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One Piece Chapter 1082 Complete Spoilers & Raws | Cross Guild On Move

Last updated on May 8th, 2023 at 11:07 pm

There’s no One Piece this week, but don’t be too saddened because the spoilers for Chapter 1082 are out. And we’ve brought it to you as fast as we could. In the last chapter, we see Garp and Kuzan getting into an intense battle.

We also see Heart Pirates’ defeat against the Blackbeard Pirates and Bepo’s Sulong form. To see what’s going to happen in the next chapter, keep on reading One Piece Chapter 1082 spoilers, raw scans and release date.

One Piece Chapter 1082 Spoilers

The spoiler of One Piece Chapter 1082 is provided by Redon and posted on Reddit.

  • The title of One Piece Chapter 1082 is “Let’s Go Take It,” and the cover page shows Chopper mistaking Zeus for cotton candy and trying to eat him.
  • The chapter begins with the newspapers reporting Marine rear admiral T-Bone dead after being killed by a civilian who wanted the bounty offered by the Cross GuildSengoku and Tsuru read the news while sitting in the Marine HQ cafeteria. When Hina comes, Sengoku asks her about Garp’s whereabouts, only to be told that he’s gone with the SWORD team to save Koby.

Shanks and Buggy

  • The next scene is of Karai Bari Island, the base of Cross Guild. The man who killed T-Bone will be joining Cross Guild to be protected from the Marines, and Buggy is sending the money of the bounty to the man’s family.
  • The Cross Guild ship is ready to sail, but it has a clown theme going on. Their jolly roger is also of Buggy. Needless to say, Mihawk and Crocodile aren’t too pleased about it and smack him comically.
  • In this chapter, Crocodile also reveals his plan of creating a “Utopia”, a powerful military nation that won’t be threatened by any enemy. He wants to use Cross Guild to achieve that goal. But Mihawk reminds him that to achieve that, they will need more forces. But Buggy is unimpressed by the idea.
  • Buggy claims that creating a nation isn’t the purpose of a real pirate and then thinks back to the time when Gol D. Roger was executed in Loguetown, 24 years prior to the present timeline. Shanks and Buggy had been there too, and Buggy had asked Shanks whether they were going for the One Piece now.
  • But Shanks had different plans. He told Buggy that he wouldn’t be going after One Piece and to Laugh Tale for the time being, but he wanted to continue being a pirate. Buggy was disappointed by it, since he’d wanted Shanks to become the next Pirate King, knowing he couldn’t ever reach up to his power.
  • When Shanks offered Buggy to join his crew, the clown refused him sharply and told him he wouldn’t ever forgive him for losing his treasure map. After that, he ran away and was finally estranged from his red-haired friend.
  • In the present, Buggy asks Mihawk and Crocodile whether they heard about Red-Haired Shanks finally making a move now. He’s angry at Shanks for making a move now rather than 24 years ago and wants to beat him now. He tells his two guildmates that now that he holds the same rank as Shanks, he’s also going after One Piece.
  • Mihawk and Crocodile are outraged about getting into a competition with Shanks, Luffy, and such, but Buggy convinces their crew that this is why they became pirates, to search for One Piece. The crew holler and cheers, finally setting out for Laugh Tale.
  • The scene cuts back to Kamabakka Queendom, where the four Revolutionary Army Commanders are waiting for someone. The someone turns out to be Sabo, safe and alive.
  • Sabo tells the Commander that when Im destroyed the Lulusia Kingdom, he wasn’t on the island. Instead, he was on a ship with Moda and some Lulusia citizens who wanted to join the Revolutionary Army.
  • After that, Sabo goes to a meeting room with Dragon and Ivankov and prepares to tell them what really happened at Mary Geioise during the Reverie.

Cross Guild Future Plans

Cross Guild

Cross Guild is now in the running for the One Piece. They have their ship and are prepared to sail out. We also see them gaining new crew members and putting out bounties for the Marine soldiers who can pose a threat to them. That leaves their path pretty clear for the future.

All the big names in the New World are currently more or less occupied. The Straw Hat Pirates have their hands full with Vegapunk and Egghead Island, not to mention Kizaru and Saturn, who are sailing toward it.

Blackbeard Pirates are currently facing the wrath of Garp and are in a battle against the SWORD team. Shanks is in Elbaf, having just defeated Eustass Kid and his crew. But he seems to have his own plans.

As the situation is now, it’s high time for the Cross Guild to begin their search for the Road Poneglyphs. Buggy may not be the most reliable pirate, but with Mihawk and Crocodile on his team, they will surely find a way to find the Road Poneglyphs and set out for Laugh Tale.

One Piece is in its last saga, and Eichiro Oda, the creator of the series, has teased an ultimate battle royale as the final war of the series that will make even the Marineford War like a child.

One Piece Chapter 1082 Release Date


As we know, One Piece will not be getting a new chapter this week due to Golden Week in Japan. So, the next chapter will be released on Sunday, May 7, 2023. The time the chapter comes out depends on the time zones as the following:

  • Pacific Standard Time: 7 am, Sunday, May 7, 2023
  • Eastern Standard Time: 10 am, Sunday, May 7, 2023
  • Greenwich Mean Time: 3 pm, Sunday, May 7, 2023
  • Central European Time: 4 pm, Sunday, May 7, 2023
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm, Sunday, May 7, 2023
  • Philippine Standard Time: 11 pm, Sunday, May 7, 2023
  • Japanese Standard Time: 12 am, Monday, May 8, 2023
  • Australia Central Standard Time: 12:30 am, Monday, May 8, 2023

One Piece Chapter 1082 will be available on Manga Plus and Viz Media from May 7 onwards, and fans can read the chapter for free on those platforms.

With the way things are going, it looks like it’s all coming together for the final war, and it’s more exciting than ever. For more exciting updates and content on One Piece, keep following Otakus’ Notes.

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