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Blue Lock Chapter 226 Spoilers-Prediction & Release Date (Isagi x Hiori)

If Snuffy gets subbed out, Blue Lock Chapter 226 might be the end of this match. Barou is ready for shooting, but Gagamaru’s sixth senses have already understood that Barou will first be going for a Chop Feint.

Barou would want to shift to his dominant right leg to shoot, and this is what he did. Since Gagamaru had already predicted the shot, he is now waiting for the moment Barou shoots.

Barou used another Basterd Munchen player, to block Gagamaru’s view, and then shot the ball. However, Gagamaru was waiting for this chance and saved the ball, despite his vision being blocked.

Basterd Munchen is now on the counterattack after Gagamaru threw the ball toward Isagi. Isagi, Yukimuya, and Noa are running fast, to use this chance when most of the Ubers’ players are on the attack.

Isagi passed the ball to Noel Noa, who easily gets past Niko and Aiku. However, Aiku still tackles Noa, but Noa somehow managed to pass the ball, toward Isagi’s position.

Now, there’s only 30m for the goal, and three Ubers players left. Even out of those three players, Lorenzo has been marking Kaiser, so he cannot defend actively. We can also see Aryu and another Italy Ubers’ Defender.

He passes the ball to Yukimuya, and Yukimuya returns the ball to Isagi. However, Isagi had wanted a fastball pass, but Yukimuya had given him a lob pass. Due to this, Snuffy easily managed to clear the ball from Isagi.

At the end of the chapter, we see that Yo Hiori had also seen the same goal as Isagi did.

Blue Lock Chapter 226 Spoilers-Prediction

Blue Lock Chapter 226 Spoilers & Predictions

At this point, Isagi looks like he might out-read a world-class brain any moment now after the star change system ends. Once Snuffy gets subbed back, Yo Hiori can finally have a chance to do his big debut.

And also, assisting Isagi in this crucial last-moment goal would increase his stats as well as his worth by a lot. But, we are still not sure if Noa would go with Kurona Ranze, or try else try something new with Hiori.

Isagi or either Hiori might try to explain to Noel Noa, how they both can out-read a world-class brain. And once they show the results of this, we can probably expect Hiori to appear in the match against PxG too.

However, we can also expect some other things to happen. Barou also might understand that Snuffy’s way of soccer is too simple and isn’t working against Isagi, Kaiser, and Gagamaru.

He might try to go on his own and show us his villainous soccer which we haven’t seen in a long time. This might be the chance, for Ubers to score a definite goal, against Basterd Munchen’s defenses now.

Since the ball is in the possession of Snuffy now, he might also try to do something new. Even if that’s the case, we still know that the attacking pattern will still end with Barou, who will be tasked with the most crucial part.

Blue Lock Chapter 226 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 226 Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 226 should be released on 23rd July. The raw scans and spoilers for the chapter will be released on the 21st of July. We will be updating the spoilers in the article, so make sure to check this post again.

The next chapter is titled Letter of Resignation, and it might as well be the end of this Basterd Munchen vs Italy Ubers match. Ubers have already struggled, without Snuffy, and the match might be concluded in a 3-1 fashion.

This marks the end of our spoiler and prediction article for Blue Lock Chapter 226. For more interesting content and similar articles, make sure to check some of our other articles here.

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