queen of the Kingdom of Mewni. She was known for having a rebellious streak for her unapologetic use of dark magic and due to how she abandoned her kingdom to elope with Globgor.

Eclipsa has poofy teal hair, mauve eyes, and red spade-shaped symbols on her cheeks. Despite her reputation, Eclipsa has a personality not too different from Star’s. She is calm and carefree to those she does not deem as enemies. She is also playful, often telling Star to refer to her as a villainess.

8. Cosmo


Cartoon Name: The Fairly Odd Parents

Timmy and Chloe’s fairy godparents, along with Wanda, Cosmo is one of the two deuterogonist of The Fairly Odd Parents. He is dumb, so dumb in fact that his stupidity is only rivaled by Mr. Turner, often leading Timmy into trouble.

Cosmo has green hair and green eyes. Despite his stupidity, he truly loves his wife and godchildren. He tends to get over-emotional at times and is quick to get jealous when it comes to Wanda, especially when Juandissimo flirts with her.

7. Amity Blight

Amity Blight

Cartoon Name: The Owl House

Amity may have started out as an antagonist but soon went through a change of heart after bonding with Luz. One of the major characters of The Owl House, she is a young, prodigious witch attending the Hexside School of Magic and Demonic.

After she reforms herself, she mends her broken friendship with Willow and becomes Luz’s friend (and later, girlfriend).

Amity may not have natural green hair, but she keeps it dyed aquamarine, with some of her natural roots visible from her head crown. As the series progresses, Amity grows to be kind to others after being touched by Luz’s constant kindness and develops a strong crush on her.

6. Grinch


Cartoon Name: The Grinch 

The Grinch. A mean one. The stealer of Christmas whose heart was two sizes too small. This green furry anti-hero is one of Dr Seuss’s most popular characters, having various depictions in the media since the 90s. He was played by Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2018 animated film.

The Grinch was an unpleasant grouch with a sour attitude and wicked temper. Not being able to stand the happy festival of Christmas, he used to come down to Whoville only on holidays to create trouble.

Cindy Lou was ultimately able to reach his heart, which grew in size after seeing everyone’s sincerity. He became remorseful, helped to get the Whos presents back, and returned them after apologizing, finally realizing what he hated was not Christmas but his loneliness.

5. Toothiana


Cartoon Name: Rise of the Guardians

One of the five main guardians, Toothiana is the tooth fairy and the Guardian of Memories. She collects children’s teeth and leaves money behind as their gifts. She leads the fairies and sends them to different locations every night while overseeing the palace herself.

Toothiana appears as a part human, part hummingbird hybrid. Her body is covered in beautiful iridescent feathers with shades of blue, green, and yellow.

On top of being sweet, bubbly, and charismatic, she is a firm leader who cares deeply about her Minifairies. She loves Jack and is completely infatuated with him, often helping him throughout his journey.

4. Beast Boy

Beast Boy

Cartoon Name: Teen Titans Go!

Garfield Logan, a.k.a Beast Boy, is one of the five main members of the Teen Titans. He is a shapeshifter who can morph into any animal. If we know one thing about Beast Boy, it’s that he always marches at his own tune.

Due to the mutation he went through, he has green skin and hair, pointed ears, and sharp teeth. However, as a shapeshifter, he can take on any form.

Cyborg’s best bud, obsessed with Raven, Beast Boy can only be described as a lovable loafer. He will be there when Jump City needs him, but probably an hour too late.

3. The Joker


Cartoon Name: DC Animated Universe (Batman)

One of the greatest and most well-known villains of all time. Batmn’s deadliest arch-enemy, The Joker, is the alter ego of the mob boss Jack Napier. The “Clown Prince of Crime” is a psychopathic sadist who doesn’t hesitate to use anyone for his own amusement, even his own ex-girlfriend Harley Quinn.

Every rendition of Joker, including the one in Batman: The animated series, appears with his signature green hair and red lips. His inquisitive and clever mind made him that much more formidable of an enemy.

2. She-Hulk 


Cartoon Name: Marvel Animated Universe

Jennifer Susan Walters, known as She-Hulk, is Bruce Banner’s (Hulk) hot cousin. After an injury that nearly cost her her life, what saved her was a blood transfusion from her cousin, who also gave her his powers. Unlike Hulk, she is able to retain most of her senses and emotional control in her She-Hulk form, although she, too, is susceptible to outbursts of anger.

Like Hulk, she is also green when in her form. She-Hulk is one of Marvel’s most powerful superheroes. She has the brawns AND the brains, often using her legal prowess as a lawyer to serve as legal counsel to other superheroes.

1. Ferb Fletcher


Cartoon Name: Phineas and Ferb

The other half of the iconic duo, Ferb, is one of the three children of the Flynn-Fletcher family. He is very close to his stepbrother and is rarely seen away from Ferb. He doesn’t speak a lot, having very few lines here and there in the entire series, which is why Phineas often takes the mantle in their conversations with others.

Ferb has green hair and is shaped like the letter “F.” He is incredibly intelligent and has the ability to think quickly in the direst of situations. Like Phineas, his technological proficiency is off the charts, and the two are able to create almost anything together.

And that brings us to the end of our green-haired characters list. Hopefully, you also like these greenheads (natural or not) despite the color being an unconventional choice. Sometimes weird is good, after all!

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