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(2021) Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked

Every anime comprises a wide set of characters with a varying age range. While in most cases, the focus is on the protagonist, who is usually a youthful character, the old characters in most animes can get overlooked. So, today we will compile a list of the top 20 strongest anime old man characters.

This will also go on to prove that the old man characters in an anime also have equal weightage like the protagonist. They have already achieved many brilliant accomplishments in their younger days and continue to do so despite the troubles of old age.

Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked-

  • 20) The Immortal Zodd (Berserk) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: @ApostleZODD

Zodd is an extremely powerful character in Berserk who is known to have slain numerous foes on the battlefield. He has excellent swordplay skills and has lived over 300 years carrying on his onslaught.

Apart from being a master swordsman, he is also a great tactician with a vast reserve of strength and durability. He can also fly using his wings in his released form.

  • 19) Lordgenome (Gurren Lagann) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: gurrenlagann.fandom

Lordgenome is the Spiral King in Gurren Lagann and one of the strongest anime old men. He created all the Beastmen who were tasked with the job of making humankind extinct on the surface. 

His trump card is the usage of his spiral power which helps him to dominate over his opponents with ease. 

He can manipulate various forms of energy using his Spiral Power, allowing him to create something from absolutely nothing. A variant of his Spiral power is the reality wrapping technique that can be created using a Big Bang.

  • 18) King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: fma.fandom

King Bradley is one of the main antagonists of Fullmetal Alchemist who almost seemed unbeatable at one point. He was a homunculus who was ruling over the entire land of Amestris as a King to keep everyone under his control.

Aside from possessing superhuman sword skills he also had improved physiology, insane agility and lightning reflexes. His special feature was his Ultimate Eye which helped him to accurately predict his enemies’ movements and launch a counter based on that.

  • 17) Walter Dornez (Hellsing) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: hellsing.fandom

Walter Dornez was affiliated with the Hellsing Family and went by many nicknames including The Black Buttler and The Grim Reaper. He could craft excellent weapons for his organisation and kept up the perfect appearance of a buttler.

He had an insane amount of power that allowed him to combat other supernatural beings like vampires and ghouls. He battles using a set of microfilament wires that had a wide range of offensive and defensive applications. It also allowed him to control Luke Valentine and use him as a puppet.

  • 16) Gakuganji (Jujutsu Kaisen) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: cbr

Gakuganji is the reverend principal of Kyoto Jujutsu High and another one of the strongest old man anime characters. Gakuganji can fool anyone with his wrinkly old appearance but he has a tremendous amount of Cursed Energy and is also an experienced Jujutsu sorcerer.

He is an extremely traditional man who follows the orders of his higher-ups word by word. His innate technique includes amplifying his guitar sound waves with the help of his body that he can then launch towards the enemy at full force.

  • 15) Gran Torino (My Hero Academia) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: cbr

This list wouldn’t have been complete without the mention of old man, Gran Torino in My Hero Academia. He was an excellent fighter in his young days and was also the teacher of All Might. Don’t let his old wrinkly appearance fool you since he still packs a punch as he saw how well he was able to train Deku.

His Quirk is jet which allows him to fly like his old companion Nana Shimura. Gran Torino can release high-pressure air from his shoes using the air he breathes which in turn grants him insane mobility.

  • 14) Furinji Hayato (Kenichi) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: theotaku (Pinterest)

Furinji Hayato is over 90 years old but can match up to any young martial artist. He has been nicknamed The Invincible Superman due to his incredible feats in the past.

People still talk about how he fought against 500 martial artists at the same time. He is a master of various martial art techniques including, any legendary techniques in his possession. He also has the power of healing himself and others using Ki

  • 13) Makarov Dreyar (Fairy Tail) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: fairytail.fandom

Makarov Dreyar is an old man anime character who is part of the Fairy Tail Guild. Being a Wizard Saint Makarov had high magical powers allowing him to establish his proficiency in combats.

His trump card magical ability was Giant which allows him to grow up to large proportions and thereby enhances all his physical powers.

He is also skilled in Pick Magic and Light Magic as we have seen on multiple occasions. Moreover, he is great on the defensive side too with Maximum Defense Seal being one of his strongest techniques.

  • 12) Bang (One Punch Man) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: cbr

We popularly know old man Bang by his hero name, Silver Fang of One Punch Man. He is an expert on martial arts and created the powerful Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. The fact that he has attained the rank of an S-class hero further speaks of his strength.

We can’t take someone like Bang lightly when he is the mentor of the powerful Garou. Some of the variations of his powerful technique are – Water Stream Encampment, Instant Movement, Piercing Fang, Abandonment, Awakening Breath and Whirlwind Water Stream.

  • 11) Mr. Yoshimura (Tokyo Ghoul) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: zerochan.net

Someone who has recently started watching Tokyo Ghoul can get easily confused that why have we put old man Yoshimura on this list. He looks a fragile ghoul who is past his prime and managing a coffee shop to live by his days.

However, he is the polar opposite to it and is actually the dreaded one-eyed ghoul who has caused the widespread massacre in his early days. All of the ghouls cower in his presence which is why many were on the lookout to finish him off too.

  • 10) Joseph Joestar (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: cbr

We all know about the incredible feats achieved by our old man Joseph Joestar. He has had lots of adventures in his younger days and has carried on continuing them. He is a well-known Ripple and Stand user who can also use Hermit Purple, the psychic photographic stand.

Throughout his life, he has battled countless enemies including Vampires, Pillar Men and other Stand users. 

  • 9) Zeno Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: cheyenne (Pinterest)

A professional assassin and a talented Nen user must be in this list of strongest old man anime characters. He is none other than Zeno Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter. Despite his old age, he can still keep us his speed and intelligence in battles allowing him to outwit his opponents. 

His analytical power is out of this world as he can read any situation perfectly and pinpoint the best way to get out of it. Aside from having insane skills as a Nen user, he is also known to be very capable of Emission.

  • 8) Shigekuni Yamamoto (Bleach) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: bleach.fandom

Shigekuni hails from the soul race and acts as the first division captain of Gotei 13 in Bleach. He is a respectable man who has collected tons of experience over all these years. He is well known for his talent with a sword in hand as he has slain countless enemies.

He is almost invincible with his swordsmanship and not many will want to bet against him. Moreover, it is not he is useless without his sword as he is also a master in hand-to-hand combat.

  • 7) Father (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: fma.fandom

Father is the main antagonist in the Fullmetal Alchemist series who was revealed at last to be an extremely formidable foe. All the homunculus were working under him as he was working out his plan perfectly from the shadows. He is the original homunculus who also has an uncanny resemblance to Van Hohenheim.

After he attained his final form he gained godly powers allowing him to manipulate energy and matter at his own will.

  • 6) Sarutobi (Naruto) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: naruto.fandom

Anyone familiar with Naruto knows about Hiruzen Sarutobi extremely well. He was the third Hokage introduced to us at the beginning of the series who had the nickname “God of Shinobi“. He has imparted his teachings to millions of ninjas including The Three Legendary Ninjas.

Being the third Hokage he had a vast reserve of Chakra power and his Ninjutsu was one to match. He was also extremely proficient in Nature Transformation, Bukijutsu and Fuinjutsu.

Attack on Titan
Image Source: alphacoders

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  • 5) Isaac Netero (Hunter x Hunter) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: cbr

Another old man anime character from Hunter x Hunter to make an appearance on this list is Isaac Netero. He and Zeno are two of the most powerful Nen users in this series. His old age hasn’t led to the decrement in his qualities and he has only gone on to improve even more.

His main asset is his lightning-fast speed and reflexes which can allow him to use 100-type Guanyin Bodhisattva. 

  • 4) Sengoku (One Piece) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: villains.fandom

The former Navy Fleet Admiral was feared all throughout the Grand Line due to his explosive power and dominative authority in One Piece World. His zoan type devil fruit that turns him into a giant golden Buddha is quite impressive and he can finish off his enemies with ease using that power.

He was active during the Golden Age of Pirates and is on par with some of its strongest characters. Although old age has taken its toll on him significantly he can still hold his own in battles.

  • 3) Muten Roshi (Dragon Ball) –
Top 20 Strongest Anime Old Man Ranked
Image Source: dragon ball.fandom

Muten Roshi is an important character of our favourite childhood anime series, Dragon Ball. He is the mentor of Goku and Krillin and passed on all his knowledge to both of them. Although he looks frail and weak, there is still a great reserve of power within him.

Moreover, he was also selected as one of the top 10 strongest fighters in his universe in Dragon Ball Super. He believes in maintaining a calm stature on the battlefield rather than using brute force.

  • 2) Whitebeard (One Piece) –
Top 10 Most Powerful One Piece Old Man Characters Ranked
Image Source: onepiece.fandom

After the death of Gol D.Roger, Whitebeard has been the undisputed most powerful character in One Piece. His devil fruit power that allowed him to generate powerful shock waves was feared even by the Marines. He has ruled the seas like a king and taken care of his crewmates like his own children.

Even at the time of his death, he refused to fall to the ground signifying his willpower as the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates.

  • 1) Zeus (Record of Ragnarok) –
Top 15 Strongest Characters in Record of Ragnarok Ranked
Image Source: DeviantArt

Zeus, Record of Ragnarok is without a doubt the strongest old man anime character. He holds the highest position among all the Gods and is also the strongest character among them. Such is his might and power that even the other Gods are fearful of him.

He has the creation of power at his disposal which he can also use in reverse to erase anything from the world. Besides having Godly powers he also has powerful techniques at his disposal like Meteor Jab, Divine Axe and Adamas.

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This concludes our top 20 strongest anime old man characters. This list definitely proves that anime is not all about vibrant, joyful young characters. The old characters can act as their mentors and guide them along the right path so that they can reach their full potential. Fans can watch the anime officially from Crunchyroll. We will see you guys again with another top 20 article. Stay tuned till then.


Q1- Who is the most powerful anime old man character?

Ans- Zeus is the most powerful anime old man character.

Q2- Who is the most popular anime old man character?

Ans- Whitebeard is the most popular anime old man character.

Q3- Who is Dragon Ball Z old man?

Ans- Muten Roshi is Dragon Ball Z old man.

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