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Top 30 Anime Symbols & Their Hidden Meanings (Filled With Nostalgia)

Anime symbols have also been going on ever since the Anime medium started. It was a special way, of making people remember a specific anime, and there are also many unique and intricate symbols out there.

From popular series like Pokemon and Dragon Ball to the newest series like 86 and Chainsaw Man, all of them have some kind of special symbols. These symbols are also specifically designed so that some of them could contain hidden meanings too.

So, today in this article, we will be talking about some of the best 30 anime symbols of all time. Most of these symbols also contain some hidden meanings and will also include lots of nostalgia.

Top 30 Anime Symbols & Their Hidden Meanings

30) Public Safety Bureau 

Public Safety Bureau 

Anime Name: Psycho-Pass

This is the special logo, of the division which is tasked with protecting civilians, in Psycho-Pass anime. However, this symbol along with the Sibyl symbol, has a deeper meaning, if you know about one of the plot twists.

The two snakes stand for the Inspectors and then the Enforcers, who are responsible for every mission. The line that is diving the two snakes, implies the difference in treatment between the two.

On one side, Inspectors are normal humans, hired to control the Enforcers in their missions. The Enforcers however are people who are said to have criminal-like tendencies and take care of all the fighting and killing.

29) Earth Federation Forces Badge

Earth Federation Forces Badge

Anime Name: Gundam Series

Also commonly known as the EFF, this is a symbol that has been for a long time, and is also a nostalgia-inducing symbol, for many people. Even their flags have the same badge, with a blue background.

This is shaped like a star because it was showing the state of Earth when the EFF was created. Moreover, the crescent shape can also be inferred as the destroyed state of the moon, in their timeline.

28) Tokyo Manji Gang Symbol

Tokyo Manji Gang Symbol

Anime Name: Tokyo Revengers

Although this might look like a Swastika at first glance, this symbol gives off a different meaning entirely. This anime symbol is closely related to Mikey’s end goal, and purpose of creating this gang.

The symbol is also depicted in Buddhism, for peace and prosperity. It also represents the footprints of Buddha and also stands for Good luck. Before making this gang, this is exactly what Mikey’s goals and ideals are.

27) Magic Crest 

Magic Crest

Anime Name: Fate Series

This anime symbol would be instantly recognized by the fans of the Fate series, also known as the magic crest. This is the basis upon which a person will be able to use magic.

These magic crests can also be passed down, to other persons. It is also shown that people can fuse their magic circuits and spell in this, passing these valuable spells and knowledge down to the other generations.

26) Soul Eaters Logo

Soul Eaters Logo

Anime Name: Soul Eater

For many fans, this is a very nostalgic symbol and a series of the most popular Soul Eater anime. This symbol also manages to showcase everything the series does and stands for.

Soul Eater’s symbol represents the end goal of our protagonist, as well the character of the protagonist Soul Evans himself. The symbol also manages to showcase the evil aura of Asura, who is also the main antagonist of the series.

25) UA Academy

UA Academy

Anime Name: My Hero Academia

The U.A. High School is commonly known to train many young and promising students with quirks, to launch them in the field of Pro Heroes. Many characters have also been a part of this institute, but what does UA stand for?

UA is just one of the translation errors, from Japanese to English. The pronunciation of UA sounds exactly similar to the word Heroes in Japanese, and this is what led to this translation error.

24) Fairy Tail Guild Logo

Fairy Tail Guild Logo

Anime Name: Fairy Tail

This is the logo of the strongest guild present in the land of Fire. It was made, so that more people will understand the joy of solving mysteries, and exploring the world.

It was also said that the creator of this guild was also a Fairy, and this guild had been running around for more than a decade. The bird in the anime symbol represents the freedom of exploration, which is also the guild’s goal.

23) Sin of Wrath

Sin of Wrath

Anime Name: Seven Deadly Sins

This is the tattoo of the leader as well as the strongest member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Meliodas. This tattoo has a darker secret than you can imagine. Just like the symbol of the dragon devouring itself, it foreshadows Meliodas’s slow descent into consuming his rationality.

He even becomes an evil character, for some part of the series. This anime symbol also is used to depict the never-ending suffering cycle of Meliodas and Elizabeth’s love story.

22) Laughing Man

Laughing Man

Anime Name: Ghost in the Shell 

This symbol might look like a cute and harmless one, but this is the main antagonist of the Ghost in the Shell series. This is the icon version of the mysterious person who has been on the top of corporate terrorism since World War 4.

And the line on the symbol is also an excerpt from a book. For a small time, he also acted like a deaf-mute, in a rehabilitation center. However, his identity is later revealed in the series when his case was thoroughly investigated.

21) Hunter’s Association

Hunter's Association


Anime Name: HunterxHunter

This symbol doesn’t need any more introduction, as most people already know about this. One look at the symbol, and we know that it’s the logo of the Hunter’s Association in the popular Shounen series.

This association is responsible for recruiting powerful individuals to become Hunters. The anime symbol might be referring to how a hunter’s focus should always be on the prey, and should always be hunting something.

20) Stone Mask 

Stone Mask

Anime Name: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

One of the most popular and infamous relics in the whole series, the Stone Mask is the reason why Dio had managed to turn into a vampire. This also marked the villain era of Dio, which made him a very memorable antagonist for years to come.

It was also revealed later that Kars was the one responsible for creating these Stone Masks. He wanted their race to become immortal, but these masks had failed to achieve that.

19) Ed’s Signature

Ed's Signature

Anime Name: Cowboy Bebop 

This symbol has a long history, for the fans as well as in the Cowboy Bebop series. It is commonly referred to as Radical Edward, and the symbol also has other different expressions.

But, this is the most common out of all of them and had also become widely popular. These are the expressions, the computer makes, when it is about to hack something.

18) Seele


Anime Name: Neon Genesis Evangelion 

This is the logo of a mysterious German company, Seele, in the Neon Evangelion series. The company wanted to unite all humans and wanted to end all wars, after making Kaworu an angel.

The word Seele is also the German word for soul. However, the logo is a direct reference to the seven-eyed lamb in the Bible. Further, the end goal of Seele is also closely related to the depictions of the seven-eyed lamb in the Bible.

17) Claw Symbol

Claw Symbol

Anime Name: Mob Psycho 100

This is the infamous symbol, of the terrorist organization filled with Espers in the Mob Psycho anime series. The logo is unique to the anime only and is not present in the manga.

And, the symbol also aptly fits the organization, which is filled with strong Espers. One of the symbols on the logo is just the Japanese translation of claw. The all-seeing eyes might refer to the strongest member Toichiro Suzuki.

16) Republic of San Magnolia

Republic of San Magnolia

Anime Name: 86

This would be a symbol that many people would recognize, due to the recent popularity of the anime series 86. This is the logo of a fictional continent called San Magnolia in the anime series.

The symbol is also intricately designed to show some of the show’s underlying themes. In a world where war is constantly happening, the two snakes on either side of the logo are protecting and balancing the country.

However, the gap between these animals also shows the difference in treatment for the two. On one side, we have the Captains of Squadrons, and on the other side, the combatants who have to follow the Captain’s orders.

On top of this, the symbol also shows the clear discrimination between them. The Captains have around 85 sectors, only filled with pure Alba people. The 86th Squadron is filled with Colorata people, who are soldiers and have to do all the dirty deeds for the Kingdom.

15) L 


Anime Name: Death Note

The secret to revealing the true name of the Great Detective L was just in his logo. Who would have even possibly thought of it, till his name was revealed later in the series?

If we look at the logo closely, we can make out that his logo just has two Ls. One we can make pretty easily, and the second is the inverted L. And, his real name turned out to be Lawliet L.

14) Future Gadget Lab Badge

Future Gadget Lab Badge

Anime Name: Steins; Gate

The Future Gadget Lad logo in the science adventure seems seemed to have predicted more about the plot before we knew about it. It showed the situation of Earth in the future, which was also proved in the Steins; Gate Zero series.

Apart from this, it also has the names and numbers order of joining of all the members, printed on the badge. The symbol also slightly refers to the time-traveling aspect of the series.

13) Laughing Coffin

Laughing Coffin

Anime Name: Sword Art Online

Laughing Coffin was the main reason for terror and fear, for all of the players when they were trapped in Sword Art Online. If this tattoo was on some player, it signified that they were from the Red Guild, called Laughing Coffin.

This is also the infamous player-killing guild, who enjoyed a game where death means you die in the real world too. The meaning of the symbol, however, is very sinister and evil.

First of all, the coffin stood for torturing and then murdering people. That’s why, we can also see a skeleton inside the coffin. The laugh signifies that the people who are killing other players are enjoying it very much.

This was their way of fun, in a game where anyone could live freely, without care.

12) Dango 


Anime Name: Clannad

We all know that Dango was one of the highlights of the Clannad series. They also have a whole ending song, based on Dango and their family, for the Season 1 of Clannad anime.

Other than this, this cute and funny Dango, also slightly spoils the plot of the series too. But, the catch here is that we can only understand these symbolisms, after watching the full series.

This Dango foreshadows the situation of Ushio, who appears in the Second season of Clannad. Apart from this, the ending song also has a few slight spoilers, regarding the destination of our protagonist, Tomoya.

11) Shinsengumi Logo

Shinsengumi Logo

Anime Name: Gintama

We all know how famous the Shinsengumi is, due to their antics in the Gintama series. Even though they are supposed to protect the peace of Japan now, sometimes they are responsible for creating havoc too.

They also have a special logo, which is shown a few times in the anime. The name is also a pun on the word Shin, which can be read as either real or true. The symbol showcases the duty of Shinsengumi in protecting the peace, and how they save people.

10) Clover


Anime Name: Black Clover

We all know that these special Clovers have a lot of different meanings in Black Clover. Out of them, the five-leaf Clover probably has the best meaning and had managed to foreshadow Asta’s future.

The five-leaf Clover on a Grimoire means the presence of a Devil, and this was also confirmed in the later episodes. As for others. Four-leaf Clover means blessed by mana, and three-leaf clovers represent hope, love, and faith.

9) Wings of Freedom 

Wings of Freedom

Anime Name: Attack on Titan

Wings of Freedom should generally mean freedom and peace. But, that isn’t the case for this specific anime Attack on Titan. This anime symbol has a different meaning entirely.

Even though these wings are supposed to depict freedom, instead they talk about restricting people. It is also a reference to the ODM gear, which is used by soldiers, to maneuver around Titans, and defeat them.

This symbol has its meaning completely reversed, when in the context of the AOT series since there are many other similar themes too.

8) Geass


Anime Name: Code Geass

Geass is the symbol of power and strength, which is reflected in the eyes of selected people. It is a supernatural ability, which manifests differently, depending on each individual’s wishes.

Lelouch is one of the few people in the series, who had managed to possess a perfect Geass. This bird-like symbol also represents the authority held by Kings, which is mostly used by them to control people.

7) Ouroboros


Anime Name: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood

Ouroboros is the tattoo mark, present in all of the Homunculus, which were introduced in the series. This symbol showcases the nature of the Homunculus, and also the immense strength they possess.

First of all, the symbol is a dragon, which tells about the monstrous-like strength of each Homunculi. Secondly, there is the image of a dragon, feasting on its tail, which signifies an eternal process.

This is also yet another nod to the eternal nature that Homunculi has. On top of this, even if a Homunculi manages to die, they are still re-born, using their soul and power on a different person.

The eternal process of Homunculi might be referring to this specific aspect too. Because we saw how Greed went into a different person after he was killed.

6) Hidden Leaf Village Mark 

Hidden Leaf Village Mark

Anime Name: Naruto series

The Hidden Leaf Village mark is a very common headband sign, which is worn by the Shinobis hailing from the Hidden Leaf Village. The symbol in itself depicts a leaf, which is a direct reference to the village name.

Also, it is a direct reference to Naruto, and the nine-tails fox too. On top of this, this symbol is also a slight reference to the transforming Jutsu in the Naruto series, when looking at its Japanese folklore origin.

5) Jolly Rogers

Jolly Rogers

Anime Name: One Piece

Moving into the top 5 Anime symbols of all time, we have one of the most nostalgic symbols of a series, which has been running well for over two decades now. Whenever we think about Pirates, we always associate them with this specific symbol.

This symbol has been a trademark for many other Historical Pirates, so that makes this symbol even better.

One Piece also went the same route, and Jolly Rogers is one of the most basic iterations of all the Pirate symbols, that exist in the One Piece universe. This pirate symbol is made in a cartoonish way on purpose, to fit in with the aesthetic of One Piece universe.

Aside from this, there are almost countless different designs of this same symbol. All of these represent the different Pirate groups, which are present all over One Piece.

4) Goku’s Kai Symbol

Goku's Kai Symbol


Anime Name: Dragon Ball series

One of the most memorable and popular symbols of all time, we have Goku’s kai symbol. The Dragon Ball series was also one of the most popular Shounen of all time, which changed the whole direction in which anime and manga were headed towards.

It is also a fan-favorite and memorable series, for many animanga fans. Goku had many symbols throughout the Dragon Ball series, but this one is probably the best and stood out the most when compared to all of them.

First of all, the translation of these Japanese words is The World King Sama, and this tattoo is also a nod to the time when Goku spent time and trained time with King Kai.

There is also yet another slight detail, which might have been missed. The characters on his back also signify wisdom. This meant that Goku now had the necessary wisdom to make good decisions and fight well in his battles.

3) Crescent Moon 

Crescent Moon

Anime Name: Sailor Moon

Moving into the top 3 list now, we have a popular symbol from one of the most revolutionary series during its time, Sailor Moon. In one way, we can say that symbol is representing the name of the series.

During that time, it was a very strong symbol, which also had many strong meanings. It is also present on many magical weapons, as well as the forehead of the main protagonist, Usagi Tsukino.

The meaning, however, was based on strong themes of women’s empowerment, on which the whole show was based. The whole series was also trying to convey a similar meaning.

2) Brand of Sacrifice

Brand of Sacrifice

Anime Name: Berserk

Just the image of this tattoo alone is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, of the people who have read Berserk. This symbol is only marked for people, who are destined to suffer for their whole life.

As if this wasn’t enough, the people with this tattoo aren’t even considered normal human beings. And for the cherry on the top, human beings have to sacrifice their whole body, to get this.

The horrors don’t end here, as they also have to sacrifice some other dear people to them. Even then, they are continuously haunted by ghosts of the past and entities from the underworld.

1) Pokeball


Anime Name: Pokemon

Seeing this symbol might make many people remember their fun and childhood days when they had watched Pokemon. This was a series, very close to the hearts of many fans around the world.

This symbol is very memorable, and one which cannot be forgotten anytime soon. The special device called Pokeballs, is mostly used to capture Pokemon and contain them.

The symbol also represents all of the hard work, the trainer had done till now, to capture a single Pokemon. So, the symbol is a reference, to the effort of all these Pokemon trainers, present in the Pokemon world.

This marks the end of our post on the Top 30 Anime Symbols of all time. There are still a lot more signs and symbolisms in anime, but these were some of the most popular nostalgia-inducing symbols.

Make sure to check some of our other similar posts here, till we come back with newer and interesting content.

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