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Blue Lock Chapter 225 Spoilers-Predictions & Release date (Gagamaru’s Flow State)

Blue Lock Chapter 225 is gonna be more hype, seeing how this chapter ended. This chapter starts with a throw-in from Ubers, and Drago gets the ball to Lorenzo, who further gets it to Snuffy.

Raichi is trying to man-mark Snuffy, and this is when we see a flashback. Isagi is asking Raichi to man-mark Snuffy, and that too specifically do a protractor man-marking to Snuffy.

He also says that Raichi’s job isn’t to steal the job but to enclose Snuffy in that space. Fast forwarding to the present, we see that Raichi has been persistently man-marking Snuffy.

Since Raichi is not trying to steal the ball, his job is easy, and he is doing his job to be an annoying pest to Snuffy. Isagi thinks that Raichi is doing a pretty good job, in his role now.

Because now Raichi is limiting Snuffy’s attack patterns, he only has limited options. So, Isagi understands from the process of elimination, that his next attack point will start from Lorenzo.

Isagi intercepts the pass, but Aiku is also here to steal the ball from Isagi. Aiku says that if someone is man-marking Snuffy, it’s Aiku’s job to recover all the loose balls, which he does now.

Isagi thinks that their tactics level is too high, and even this much isn’t enough to surpass Italy Ubers and Snuffy’s expectations. Meanwhile, Aiku does a high and nasty vertical pass to Barou.

Isagi understands that even after this much, he still can’t reach the skill level of a world-class IQ. Gagamaru thinks that Isagi has done a good job and that he feels like he could stop Barou’s shot surely this time.

Blue Lock Chapter 225 Spoilers-Prediction

Blue Lock Chapter 225 Spoilers & Predictions

It seems, that the next chapter will be a 1v1 of Gagamaru vs Barou. Gagamaru seems like he is in the flow state, and Barou is looking irritated, as he didn’t get as many goals as he expected.

Most of Barou’s shots or passes were blocked by Isagi and Kaiser numerous times. So, we might also get to see the peak form of Barou vs the peak form of Gagamaru in the next chapter.

There are a few ways in which the next chapter could go. Gagamaru would block the shot again, which would make Barou look like a clown. After getting his hat-trick goals against FC Barcha, Barou had failed to prove himself as a striker.

Or, Barou would end up scoring, despite Gagamaru’s best efforts. Barou’s predator vision is made for exactly these kinds of situations, and it would be a waste if he can’t utilize it to his fullest.

If not this, we could also expect Gagamaru to block the shot, and then see an intense battle of BM vs Ubers, to gain possession of the ball. Either way, we will have to be waiting till the full spoilers drop on Friday, to understand what happens.

Blue Lock Chapter 225 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 225 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 225 will release on 16th July. There are no breaks for this manga as of now, as we get to see this epic confrontation of Gagamaru and Barou, at the start of the next chapter.

Blue Lock Chapter 225’s title is Raid Battle. This might as well be one of the penultimate chapters for this match. Basterd Munchen is still leading for now, and they could just win the match anytime.

This marks the end of our prediction article for Blue Lock Chapter 225. For more interesting updates and content for Blue Lock, make sure to check some of our other posts here.

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