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Blue Lock Chapter 223 Spoilers-Predictions & Release Date (Snuffy’s Master Design)

Blue Lock Chapter 223 takes this match to almost its conclusion, given how Basterd Munchen is in the lead with a 2-2 score. Both Marc Snuffy and Noel Noa have substituted in the game, at this crucial point.

Looking at Isagi, Hiori also wants to play this game now. Both Isagi and Kaiser know that they have scored one goal each, and since it is a contest of goals between them, the one who scores the next goal wins.

Basterd Munchen is in a 4-4-2 formation, but after Snuffy joins Italy Ubers, they suddenly change into a 4-5-1 formation. This is supposedly their Berserker Formation, where Niko and Lorenzo have moved up front.

They committed many players forward. With Niko’s vision, playmaking, and Lorenzo’s dribbling, their tempo increased even further. Isagi still locates the weak point in their formation and goes to intercept it.

But, Snuffy is there to save his team. Noel Noa immediately comes to Isagi, when he understood that Isagi got metadataed. Noa tries to trap Snuffy along with Isagi, but with Snuffy’s world-class ball-keeping techniques, he passes to Lorenzo who further passes the ball to Niko.

Ness tries to intercept Niko, but Niko easily passes to Snuffy. Noa, Yukimuya, and another BM player are trying to stop Snuffy, but Snuffy still manages to pass to Barou amidst all this chaos.

Snuffy also keeps giving instructions to his team, asking them to be level-headed and not give opponents the time to think when designing their goals. Gagamaru knows everyone has been too focused on Snuffy, and now Barou has unlimited options to score.

But, just when Barou shot the ball, both Isagi and Kaiser are there to block his shot course. Due to their double block, they managed to save this goal. Isagi understands the player controlling the whole field now is no other than Marc Snuffy.

Marc Snuffy had already devised a new design, based on the failure of this plan. Isagi is still trying to analyze, and understand this game, to beat Snuffy’s world-class brain.

Blue Lock Chapter 223 Spoilers-Prediction

Blue Lock Chapter 223 Spoilers-Predictions

Marc Snuffy was called the master Strategist, and we see some of his brilliance in this chapter. He easily got past the Metavision of Isagi, Kaiser and almost managed to score a sneaky goal.

It looks like Italy Uber’s attack patterns still revolve around Barou and his ability as a striker. Most probably, the next attack pattern will also revolve around Barou adding the finishing touches with his Predator Vision.

Snuffy showed a lot of his capabilities as a world-class player, but we have yet to see his plays as a striker. Right when he joined, he changed the whole momentum of the game with his tactical skills and his playmaking abilities.

Isagi and Kaiser are also only barely able to keep up with Snuffy’s tactical prowess. Snuffy still managed to brilliantly maneuver past Noel Noa, and the other BM players, to create a goal-scoring opportunity for his team.

Most probably, the Snuffy and Barou combo will be scoring a goal, to tie up this game, and increase the hype for this game. And then, finally, we can end up seeing a battle of philosophy and who has the most ego.

Blue Lock Chapter 223 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 223 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 223 will release on 3rd July. There is no break for this manga next week, as we can expect the raw scans and full spoilers to also release accordingly on time.

The title of Chapter 223 is Are You Willing To Die, and this chapter might revolve around Snuffy and Barou’s combo. Barou seems like he is still not utilizing his full potential, and we haven’t seen his villainous soccer yet.

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